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January 9, 2010

Tories didn’t like CCL’s message or its independence, Free speech and accountability demands


For the Tories in Canada are known to be  self centered dictators..

Here’s the truth: Ottawa didn’t like the CCL leading the call for national standards for our postsecondary system. Didn’t appreciate, either, hearing the council plead for more accountability around how billions of dollars being poured into our universities are being spent. For more information about our universities in general.

Meanwhile the RCMP itself sends confusing messages as well.. HYTHE, Alta. – Religious Anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig has been released from jail after being arrested in connection with pipeline bombings in British Columbia.  Ludwig’s lawyer, Paul Moreau, says the RCMP have not given any reasons for why they released Ludwig after arresting him Friday. Moreau indicated at the time of the arrest that his client would be charged with extorting pipeline company, Encana, the target of the bombings. Now he says no charges are pending and he wonders what changed in the last 24 hours for the RCMP to change their minds.  Moreau said from Edmonton that Ludwig is glad to be out of jail and is on his way home to his Trickle Creek farm near Hythe, Alta. The RCMP also  is known to hate religious people especially and loves alcohol..

” I strongly doubt whether Ludwig had anything to do with the latest attacks. He’s old and has learned his lesson. The fact that he still speaks out against the oil & gas industry is no reason to harass him. There have to be hundreds of people out there that are fed up with the continued expansion by Encana and other companies. Eventually some of these people will take the law into their own hands. Until you’ve lived in their shoes you can’t understand how mistreated they’ve been.And, just wait until the Olympics begin. The RCMP are going to enact a police state. I believe that is half the reason Harper shut down parliament. While the police state is in effect, the establishment does not want to answer any embarassing questions. This just shows how desperate and inept the RCMP have become.  The only thing that they seem to be good at lately is making fools of themselves. Another black eye for the RCMP. What this story fails to mention is that the oil companies in Alberta have the legal right to run dangerous gas pipes across your property , dig up your land looking for minerals , and generally make a right royal mess of your property. 
And they don’t have to clean it up.
And they don’t have to pay you a dime.
And you don’t get to say no.
And if you protest they give you the middle finger and tell you to go play with yourself.   What are these oil companies doing ???? LIke …wow… how can they get away with that ?  But they can. And in alberta it’s all nice and legal. “

“THANK GOD FOR OUR CHARTER OF RIGHTS, YOU CAN’T JUST ARREST SOMEONE ON SUSPICION. ANOTHER KNOCK AGAINST THE MUCH MALIGNED RCMP. ” The RCMP had a reason to take Him in for questions! Clearly they the RCMP are incompetent, grasping at straws,  and the RCMP have no real leads and so they the RCMP now to all look foolish, stupid, fools.. and they the RCMP arrest the first persons who might fit the Bill and Canada is an ongoing    RCMP Police state as a result.. and you might be next!!! Simple. “The gestapo has arrived in Alberta compliments of the Alberta government /Industry/Judiciary? What is wrong with this picture ? The judiciary allowing this unprecedented invasion of property and person rights based on Lies and Inuendo from a corrupt police force. Figure it out. Maybe bring in security scanners and ensure all have passed the I am naked test. The judiciary have failed in this example and need to be accountable to the highest level for rights discrimination.” “The Gastapo type raid on the Ludwig farm is just another photo op for the RCMP who are in public trouble with the killing of the Polish immigrant which shows how the’ve gone to a brutal ninja force. They are desperatly trying to perceive that they are still on the oil patch case and have nothing to show except more brutal force with fot no reason. The whole organization needs a overhaul starting at the very top. Front line officers are muzzled and threatened to go with the flow. If the force is so corrupted that it’s beyond change then we need to scrape them all together and start building a new police force in Canada.  Alberta is already doing it by stealth with the hwy constables taking over RCMP duties with more officers added monthly.”  ” Why does the press continue to call Ludwig an eco-terrorist and eco-vandal? He made it clear in a CBC interview that he is not an environmentalist; his concerns were for his livestock and the health of his family, not for the wider ” environment””.   Once again anyone questioning the actions of big oil is subjected police harassment. It would really be nice if the police spent as much time investigating big oil’s pollution of our lands, forests and air quality. ”

Alberta is a police, dictatorial state..

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