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February 23, 2010

and now how many more are there like him?


It is unbelievable that after I had written about it for many years later 15 years even  I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers.
There are two clearly main, very unacceptable basic Problems with Canada’s health care systems that need to be first dealt with, and it is also now the same basic problems with our too often costly, inadequate civil and public servants, cops, politicians: 
-Unlike in the Private sector, in the Hospital, in the medical services, the gods, the doctors and nurses do wrongfully think they are above the law, above being touched, can do anything or nothing and get away with it, Does it also remind you of the bad MP’s, bad MLA’s, bad Aldermen, cops and the bad RCMP as well? No continual, really functional  recall tends to exist!
– The clear lack of adequate supervisors, supervision of the all of subordinates, and thus  when a person cheats, lies, steals, performs badly unlike in the private system, they wrongfully are generally not punished, not fired, nor also their bad supervisors for that matter now as well

Adjudicator accused of sex bribery seen on video meeting with refugee claimant The Canadian Press – TORONTO — An immigration judge Steve Ellis, 50,on trial for allegedly offering to approve a refugee claimant’s application in exchange for sex told the woman it’s all right if they “do things together on the side,” court heard Tuesday.

Many persons who are fed up with the APPARENT INADEQUACIES even in the socialized medicine would like us to believe that a private medical system is better… and that is mere wishful thinking.. for even in a private system there are too often the same inadequacies, even for the same reasons, the apparent lack of supervision of medical personnel and services,

You all know I have spent over a month recently in  a hospital observing what is going on. Once again I saw  that the patients who come in alone they tend to be neglected… not taken to washrooms, not given adequate medical care even in the emergency department now too.

I had tried to talk to a doctor at the McGill  LGH about my father’s medical treatment, but he was always to busy to do so, but I next saw him spending  a lot of time with a sexy young chick in the Hospital hallway and too often with other very pretty girls now too.. All done while many patients were suffering, some even needlessly dying.. 

The neglect of a known medical conditions by the doctors, nurses, Hospital administrators is a criminal act, prosecutable by jail terms now as well. Yes Doctors cannot make any patients live for ever but they must and generally can now try to relive the pain, sufferings of the patients, and not merely by murdering them, Let us all be clear about it a pretentious McGill medical support of their patients, while It helps to financially support   the medical workers, hospital administrators it basically does not help the patients, only escalates the taxpayers costs of the medical care system Public exposure and full exemplary prosecution of the guilty here too will serve everyone’s best interest and as an exemplary warning to all the wrong doers here as well. 

Windsor nurses allege doctor made sexual comments  Windsor police are investigating allegations that an off-duty emergency room doctor at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital was intoxicated and made sexual advances to two nurses.

Public exposure and full exemplary prosecution of the guilty here too will serve everyone’s best interest and as an exemplary warning to all the wrong doers here as well. including ALL THOSE BAD NURSES, BAD SOCIAL WORKERS, BAD DOCTORS WHO INSTEAD OF DOING THEIR DUTIES TRY NEXT TO PLAY DIRTY POLITICS WITH ME NOW AS WELL.

Last Monday FEB 22, I had now met in the emergency ward of the MONTREAL WEST ISLAND Pointe Claire Lakeshore General Hospital a patient who was next to my father, As you know my father was admitted here also due to cardiac failure, water on the lung on Monday now, M Bergeron ( NOT HER REAL NAME ) M Bergeron now she had fallen on the street on the ice had broken her arm, and had also hurt her hip. The hospital had put a cast on her arm, and next the emergency room, triage nurses had wrongfully tried repeatedly to force the patient to walk so that she could be discharged. The patient was crying in agony in pain while the cruel, despotic, unsympathetic nurses at the LGH were forcing her to walk in my witness as well. And days later the same patient was still in the same bed and had not received any appropriate treatment for her leg, she now was transferred to the overflow ward where she was next forgotten by her original doctor, even though finally it was confirmed that she did have a fractured hip. I am confident that had she been a young person she would have got the treatment within 24 hours. On Friday Feb 26, now five days later, the nurse on her morning rounds discovers M Bergeron had now a high temperature, was vomiting, and had diarrhea, and M Bergeron was send to the isolation room in the same section. The Nurse next phoned a new doctor from the ER to come and see her which he did about 10.30 AM, THAT SHE TOO NOW HAD THE nova VIRUS, FOOD POISONING VIRUS, THAT WAS RAMPANT ON THE FOURTH FLOOR, the LGH orthopedic ward, so also it was very likely the visiting doctor from the orthopedic floor who had visited her in the first emergency center that passed it on to her, cause she was not seen by any doctors in the overflow section prior to today, and I have been there for the whole week now too with my father. The new emergency doctor phoned the original doctor in my presence and complained to him he had neglected his patient. M Bergeron and arranges medical tests CT scan for her, which were done about 3.00 pm today. About 7.00 pm next during evening shift M Bergeron had shit in her diaper and she as I had heard had called both senior nurses on duty to change her diaper, and they had refused to do so, it was supposedly below their dignity to do so, AND THE MALE ORDERLY HAD GONE FOR HIS BREAK, AND SO M Bergeron SHE LAY THERE IN HER SHIT, AND M Bergeron HAD NEXT ASKED ME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. SHE ALSO COMPLAINED TO ME SHE WAS FREEZING IN HER ISOLATION ROOM, AND I TALKED TO THE NURSES ON DUTY BUT THE NURSES ON DUTY THIS EVENING NOW STILL REFUSED TO CHANGE HER DIAPER AND COULD NOT HELP HER WITH THE HEAT PROBLEM.


and there was further revelation directly to me of other wrong doings, cover-ups by the Hospital director herself by an emergency doctor that I will have addressed too.


