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March 23, 2010

PM Harper’s better Conservative government hits another low point



Alberta ATCO unit got an  untendered Haiti project. New aid project in Haiti will be carried out by a company with ties to the Conservative Party after being awarded the multimillion-dollar contract without a public bidding process. Naturally a subsidiary of Calgary-based ATCO Ltd., which has three Conservative donors on its board of directors, was handed the $12-million contract to build temporary offices in Port-au-Prince for the Haitian government. The project was  announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The immoral federal government opted to bypass procurement guidelines that usually require government contracts of more than $25,000 to be submitted to a public tendering process. It also chose not to post an advance contract award notice, which in cases where there is no tendering process normally gives rival businesses an opportunity to submit counter-proposals. And this is what the Conservatives meant when they said they would provide a visibly better, more responsible, uncorrupted  government now unlike all the others. Hard to see any difference.

“I thought that with a Tory government this kind of thing would NEVER happen again. Mr. Harper promised to bring transparency to government and that there would never be any more” short cuts” How very disappointing! The payoffs just keep coming for the fortunate ones. there is an unpleasant odor attached to this one.”
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