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February 12, 2010

Federal bucks DISCRIMNATORY support for Seniors



Elder abuse is physical or psychological mistreatment, medical neglect, or financial exploitation of the elderly intentional or unintentional. Abuse usually becomes more frequent and severe over time. Any Neglect that results in physical or psychological harm is considered an  abuse.
I rightfully readily do demand the prosecution of all abusers guilty of abuses that I witness including   neglect, neglect  is the failure to provide food, medicine, medical care, personal care, or other necessities to an elderly persons or someone else too.
Sadly even the Professionals, medical workers, legal guardians even these days too often  found guilty of abusing  the elderly in reality. All emergency medical personnel are required  to resuscitate and stabilize patients until they are brought safely to a hospital as well. All medical personnel, doctors, nurses they must all  must notify their patient of theirs policies, plans, procedures beforehand  as long as the patient is in fully capacity or they have to next deal first with a court appointed guardian. No Doctor, medical personnel, hospital administrator  can make a decision to kill, murder patients still  or take any medical action without the patients prior informed approval, nor can hey neglect the good, essential medical care of the patient in their custody.
The law always presumes that an adult eighteen years of age or older is always still capable of handling his/her own affairs. And the only way someone can be a full legal guardian for a person who is eighteen years old or older is to be appointed by the  Queen’s court.  Kinship care providers are common, often composed of non-parent relatives who have become the primary or sole personal care givers for their elderly parents who may be next   unable to care for themselves.  These persons are often older relatives, and particularly sons or daughters. Any one appointing or naming a proxy care giver, guardian does not mean that same persons now  has given up any authority or choice.  As long as the person is able to make decisions, his or her consent is required for medical treatment, regardless of what the patient’s agent or written instructions may say. Proxy changes and additions  are permissible..  The services of a lawyer can be helpful, but a lawyer is not required.
A person physically unable to execute an advance directive may provide oral instructions that are reduced to writing by a doctor or another person, acting for the patient.  You still can not force any person to do what he does not want to do if it is an non critical medical issue . So as a matter of law, the medical providers cannot treat an individual against his or her wishes,  including any wishes contained in a directive with the sole exception of directives, proxy   that are contrary  to   the patient’s good, well being or the possible, certainty of their personal medical negative complications. As a matter of law, medical providers can treat an individual against his or her wishes, including wishes contained in a directive or contrary to the decision of the patient’s authorized proxy if their life, health is being endangered but they all can still be held  accountable now for anything they do as well here too. In case of  major disagreement among family members about the essential medical care of a family member in such situations the patients do also risk having medical decisions made contrary to their wishes,   by other persons they would not choose. 
All non court appointed health care proxy care givers or non court appointed Guardianship  they can always still be readily verbally revoked by the patient. It is possible to terminate a guardianship and restore an incapacitated person’s rights if he or she regains capacity or has not lost their capacities..
Many legal, proxy or court appointed  guardian also, even found guilty of abusing the elderly. So often some one can makes sure that the guardian is acting appropriately on behalf of the incapacitated person. More than two-thirds of the abuse perpetrators are firstly family members, typically adult children, most often those serving as caregivers or guardians.  Federal and provincial governments have enacted legislation addressing domestic or institutional abuse of the elderly. Statutory definitions of elder abuse may include physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, abandonment, and physical, health related issues neglect.  And the courts may see elder abuse in a variety of contexts: criminal cases of assault, battery, rape or theft (which may carry enhanced penalties when committed against an older person); civil fraud or conversion matters; personal injury action; guardianship  abuse ; and possible criminal or civil cases regarding poor guardianship,  financial exploitation or inadequate institutional care Sadly as we all do know power can often go to one heads, as well as being vulnerable to temptations, abuses,  especially when persons are appointed as Proxy Kinship care givers, or court appointed Guardians.
The fact of life is that no one is above the law, not even a spouse,  relative, doctor, nurse, corporation, or anyone else for the matter. All persons world wide can still be prosecuted by either the government, governing  boards,  the courts and human rights commission for the abuse of another person, including elderly persons abuse,  their human rights abuses, even thefts from them as well. As simple as that now too.


State Minister Diane Ablonczy  has said senior abuse is a growing problem not just in Calgary but nationwide. “Older people love their families but often neglect and abuse come from their own families,” said the State Minister Diane Ablonczy.
Now in the space of 1 month  I now have seen 5 persons die in a Hospital, convalescent  home too , and that was what they had looked like after their death in reality..
 I do not know about you but I am really getting rigthfully fed up with these lame, ostrich Conservative Ministers!

Michael Ignatieff.  M.P  Leader of the Opposition Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada clearly should give more attention on dealing with elderly abuses over grandstanding with abortion..

Jack Layton of the New Democratic Party (NDP) is now the best-ranked federal party leader in Canada, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion. 29 per cent of respondents approve of Layton’s performance.  The approval rating for Canadian prime minister and Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper stands at 26 per cent. 15 per cent of respondents approve of the way Liberal and Official Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff is handling his duties.

