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March 5, 2010



Corruption charges laid against three linked to e-health project – criminal corruption charges have now been  against three people connected to the province’s drive to adopt electronic health records. A total of 16 counts, including influence peddling, breach of trust and fraud, were filed yesterday against a former assistant deputy minister of health, Ronald John Danderfer, as well as consultant Dr. Jonathan Alan Burns and former health authority manager James Roy Taylor. Mr. Danderfer is alleged to have demanded or agreed to accept benefits in connection with his handling of government contracts to Dr. Burns and his company. Those rewards, according to the information sworn by RCMP, included accommodation at a Kelowna condominium, employment income for his spouse and after-retirement income. Mr. Taylor, who was an IT manager for a government agency, Fraser Health Authority, is alleged to have committed fraud or breach of trust in the handling of contracts to Dr. Burns in exchange for benefits or the offer of benefits, including employment income for his spouse. The e-health system aims to create electronic health records so patients’ information can be shared between health-care providers right across the country.

It seems a common unacceptable fact at the federal, provincial, municipal that where money is  involved not excluding  contracts, purchasing there is the ongoing temptation to steal some of it Canada wide, not just in BC , Ontario, Quebec.. even in Hospitals, Universities now too.. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest

The issue of proper management of our HEALTH SERVICES and not just taxes and tax increases are  some  of the most important facing Canadians. But still governments too often spend our public money  for those who need them the least and tax cuts for those who need them least. Tax cuts by Liberal and Conservative governments of the last 10 years have falsely even gutted federal  social programs, universal child care and legal aid as well. More and more people I talk to agree with me that there are now much to many indifferent doctors and nurses, social welfare workers now too who all  need to be held criminally responsible for their false, past neglect, abuse  of their patients, people in their care  in reality. I agree. I rightfully do now demand it.
More Corruptions

2 employees of Regina jail arrested in drug-trafficking investigation  The Canadian Press –  REGINA – Two provincial corrections workers and an inmate at a Regina jail have been arrested after a drug-trafficking investigation. Police said their drug unit has been investigating the trafficking of narcotics to inmates at the facility since last year. Charges are pending and the investigation is continuing after search warrants were executed in and around Regina.
BC man beaten by cops in mistaken-identity case sues  Globe and Mail –   Yao Wei Wu poses for a photograph outside his home in Vancouver, BC, on Friday January 22, 2010, where he was allegedly assaulted by police officers.
About time now too
MADD predicts BC to lower impaired driving threshold to .05 from .08. The Canadian Press –   VICTORIA, B.C. – B.C.’s solicitor general says the province will move to get more drunks off the road with legislation that includes immediate sanctions against impaired drivers.
Transport Minister Julie Boulet is the third minister in the Charest government subject to a “verification” by the chief electoral officer, after suggesting that companies are financing the Quebec Liberal Party. Boulet, like Education Minister Michelle Courchesne and Norman MacMillan, the junior transport minister, said the Quebec Liberal Party does accept financial contributions from companies. Québécois leader Pauline Marois called for an investigation into how the Liberals raise campaign money when she heard the news about Boulet. “One slip of the tongue is okay, two slips is okay, three slips, it starts to get worrisome,” Marois said. “It’s against the law.” Quebec’s 1977 party financing law established the principle that only Quebec voters may give to a political party, setting the maximum contribution at $3,000. That means companies, unions or people living outside the province may not give to Quebec parties.

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