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January 13, 2010

The dictatorial RCMP and Conservative Government’s typical unacceptable malaise


The no longer creditable RCMP are defending the arrest and detention of Alberta environmental activist Wiebo Ludwig in connection with a series of natural gas pipeline bombings in B.C. even though no charges have been laid a month after the arrest.
First do get real and tell me how you would feel if the Law now falsely said it could put a poisons gas  pipe directly into your bathroom, that could maybe sometimes kill your wife, children, etc, and next would you now fully  object, get angry, or resort to violence even to try to stop it? or would you merely now allow it, just turn your cheek? The  police drama now unfolding in the rich natural gas and oil fields of Western Canada has as much to say about the  the corrupt state of the nation’s extreme resource development, Provincial governments and the RCMP . It also offers a Canadian window into the state’s over wrought preoccupation with making money at all costs, disregarding the citizen’s concerns too.
Sadly Like too many political parties it seems the  citizens mainly do not count, or their views or needs, desires for  they only count on election days. I was once talking to deputy Minister Ken Kowalski of Alberta about this as to why and he replied cause in Alberta they do not pay the taxes. But rather the real reason  is the clear too often lack of respect for the all of citizens still by most civil and public servants, LEADERS, political parties, SOME CORPORATIONS NOW TOO,  Canada wide. This is also especially true of the RCMP, COPS  unacceptable, poor  attitudes towards most of the citizens now as well and I have often dealt with them face to face too.. I rightfully do not accept such bad attitudes.
CALGARY – An aboriginal group in British Columbia is fighting the development of a crude oil pipeline from Alberta’s oilsands to the West Coast.  The natural resource manager of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation says construction on Enbridge Inc.’s (TSX:ENB) Northern Gateway Pipeline would threaten his community’s traditional way of life.  David deWit also says the regulatory process does not recognize his community’s right to make decisions on its own territory.
 For nearly a year now, the 250 useless members of the RCMP and the Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSET) have been searching for the author or authors of six highly calculated yet minor bombings targeted solely against the gas facilities owned by Encana, the continent’s largest gas producer. Now they are embarrassed that they have nothing to show for it report to desperate cover up acts..
In a scene chock full of déjà vu, notorious malcontent Reverend Wiebo Ludwig was arrested in Grande Prairie, A.B.. on Friday, Jan. 8, 2010 in connection with the bombing of EnCana pipelines in northern British Columbia, and promptly released without charge the next morning. Ludwig, who is the head of a large, religious family who live communally on a farm near Hythe, Alberta, is no stranger to RCMP in the region. In the late 1990s, he spent 19 months in jail on charges related to vandalism and bombing of oil and gas operations in the area, which he staunchly maintains are detrimental to the health and well being of his family and the environment as a whole. Still others look to him for guidance in dealing with the Goliath industry that EnCana represents. 
Some economically self   interested rednecked persons do also emotionaly oppose anything Reverend Wiebo Ludwig stands for AND ARE TOO READY TO TAKE OUT THE TOOTH PICK IN OTHER’S EYES BUT THEY CANNOT SEE THE BEAMS STILL IN THEIR OWN.   No doubt this whole issue presently  cause some persons to go crazy about Reverend Wiebo Ludwig in the gas, oil industries, the RCMP included and makes me wonder how morally stable now they themselves really are too? for they themselves now are not great living examples of decency for sure,   being ready to hang a person without fully established  present direct evidence of being guilty is a really immoral act still too. We all by now should know that firstly even a  RCMP officer’s word is not longer to be trusted as necessarily even being the truth, or the reality.. and that is why we have courts to decide guilt.. Now anyone who thinks that all employees of all of the oil companies or of the RCMP now are all angels is a fool. NOW I DO NOT APPROVE OF  ANY VIOLENCE, DEATH, KILLING, MURDER, BOMBING BUT I DO NOT APPROVE OF TURNING ONE’S CHEEK TO ANY OF  THE IMMORAL GAS OR OIL FIRMS OR ANY INCOMPETENT, PRETENTIOUS, DICTATORIAL RCMP, etc.,
 So the  frustrated teams of red-faced policemen now have interrogated hundreds of rural Canadians as far afield as Rosebud and Vulcan, Alberta. They’ve barged into homes demanding DNA samples and fingerprints. In restaurants and coffee huts they’ve publicly accused businessmen and Cree living near Dawson Creek and Tomslake of being “domestic terrorists.” Any family that has expressed concern about the pace or regulation of industrial development has received more than two police visits. With visions of Encana’s million-dollar reward dancing in their heads, industry snitches have informed on citizens — in Tim Hortons no less. But by treating rural citizens like Taliban suspects, authorities have demonstrated a profound ignorance of the basic tenets of counter-insurgency: you can’t catch a fish by unsettling the entire sea.  This desperate investigation, in turn, reflects the political value of natural gas in British Columbia’s economy. The province no longer runs on trees, but on natural gas dollars generated by unconventional shale gas plays that consume huge amounts of energy and water. In 2008 the highly subsidized industry accounted for 10 per cent of the province’s revenue and exports. In a pre-emptive strike to spare the Olympics any unsightly controversies before the international media, the RCMP then fingered the notorious 68-year-old grandfather as their man last week but failed produce enough evidence for an extortion charge. The force then went on a grand fishing expedition on his farm.  And what does this say about the rule of law in Canada? To generate revenue to pay for an international event, an urban-based government will install deadly sour gas wells near rural schools. When regulators become facilitators, bombers create violence which, in turn, only begets silence. Under Olympic deadlines and in the name of “public security” a sullied federal police will treat fellow Canadians like Afghan detainees. In this bizarre story a convicted felon and sarcastic preacher becomes a convenient fall guy for all sorts of bad behavior.  All in all it remains an ugly spectacle of uncommon corruption and uncivil conduct befitting a third world nation.

