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February 11, 2010

RCMP Caught with their pants down again – Douglas, Wiebo Ludwig fiasco
A Battle over Douglas’ intelligence file had  began in November 2005, when reporter Jim Bronskill made an Access to Information Act request for the RCMP dossier on the fabled prairie preacher-turned-politician.  file is decades-old and has long been closed.  Douglas’s daughter, actress Shirley Douglas, has also filed an affidavit supporting full disclosure. Some material in the file, now in the possession of Library and Archives Canada, were eventually released. It showed that spies with the now defunct RCMP Security Service had shadowed Douglas for more than three decades, attending his speeches, analyzing his writings and eavesdropping on private conversations.  But the government refused to release major chunks of Douglas’ file — some of it dating back to the 1930s . RCMP Caught with their pants down now do oppose any further revelations of this yet another RCMP fiasco. Canada’s spy agency is pulling out all the stops to block the release of decades-old intelligence on socialist icon Tommy Douglas.The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says any order to release its file on former NDP leader Tommy Douglas would have profound and lasting consequences on the spy agency’s work. And it would be right for they would be seen as a bunch of bigoted nitwits..
I suspect they want to keep the info secret because it’s release will make them look like a bunch of idiots. Yes, I’m sure that’s what it is.  What information does CSIS keep on ordinary Canadians? Who do they share it with?  Fear of a legal precedent In an apparent reference to the precedent CSIS fears might be set if the Douglas files were released, for they likely could be held now accountable for their bad acts


Saskatchewan NDP calls on CSIS to release Douglas files National Post  REGINA – The Saskatchewan New Democrats want the federal government to release all police and security files on Tommy Douglas — the former Saskatchewan premier and federal NDP leader best remembered as the founder of medicare in Canada.

