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February 13, 2010

Canadian voters now prefer the opposition Liberals over the ruling Conservatives,

Canadian poll gives Liberals lead over ruling party Reuters –   TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian voters prefer the opposition Liberals over the ruling Conservatives, according to a new poll, a sign of discontent with the prime minister’s decision to suspend Parliament until after the Olympics. In a poll conducted by Environics and released on its website ( late on Friday, the opposition Liberals picked up support from 37 percent of decided voters, compared with 33 percent for the Conservatives. The ruling party dropped 4 percentage points since the firm’s previous poll in December. Since then, Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament until March, when the government will introduce its budget. The Liberals contend that Harper is hiding from his critics.


But that will change once the Liberals gain power and show again how bad they too are,


Conservatives accused of hiding information Toronto Star – ‎Feb 9, 2010‎ Guy Giorno, Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, penned a memo on Tuesday to chiefs of staff in federal departments reminding them to “respect” the access to information process, a senior official said.

Conservatives ‘building walls around the truth,’ Globe and Mail The Information Commissioner of Canada will give immediate attention to a complaint filed this week after a Conservative official forced the department of Public Works to break the Access to Information Act and deny the full release of a report to The Canadian Press.SEE ALSO

‘A free society requires access to the facts’  “A free society requires access to the facts. That’s fundamental. And the government can’t simply say we are going to protect ourselves by building walls around the truth. That’s not right. And [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper used to say that but then again he used to say a lot of things.”

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Locals lose in Calgary West fiasco Calgary Herald ‎Feb 11, 2010‎  And that burns to the populist roots of a party whose first MP in that particular riding was named Stephen Harper. Local sentiment is clearly against Mr.

John Baglow: Riding associations, RIP National Post (blog)

Mass resignations deepen Tory riding rift Globe and Mail

Most of Calgary riding association board resigns, citing Tory interference Winnipeg Free Press


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