“the only conclusion one can draw is that the entire farce was a cynical and grotesque animal act, combining the flimsiest of fishing expeditions with a taxpayer-funded dog-and-pony show..  – that the search and arrest smacks of an elaborate stunt to produce the semblance of progress in the pipeline case with the purpose of allaying image concerns of domestic terrorism before the Olympics and obscure the subsequent drain of police resources towards the lower mainland that event will inevitably produce – will acquire distressing weight”. RCMP and their   RCMP’s sins the clearly funny  big top circus ring on display again!   

The day after police officers finished scouring his property, Wiebo Ludwig was acting as gracious host, showing journalists around the homes and outbuildings where investigators searched for evidence related to a string of bomb blasts in nearby British Columbia. Mr. Ludwig, 68, who presides over a community of about 50 people, congenially pointed out which buildings had been searched first and listed some items that had been collected, including a computer, pens, some documents and even some jack knives belonging to his grandchildren. He also said he’d given police a DNA sample. Mr. Ludwig didn’t know everything the police were searching for, he said, but “didn’t think it was anything indictable.” Asked why the RCMP said his arrest was related to public safety concerns, Mr. Ludwig – who was convicted and jailed for bombing attacks against the Alberta oil and gas industry in the 1990s – shrugged.“It doesn’t make sense because I can go wherever I like,” Mr. Ludwig said Tuesday at his farm near Hythe, Alta. He was arrested Friday and released Saturday without charges. Police obtained a five-day warrant and wrapped up their search of the site on Monday afternoon. “If I’m the dangerous one, what kind of public safety is involved in that?” A polarizing figure, Mr. Ludwig is known for waging a bitter war against oil and gas companies around his home in rural Alberta and, to some, as a champion for the rights of rural citizens against unchecked industrial development. He has long blamed the proximity of gas pipelines and sour gas leaks to such health concerns as asthma, cancer and fetal development. Mr. Ludwig and the RCMP have a history. The RCMP used an undercover operation to investigate Mr. Ludwig’s role in the Alberta sabotage. This time around, the agency said in October, 2008, Mr. Ludwig was not a suspect. At various occasions over the past year, Mr. Ludwig said, he met with RCMP to talk about possibly helping in the investigation, perhaps through “profiling” the individual who was responsible for the attacks. Mr. Ludwig also wrote an open letter to the bomber. Then, this past Friday, a meeting with an RCMP officer at a hotel in Grande Prairie turned into his arrest. Mr. Ludwig says he was questioned for 10 hours, grilled about any knowledge of the bombings and told that investigators had DNA evidence against him. Free once more on his bucolic farm, Mr. Ludwig serenely says the recent focus on him, and the Tomslake bombings, should get people thinking about their dependence on fossil fuels, the collapse of the family unit and the need to seek out better ways of living. “The RCMP has said it’s common to make an arrest in a major investigation without pressing charges.” This precisely why binding civilian oversight of the RCMP is required. Arrest without charges – that is, throwing people in jail without being accused of a crime – should never ever be common place.   Wiebo wobbled but the Mounties fell down.
Rural Albertans show sympathy for Ludwig   Canwest News Service   Tuesday, January 12, 2010   EDMONTON — The arrest of a convicted oil patch bomber last Friday stirred up some empathy among residents living near sour gas developments in Alberta. Wiebo Ludwig was released after 24 hours without being charged, as RCMP officials continue to investigate six bombings of EnCana facilities near the B.C.-Alberta border. Some in the Tomslake area of northeastern B.C., where the bombs were set off, said the bomber gets all the attention while not enough effort is spent to reduce the environmental and safety threats posed by poisonous sour gas. “My heart goes out to them,” Anita Berger said of the people in Tomslake. “I get why they’re frustrated.” Ms. Berger lives in Tomahawk, a community about 100 kilometres southwest of Edmonton. She was part of a group that opposed the drilling of sour gas wells near the community, and in particular near the school that two of her children attend. “I’m not condoning any sort of behaviour like that,” she said of the bombings. “But I think people who have had to deal with oil companies and the regulators get to a point where they’re so frustrated . . . and don’t know what to do next. And sometimes that sort of behaviour unfortunately is looked at as an option.” Ms. Berger and her fellow opponents lost their battle, but the company ended up abandoning the plan after drilling two unsuccessful wells. Margaret Crowhurst also opposed the Alberta wells. She has some sympathy for Mr. Ludwig’s ongoing assertion that the sour gas industry doesn’t face enough scrutiny. “I think people should wake up and realize that he’s trying to point out to us what is happening to our province.” She thinks the oilpatch in general is being developed too quickly. “I think there’s too much of a rush, that it should be regulated more and that not so many wells should be drilled. There’s tomorrow as well as today. They’re hell bent to drill as much as they can while they can.”  “I cut a deal with the oil company and I said, ‘I’m not having any more wells in the area unless I’ve got an air  monitor,’ ” for protection against the sour gas flares..

Officer was right to ticket speeding surgeon, police say National Post –  Toronto Police say an officer did the right thing in pulling over a surgeon who was speeding on his way to perform emergency surgery on Saturday. 


But when the police break the law for whatever reasons it tends to be acceptable.. the cop should have rather given the doctor a police escort to the hospital.

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