NDP seeks gov’t support for release of Douglas file StarPhoenix

Tommy Douglas motion stalls in Sask. legislature

The Canadian Press – Canada Views – 980 CJME News Talk Radio

Which prime Minister authorized the investigations would be more to the point and is probably scaring the crap out of the present and past political parties and their supporters.There is no good reason why they should keep the files on the late Tommy Douglas secret. He doesn’t pose any security risk from his grave, does he? Tommy Douglas did more for our present sniveling population of Liberal and Reform/conservative voters than any politician before ,since, or after. Of coarse the files should be made public in their entirety.  The RCMP will look like bums again, but what else is new. Tommy Douglas did more for our present sniveling population of Liberal and Reform/conservative voters than any politician before ,since, or after. Of coarse the files should be made public in their entirety.  The RCMP will look like bums again, but what else is new. The Canadian Freedom To Information Act is a great big joke on the people to make them think they can get their hands on documents. More than likely CSIS, and its RCMP predecessor are more concered with being made out to be inept, and dishonest than anything. The freedom of information act is in place for a reason and regardless if red faces appear in the RCMP , let the chips fall where they may . The public is entitled to learn the truth and those many people that were considered criminals (by the RCMP) without due process should be finally made aware of the false information that was held against them .
In a recent online poll of “Do you think the Canadian spy agency should open its files to the public?” 78 percent of respondent had said yes.
Well said…  “It’s against the law for oil companies to converse with each other.  The law was passed to prevent price fixing, but I think it still applies.  The BC Auditor General just released a report that says the Oil & Gas Commission has not adequately dealt with 20,000 oil and gas wells in BC. 20,000 wells have not been adequately assessed for possibility for site containation, and the province has not collected billions of dollars in clean-up bonds.   Furthermore the paranoidaL, MAD  Gas companies EnCana Corp., Canadian Superior Energy and Seaview Energy Inc. and the RCMP collectively   seek peace bond for Wiebo Ludwig and two others,  his 29-year-old son Benjamin, and 54-year-old Richard Boonstra at their farm compound near Hythe, Alberta.    Don’t you have to have evidence to prove someone is bugging you before you can get a peace bond???? It seems Ludwig should probably be the one taking out peace bonds on the oil companies and the RCMP If I was Weibo I would lay a civil suit for harassment against this bunch and the RCMP for big bucks.  As for the application for a Peace Bond against Ludwig, fear is not enough. Half the nation would have Peace Bonds ordered if fear was the only criteria. Unless EnCana, Seaview, and Canadian Superior can prove that Wiebo Ludwig is a real risk likely to cause damage to their properties or harm to their employees the case should be thrown out.  This is an abuse of Section 810 of Criminal Code to coddle the fears of these oil giants. This section is almost always used when a person is charged and the charges are later dropped by the crown if the defendant agrees to enter into a recognizance known as a Peace Bond.  Either charge Ludwig with an offence or butt out.  Well maybe Canadians can seek a peace bond against these three gas companies for fears these companies will cause personal injury to our families health and/or damage our property due to global warming and/or their emissions! Why doesn’t this work BOTH ways? I used to believe you were innocent until proven guilty. The actions of the oil companies just reafirms how much a police state Canada has become. It “furthered the investigation” is a fairly open ended statement. If there are no charges and no reason to hold him in a cell, who the hell are these companies to tell the police what to do?  Oh brother, this is starting to sound like Quebec not getting their way, Try Try Try again until u get your way. Leave the guy alone until U have proof !!! The citizens of Alberta wish the court would issue peace bonds to Stelmach and his thugs. Disabled, mentally ill and sick Albertans “collectively fear these individuals will cause personal injury to them and/or agents, or will further damage their lives.” I feel a law suit coming on, this is clearly harassment by the queens cowboys, I think they underestimate his smarts…. They can’t charge the guy….. so they take the law and WILL use it as a sword and not the Shield it’s suppose to be.  Corporations are not Canadian Citizens go down to the dollar store and buy a No Trespassing Sign. These Corporations keep trying to weasel their way into our charter of rights and freedoms.  YOUR A BUSINESS NOT A HUMAN no peace bond chumps!  I can’t believe I’m talking to a company?  Since when do energy companies get to dictate to the province’s justice system what should happen to people who haven’t been charged of any crime?  If you fear another attack, hire your own security. Stop using our taxpayers money to fight your battles. I guess I can understand from this, that with all the investigations and all the accusations the RCMP have made.. they have nothing to really charge him with..This is ridiculous. These losers have nothing on Ludwig but they’re not above holding him over night without charging him with anything.   The oil companies have no right to claim this guy is a threat when the police can’t find anything and now they’re using the police to harrass him. If he has to pay legal fees, they can just continue with allegations and bankrupt him into submission. These oil and gas crooks are wasting our courts for their personal issues. If half the people in Alberta were even half as dedicated as this man is to this honourable cause we would have had much better stewardship of our environment and $400 billion in the kitty instead of the same 17 billion dusty dollars thats been in the heritage trust fund shoe box since the early 80’s. Weibo is not the problem. The problems are all in Vancover sipping champagne and gorging themselves on our dime with their families riding the Alberta Citizen Debt Express train they spent 10 million dollars on to wine and dine dignitaries visiting the Olympics who for the most part laugh at us, or criticize us behind our backs. 60 years we have been in the oil and gas business with nothing to show for it except tailings ponds, cutlines criss crossing every square mile of the province, regional health problems caused by light weight particulates in our air caused by flaring, or polluted rivers and compromised water tables.  Alberta is like the guy who won 16 million on the lotto and in five years owes people money and is on welfare. The oil and gas jobs and the life style they bring would have always been there. Our rightful share of the spoils and insuring our environment was protected first and foremost has been mismanaged by morons for 38 years. I voted for them I admit it. But never ever again.”

  Corporations and the RCMP are again shown what they are really like with their pants down.. No wonder the RCMP is Canada’s biggest laughing stock these days too.. Use your right of free speech and the Bullies, the  RCMP, Corporations try to shut you down ..

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