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February 23, 2010

PM Stephen Harper needs his wings clipped.


Clearly the majority of the Canadians  were dissatisfied with the  decision in the dying hours of 2009 to prorogue Parliament by PM Stephen Harper

Most Canadians have believed in and supported a Democratic government in Canada, where all Members of Parliament were able to speak out, lobby out against injustice, abuses, inadequacies upon the good behalf of all Canadians. Under the clearly dictatorial Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper his own Members of Parliament have been clearly muzzled, silenced. Stephen Harper as well with his minority government have now ran it as an majority government wrongfully disregarding the input of the opposition party which in reality represents the majority of Canadians.

Stephen Harper says the Senate needs reform, but more Canadians think it’s the Prime Minister’s Office that has too much power. More than 40 per cent of Canadians put Prime Minister’s Office ahead of Senate as institution most deserving to have its wings clipped

 Tory Status of Women Minister Helena Guergisory MP sad recent behavior goes beyond demonstrating a galling sense of privilege, entitlement and self-importance, and betrays a lack of judgment that calls into question her fitness for a position of trust in government.

The irony is, the procedures that frustrated Guergis so much are being maintained by the government of which she is a member. If she doesn’t like them, she has far more power to change them than all the employees she supposedly cursed out. Given her power position, too, her behaviour amounts to bullying like her boss often does as well

Sadly there are too many similar persons in the Senate, government and of all parties now too

Don’t get the wrong idea that I do or would support PM Stephen Harper and his CONservatives but presently there is still no reason for any of his Conservative supporters to abandon him since there clearly is no alternative Party for them.. not the present NDP or Liberal , Green Platforms… or a better leader.. Too many  Evangelicals and Catholics will not go to the NDP or the Liberal party for sure and PM Stephen Harper knows it too.
And so what would take them to switch? well that is a really good Question.. 
do try a Party that has moral values, law and order, health care, consumer protection all really rather now practiced for a start! Not one exists still? Sad

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