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January 9, 2010

I choose, I make a choice


I choose, I make a choice as to what I do, read and write as well. So do all of us continually, daily now too, the Cops and Professionals, Civil and Public Servants AS WELL and I am really getting tired of all the bad people who do wrongs and try to blame the other persons.. THE DEVIL DID NOT MAKE YOU DO IT, AND THE BOSS DID NOT MAKE YOU DO IT, OR YOUR SPOUSE, RATHER YOU WENT ALONG WITH IT EVEN WHEN YOU LIED OR WHEN SET OUT TO MEET YOUR TRAFFIC TICKETS, SPEEDING QUOTA FOR EXAMPLE and you alone were to blame when you had a few drinks and still decided to drive the car or when you had committed income tax frauds…. So stop lying to me and to all of the others saying even that the Liberals alone are to blame for all the bad things now the Conservatives Minister do too.. for you are lying only to yourself when you try to blame any  others for your own immoral, poor acts. As simple as that too.
Our PM Minister Stephen Harper also can blame no one but himself now too for his bad acts, mismanagements, prologue of parliament.. “Grassroots fury greets shuttered Parliament  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to once again suspend Parliament is being regarded by critics as a self-serving attempt to sidestep opposition questioning about the Afghan mission “. “So judgments of Harper boil down to his ability to implement innovative policies and his behaviour. The behaviour traits that make me distrust him are many. He’ll drop a platform promise, or adopt an opposition plan to stay in power. Remember, it was the threat of election that forced Harper to act on the economy, adopting opposition demands, to avoid an election at a time when he and his ministers swore there was no economic crisis. He cannot debate an issue on its merits: everything is ALWAYS spin. He shames all opponents. He controls media access. He refuses to accept the supremacy of parliament and augments executive powers. Harper lacks the character to be PM. It’s that simple. In short, Harper is a controlling demagogue who hasn’t the intellectual or personal skills to manage by consensus; he can only divide and conquer. Well, he’s dividing us too, and that is something we should not tolerate any longer.”
Jobs picture unchanged in December CBC – Fri Jan 8, 10:16 PM Employment was flat in December and the jobless rate remained at 8.5 per cent, Statistics Canada says…  and yet we continue to read, to hear the lies, the false spins.. the recession is over, the stock market is great, homes are selling again.. or that the GOVERNMENT IS DOING A GREAT JOB..  as major concern over unemployment still is ongoing and clearly a very lot more has to be even done. “I don’t think the Conservatives have ever really had a job-creation strategy.” NDP MP Glenn Thibeault

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