And here is what I saw FIRSTHAND the slackers NURSES unacceptable do at their main desk in front of me, socialize for long period of times or flirt with doctors and others, or read fashion magazines, read the funny news section on on the computer, Study from a medical Textbook for an evening course they were taking elsewhere.. while the patients such as M Bertrand were in painful agony all confirming what I had said before the medical workers, doctors, nurses were very poorly supervised. None of this is acceptable, The associated neglect of patients. The Nurses on duty at LGH do tell them ALL to get on with their real Medicare rather.. changes diapers and linen too. My father had not had his bed line changed, nor his hospital gown this week, I had to do it for him today, and he did not get a wash, or a shower at all this week.. where as in the convalescent home he had got it everyday.

Please see that she also gets the proper treatment as soon as possible. In reality 2 other patients who were in my father LGH 4401 rooms have complained recently they they had not received adequate medical services, Even people working in the hospital often say that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, there is no apparent rhyme or reasons for many of the acts, decisions taken by the medical staff. What sick patients hate that occurs often in the triage at LGH is that the patient are moved around often from one location to another and they are  rarely told what is happened, going to happen next as well, they are left in the dark too often rather to worry, despair, become anxious.. for the only place you can see some semblance of order it seems is in the Hospital’s coffee  shop or cafeteria. And why is that? Amazing how many times I see doctors in the coffee shop and cafeteria while the patients are left in the dark, left to suffer pain..

I for sure do aim to fire, remove all bad people I write about.. I will not allow anyone to be abused now if I can help it. especially any sick or elderly persons as you know..

THE NURSES, DOCTORS AT THE POINTE CLAIRE LAKESHORE GENERAL HOSPITAL ARE VERY POORLY SUPERVISED, rather generally UNSUPERVISED undeniably, and that is why they so often now do waste their time on the job, do gossip, talk to each other for long periods of time instead of looking after the too many sick patients. THEIR OVERALL EFFICIENCIES CAN BE IMMEDIATELY IMPROVED BY 30 PERCENT. A 30 PERCENT BUDGET CUT WILL NEXT HELP TO ACHIEVE THIS FOR SURE.

And guess what ten weeks after being asked to do so later the LGH, Doctors now has found a pain killer that works for my father and why did it take them next ten weeks as well to do so?

Now also at the McGill Montreal West Lakeshore General Hospital, they really do now need to convert the spacious, ludicrous  5 floor executive offices  to an Intensive care unit and thus make really make a much better, and practical  use of the space, really  helping the sick patients instead of the executives merely helping themselves. The executives can be moved to the unused basement storage space in the same hospital

Now the citizens of Montreal west island who themselves would be upset if they knew the overall truth about the LGH hospital and Quebec government pretentious medical services. According to a Hospital director the top Hospital director she herself now knows that this is not a full services hospital, but she allows this lie to be conveyed that it is to the public. Even more specifically that 22 years ago the pediatric section of this hospital was closed. NOW THE HOSPITAL IS NOT EQUIPPED TO HANDLE CHILDREN IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM, IT DOES NOT HAVE QUALIFIED CHILDREN NURSES, ACCOMMODATIONS, CHILDREN BEDS, DOES NOT ALSO HAVE ESSENTIAL NEEDED CHILDREN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

And so how are they going to now also handle this, all lie some more, or try falsely to lie about me, slander me? or what?

The Crown is compelled to seek a jail term in a  case involving a man Peter Fonteece who stood by while his   wife took her own life, a  prosecutor said Tuesday But meanwhile Doctors and hospital staff  who starved patients to death, or neglect to to provide proper medical care to patients are allowed to get away with it? Crown lawyer David MacKenzie said his failure to call for help after his wife Yanisa popped upwards of 40 sleeping pills in a Thunder Bay, Ont., motel room warrants a jail term.   “His spouse died, and while he could have done something to have prevented this, he didn’t,” MacKenzie said on the eve of Fonteece’s sentencing hearing. and again what about the medical doctors, nurse in hospitals that could have prevented deaths by aiding the sick and dying?

Hospital uncovers 2nd mistaken mastectomy  Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital officials said Tuesday that Dr. Barbara Heartwell, shown here in October 2009, performed mastectomies on two patients who did not have cancer. 

Doctor withdraws from OR as hospital probes mastectomies Vancouver Sun

Heartwell known for saving lives Windsor Star

Ottawa Citizen – Windsor Star

They can get people on the moon but they still cannot organize the Emergency, triage department in a Hospital? Cannot or don’t care too?

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