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Now in regard to:
– Last Will and Testament Create a perfect,  legal Will from the comfort of your home.
 Power of Attorney Name someone to handle your finances should you ever become incapacitated.  And in order to be a legal document your Power of Attorney must be signed in the presence of two witnesses.
  “General Power of Attorney” is the authorization for another person to act on your behalf for legal, financial or business matters. 
  “Durable Power of Attorney” has the same authorization, but the powers continue to be effective even if you become mentally incapacitated or incompetent for any reason. 
– Living Will Specify your health care wishes in case you are ever unable to communicate.

Most Will Kits and related documents, no matter where you acquire them, are going to be very similar. There is now sill a   false demand being promoted by the legal establishment that all persons do need a last will and testament, or a power of attorney, or any changes  to be made solely by a very troublesome and costly Notary even in Quebec. Rather all exiting provincial governments should have readily available a simple form that could be filled out and witnessed, saving the persons money and hassles.



Canada’s still too often abusive, unacceptable cops

EDMONTON (CBC) – Three Edmonton police officers will face eight disciplinary charges next month, after being accused of rounding up homeless people into the back of a police patrol wagon in May 2005 and releasing them in another part of the city hours later.  Another officer has been issued a reprimand and ordered to take an Aboriginal and First Nations Awareness course over the incident, while two more have received official warnings. “This is over three years from the date that we made the complaint,” said Tom Engel, the lawyer who brought the charges forward. “Three years to investigate something that’s dead simple.” 

The lawyer was also concerned that the most serious charges of unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority were dropped because, in the words of the judgment, there is “no reasonable prospect of establishing the facts necessary to obtain a conviction.”  “Well, what would you call it when police officers pick people up, confine them in this wagon, without any lawful authority and then drop them off at the other end of the city?” Engel asked.The incident is troubling but could be turned into a positive, said Lewis Cardinal, co-chair of the Aboriginal Commission on Human Rights and Justice.”I think that we can turn this into an opportunity to really address some of these issues, and working in concert with the police force to help curb those racial attitudes towards aboriginal people.”But Cardinal added this is not just an aboriginal issue.”Homeless people still have rights, even though they may not have residences, they still have rights and we have to respect and honour those things,” he said.


Disgraced ex-cop avoids jail time  Toronto Sun – EDMONTON – A disgraced former Edmonton police detective found guilty of obstruction of justice for tampering in his son’s drunk-driving case has avoided being put behind bars. 

Jim MacNeil, 51, was given a four-month conditional sentence to be served in the community on Tuesday and he can also work and collects his Police pay as well.. Perverted judges need to be fired. Canada’s two tier justice system needs to stop. One justice for bad cops and the other on for the citizens is unacceptable perversity
And here we go again..  RCMP have called in outside help after a Mountie was arrested in Cochrane, Alta., in a suspected break and enter. Police say early Sunday morning a relative of a homeowner found an off-duty RCMP member inside the house. When confronted, the Mountie acknowledged being a constable and left the home. Police arrested the suspect, who was later released pending the outcome of the investigation. RCMP spokesman Cpl. Wayne Oakes says no charges have been laid and the Mountie suspect remains on duty, but is limited to administrative duties. Oakes says an independent observer was called in to clearly show the investigation will be diligent and unbiased. CP
Who says crime does not pay. It continues even to pay the bad cops and the bad politicians to well now as well, it pays money on the job, pays the cost of their lawyers, and continues to pays into their pensions fund.. Ordinary citizens cannot get such a good deal though.. sad..

Que. ombudsman calls for special-investigations unit for police shootings  A devastating report Tuesday from a provincial ombudsman noted serious errors and signs of bias in cases where police officers investigate their own colleagues.  Quebec ombudsman Raymonde Saint-Germain expressed doubt about the ability of police officers to remain partial in cases where other cops are involved. She said a two-track justice system is being created by a lack of rules governing such investigations.  Her report follows similar controversies elsewhere in the country.  As it stands, when a Quebec officer is involved in a death, serious injury, or injury caused by a firearm, the file is handed to another police force for investigation.  Saint-Germain wants to see a new special-investigations unit, run mainly by civilians, in cases where police are investigated.  ” “The public is being asked to trust the designated police force’s investigation, without having the necessary guarantees to ensure the impartiality of the process.” Saint-Germain began her study after the fatal shooting of Montreal teen Fredy Villanueva, killed during a 2008 scuffle while police were trying to arrest his brother.  She noted that the officers involved in that incident, unlike parties involved in other shootings, were not immediately separated to prevent them from co-operating on their story.  “This different treatment, which doesn’t seem to be justified in terms of conducting a proper investigation, hinders the credibility of investigators,” the report said.  The Villanueva shooting triggered a riot in Montreal North, and is now the subject of a public inquiry that has revealed a number of protocols were broken by one of the officers involved.  Earlier this month, the RCMP announced it will start using outside experts to investigate serious incidents involving Mounties.  The move came after findings by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP that said Mounties should not investigate their own members in the most serious cases – especially when someone has died – in order to avoid a conflict of interest.  But special-investigations units have not necessarily been free of the concerns that Saint-Germain raised in her report.  Her Ontario counterpart blasted the province’s SIU last year for failing to implement recommendations to improve the transparency and effectiveness of its investigations.  Among those recommendations is that officers who witness incidents should be interviewed immediately.  Andre Marin said at the time that the SIU’s investigations into police shootings were done “through blue-coloured glasses,” and he called the watchdog a “toothless tiger” that had lost the public’s confidence.

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