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March 7, 2010

restricting the wearing of niqabs


Quebec also  is considering restricting the wearing of niqabs. A  woman, 29, who came with her family to Quebec from Egypt, has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission on the grounds that it violated her freedom of religion. But the  Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Josee Verner said she agrees with the Quebec  provincial government’s recent decision to expel a student from a French course at a Montreal-area college for refusing to remove her niqab, her head garment that is worn over the entire face with a slit for the eyes. 

The  federal Cabinet Minister defended a Quebec plan to restrict the use of head scarves that “mask” the faces of women who receive public services or attend public schools.Niqab interferes with language teaching: Quebec and Quebec Minister Josee Verner ‘wouldn’t open door’ to woman in niqab rather she   supports plan to restrict head garment What’s next, allwoing burkas for gym class? Bank robberies, while France also now wrestles with burka ban compromise How can anyone now even be certain that the person arriving in a niqab is not armed or rigged to explode?—  “It has nothing to do with religious beliefs, even though there’s a debate that should take place there,” Ms. Verner said  “But quite frankly, for someone who goes around who is quote-unquote masked, no matter what time of day, if someone rang on my door bell wearing a mask, I wouldn’t open the door.” “If I was in charge of a day-care, I wouldn’t allow a child to leave with someone if I could not see their face,” Ms. Verner added. “I don’t think I’d be able to go into a bank with a mask on my head.”The federal government supports Quebec’s authority to find its own solution. “Under the Canada-Quebec Immigration Accord, Quebec has responsibility for the administration of immigration settlement programs,” 

The controversy over the case of the student has dominated headlines in Quebec this week and has reignited a debate in the province over what should be reasonable in terms of accommodating cultural and religious minorities. The provincial government indicated this week that it is considering new guidelines and rules that would require people to show their face when they are using or receiving any public service that involves contact with government employees. Clearly    if Muslims want to live in Canada, a non-Muslim country, then they should adjust and fit in or get out! The Muslim community seems they will never be happy with our accommodation, they will keep pushing and pushing for more Muslim traditions. If we don’t stand up and say NO, then the oppressive Sharia Law will be next as well. If these people do not wish to live by our system, then let them go back to the societies where it is allowed. Nothing is more repellent to our liberal, multi-cultural, free Canadian system than this disgusting and outrageous practice. Not only that, male terrorists frequently use this as a disguise. And it also hurts the image of moderate Muslims who do not support this.  The Koran itself does NOT support the wearing of this Veil. This is not an issue of Religion! This is a valid  issue of FREEDOM for women and also this is NOT Saudi Arabia!!! Where women do not have equal rights to men.

The vast majority of Canadians rightfully do, totally oppose the wearing of the veil.  The veil sympbolizes a false,  stone-age, repressive, counter-productive system in which women are allowed to be slaves of men. These people speak about their “freedom of religion” but actually this is about allowing more false religious repression. It all is that also is about allowing an alternate system of laws called Sharia law, which puts the supposed “laws” of the Koran above our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. Canada must utterly reject this niquib completely. If they want to wear it let them do it at home. Freedom of religion should it take priority over the freedom of women in Canada? by  sexist males and a sexist religion?

Niqab debate is not about rights Ottawa Citizen  The ongoing debate about women wearing a niqab and being refused certain services has nothing to do with their rights. It is not a right to conceal yourself from society and from those around you in order to follow your faith. The Muslim religion preaches no such thing. The school, colleges and Canada have been more than accommodating and generous to this woman. Unfortunately, she has let her faith and extremist views get to her head.  I believe this young woman has abused the accommodations and generosity offered to her. I think it is time for politicians to set some ground rules about the niqab. Sarah Mansour,


Beyond the pale on the veil Globe and Mail There should be a limit to accommodating religious minorities, and that limit has been reached. An Egyptian-born woman wearing a niqab – the veil that hides the face except for the eyes – was expelled from a French-language class for immigrants in Montreal after all conceivable efforts had been made to try to accommodate her beliefs. There’s also the question of security. A few weeks ago in France, two men entered a bank wearing burkas. The burka is even less revealing than the niqab because the eyes are hidden behind a fabric grill. A bank employee, assuming the two potential clients were women, let them in. But the duo had guns under their robes and held up the bank. Should Canadian colleges be more tolerant of Islamic fundamentalism than Cairo’s universities?

Let the woman choose what to wear Ottawa Citizen    

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