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March 17, 2010

The public is also invited to share with the police anything they know about corruptions, abuses


QUEBEC – The Quebec elections chief wants to hear from a former justice minister who claims to have embarrassing information about fundraising within Premier Jean Charest’s Liberal party.  Marc Bellemare, who served in the Charest cabinet, has declared in media interviews that the governing party received generous donations from construction companies.  Corporate donations are illegal in Quebec, the construction industry has been inundated with allegations of corruption, and demands for a public inquiry are rampant.  But Charest has repeatedly refused requests for an inquiry.    Bellemare has declared in separate interviews that construction companies made major donations to the Liberals, and that he had information that could embarrass the government.  He has refused to elaborate further.  The office of Quebec’s director general of elections now says it will invite the former justice minister to share additional details. Premier Jean Charest rightfully denies any corruptions

The public is also invited to share with the police anything they know about corruptions, abuses. Now as you and your loved ones get older you too will spend more time in Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, and convalescent, old age homes and will have wished that you and I had done something more about it all before too..

It is clearly absurd to say all Canadian  doctors are bad or they are all good. “Complaints about Alberta MDs jumped in 2009  according to the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. About 41 per cent of complaints were about the quality of care and another 37 per cent arose from how doctors manage their practices. Most complaints are handled by what the college calls an informal resolution process.Of these, last year 34 per cent were remedied through resolution and 61 per cent were closed because the doctor was found to be right or there wasn’t enough information to continue. The remaining complaints were either withdrawn by the patients or referred to others. ”  “Am I the only one that can smell ‘white-wash’ “the college then determines if the complaint merits more investigation.” Does anyone else see a problem with the profession investigating itself??! Have we learned anything from the recent incidents involving the RCMP?  It sounds to me that patients with valid complaints need an organization dedicated to representing them rather than relying on ‘self policing’ by physicians and their colleagues.    “Doctors in ALBERTA? I thought they were Dentists. SHEEESH !” Most people complain about an MD because they are incompetent, rude, impatient, and do not listen to people..  people complain about certain doctors because they are bad doctors and they become WORSE as a result of improper resources and the situation is made worse by improper resources but even in the best of times, some MDs need an attitude adjustment….not all, some, and seemingly more and more everyday….
Again let me be clear I have my own   father’s  undeniable and full consent,  permissions to expose, demand the full prosecution of any, all of my father’s past, present abusers, even in Hospitals, Social services, Convalescent homes, Banks, etc.  I also do have the support of Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest as well here, and also the good staff of my Local Quebec Liberal MLA, as well as even the support of a local news media reporter.. all who do say to me keep up the good work, do continue to deal with all those bad persons..
In reality we all do know there are good and bad people in real life, sadly too many bad persons, that includes bad professionals, the bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad nurses, bad hospital administrators, bad cops., bad RCMP., bad  corporations and bad business persons now too and not just too many bad, unacceptable Politicians, ministers too now. and bad hospitals even ..  I am really rightfully disgusted as to how too many of the so called Canadian Professionals such as cops, RCMP officers, doctors, nurses, pastors tend to be bullies, abusers of others and too often now… they seem to falsely think they are above the law cause they hold an important job. I also do rightfully  not hesitate to talk often also with the news media and to use my right of free speech about any abuses I encounter such as the false abuses of patients is see in Hospitals too often these days too.


I am still awaiting the full reply, actions,  services towards my father and also towards me. And not replying, dealing  adequately to my email, demands does not make my complaints go away and you  already by now know that .

None of the allegations of the Medical wrong doings by me in wrting now too  have been denied in court or by the accused persons.

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