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February 24, 2010

a reminder that the dysfunction inside the RCMP continues, despite promises of reform.


The senators are right that the RCMP “is in need of serious repair.” The force’s credibility has suffered in recent years, the result both of front-line police bungling and behind-the-scenes executive misjudgment. Some of the highest profile instances of law enforcement gone wrong have involved the RCMP, from the tasering death of a Polish immigrant to the Maher Arar affair. 

The Senate paper adds one more voice, an influential one, to the consensus view that public confidence in the RCMP cannot be restored so long as the Mounties enjoy the prerogative of investigating themselves in cases of misconduct and incompetence. It is wrong, the Senators agree, that for so long “the RCMP has maintained firm control over the process of assessing questionable behaviour on the part of its officers, reaching its own conclusions about culpability and meting out whatever kind of discipline it deems to be warranted.”

A number of reports and reviews of the RCMP — including Justice Dennis O’Connor’s into the Maher Arar affair — have similarly recommended the creation of transparent, outside scrutiny of RCMP. The existing Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP could have served some of that role, but as former head Paul Kennedy conceded, the commission in its current form is toothless.

There are two clearly main, very unacceptable basic Problems with the RCMP and with  Canada’s health care systems that need to be first dealt with, and it is also now the same basic problems with our too often costly, inadequate civil and public servants, cops, politicians: 
-Unlike in the Private sector, in the Hospital, in the medical services, the gods, the doctors and nurses do wrongfully think they are above the law, above being touched, can do anything or nothing and get away with it, Does it also remind you of the bad MP’s, bad MLA’s, bad Aldermen, cops and the bad RCMP as well? No continual, really functional  recall tends to exist!
– The clear lack of adequate supervisors, supervision of the all of subordinates, and thus  when a person cheats, lies, steals, performs badly unlike in the private system, they wrongfully are generally not punished, not fired, nor also their bad supervisors for that matter now as well

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