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January 23, 2010



A bad image problem  is not the only main problem for Alberta even in July 2013..

Many of those affected by the recent flooding in Canmore,  Calgary, Exshaw, high River, etc,  are now looking back on the month that was and are starting to rebuild.

Flood info sessions planned. Provincial experts on flood mapping and the disaster recovery program will be available in communities affected by the floods at upcoming public information sessions.

The province is mandating that homeowners who live in the floodway can choose to rebuild and repair, or leave. If they choose to relocate, the province will assist them — in some cases, that means purchasing land. Residents living in flood fringe areas must flood-proof their homes if they want to eligible for flood relief in the future. The first information session was held in High River tonight. There are sessions planned in Medicine Hat, Calgary, Canmore, Lethbridge, Bragg Creek and Turner Valley. Many Albertans still do say they’re having a tough time finding contractors and equipment and others are still waiting for word on compensation from insurance companies and the province. The provincial government announced its long-term flood recovery and said “We know this work will take years — not weeks or months — and we will be there to support communities in their renewal efforts over the long term,” said Premier Alison Redford in a release. Prepared by the Flood Recovery Task Force, the plan looks to focus on four areas: financial support, repairing infrastructure, mitigating long-term environmental impacts and nurturing economic growth through reinvestments.




“The Alberta government’s decision to reconsider the closure of about 350 acute-care beds in Calgary and Edmonton has divided health-care professionals.The decision to close the beds was made last fall by Ron Leipert, the former health minister, in an attempt to save the health-care system $50 million a year. Reviewing the decision might give the health-care system time to catch its breath and come up with a realistic long-term plan, said Karen Craik, spokeswoman for the United Nurses of Alberta.” 

 “They will take out hospital beds and turn the rooms into offices for more paper pushers as they have done in Sask. We don’t have nurses to care for patients as they are pushing paper, this seems to be far more important in our free health care system than actually healing the sick. Our free health care system which we pay for dearly is good as long as you don’t get sick, then you have to go to the US to get help.”

“Just plain bad management on the part of government.  No plan. No compassion. People come last. Why did anyone vote for these fools? Uneducated, no talent, and arrogant. The perfect mix.”.  ” You know, I just do not get it! We have built all these huge hospitals—Royal Alex, University, Misercordia, and filled them with the latest in new technology but now we are starting to close down BEDS? What the he!! is going on here? Is anyone noticing the absurdity? Cutting corners in the most ridiculous places! STOP PAYING OUT BONUSES TO HATCHET MEN! There will be a start!”  ”  why did they stop chiropractic care off of ahc ? there are lots of people who need chiropractic care , including myself , I have severe back problems due to car accidents (not my fault ) , I  didn’t cause the accidents and I  didn’t ask to get hit , but without the visits to the chiropractor , I  can barely function with the pain I  endure daily . but yet , if i decide to get a sex change , they will cover the costs , what idiot decided that ?”

“What kind of ‘idiots’ are running Alberta anyway?  Why would the people of Alberta keep voting for such an incompetent Party?   It is so obvious that the priorities of the Alberta ‘Conservative’ government are xxxx backwards. They need to be removed!!!!” “It’s pathetic. So sad to see how this government wastes money and props up their buddies leaving Albertans with a depleted Heritage fund, no money for infrastructure, and poor health care after 16 years of “boom” time. Can’t wait til the time is up for these clowns and their corruption is properly exposed. It’ll make the sponsorship scandal look like peanuts.” “This Stelmach Government has gone nuts.   No wonder Alberta’s deficit is $7 billion dollars but is exected to top $8 billion dollars.  Stelmach must be forced to resign.” ” It’s WAY past time that Slow Eddie and his gang of arrogant, self-entitled incompetents were shown the door by voters.   Albertans deserve intelligent, ethical leaders who are committed to democratic principles of transparency, openness, and public service. This Conservative bunch, like fish that’s stayed out of the fridge longer than it should, need to be escorted to the trash bin. Their knuckle-dragging ideology is far past its best-before date.” “I suggest to Mr. Liepert that he should offer voluntary retirement packages to himself and the rest of his crew before cutting funding to health care. These serverence packages are ludicrous and outrageous.”

Emergency room waits up: report CBC – Mon Jan 25, 10:10 PM  Wait times in Alberta’s emergency wards have gone up over the past few years in spite of efforts to deal with the issue, according to a report released by the Health Quality Council of Alberta.  The survey also indicated an overall care rating related to a range of factors such as cleanliness, respect and discharge information was virtually unchanged in the two-year period.



Now many of us already do now about the all too-common Medical  PATIENT killers like:
-MEDICATION MISTAKES. Wrong pills! Wrong blood transfusions! Wrong intravenous drips! Don’t bother even  to guessing how often this happens.  It’s worse than your wildest nightmares. Unsupervised Doctors and Hospitals make many mistakes like these every hour.
-DOCTORS’ DIRTY HANDS. Incredibly, recent surveys show that doctors wash their hands between patients only half the time… and nearly 90% of stethoscopes harbor staph bacteria.
-UNNEEDED SURGERY.  Surgeons could have used many less costly approaches THAT WOULD HAVE LESS NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS AND QUICKER HEALING TOO   choose instead to do the costly surgery
– DOCTORS FAIL TO PRESCRIBE PROPER MEDICAL TEST . Medical Technicians have to be told what specific blood tests also have to be done first.. they do not automatically check for every possible sickness or diseases thus.


Alberta’s health care has been poorly managed, by health Ministers and Premiers too. Bad manager, Ex Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein gave in and gave a generous pay raise to the doctors, and this is what predictably  happened next! Ralph got what he deserved, he got booted out.

I had also had helped to fire a pretentious previous Albertan health Minister Gary Marr who used outside consultants to do his work that he was paid for doing.. Another Albertan Con artist
A presentation made by Alberta Health Services in October suggests the province’s health-care deficit could grow by as much as $1 billion next year. In an online document called “The Great Alberta Experiment: First Hundred Days,” three top representatives from Alberta Health Services outlined how the province will face an additional deficit of $500 million to $1 billion in 2010-11 before any cost-cutting measures are taken into account.Yet Alberta Health Services will actually run out of cash in February 2010 before the province releases its spring budget, according to the document presented to the HealthCare Leaders’ Association of B.C.
Health Minister Ron Liepert must resign his cabinet post. He has lost the confidence of Albertans with his botched handling of the H1N1 vaccine program. The buck ultimately stops with Liepert, who sent Albertans grievously mixed messages, and deflected the blame for the long lineups and this week’s clinic closures, while backtracking and flip-flopping on policy statements. He even pointed an accusing finger at the media for chronicling the confusion he is ultimately responsible for.

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