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January 6, 2010

Amen to that! A Politician jailed


Ex-N.L. cabinet minister Jim Walsh gets 22 months in jail in spending scandal The Canadian Press –  ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Bankrupt and with his reputation in ruins, a once prominent Newfoundland and Labrador politician was led from court in handcuffs to start a 22-month jail term for fraud. Former Liberal cabinet minister Jim Walsh was sentenced Wednesday and ordered to repay $144,000 for his role in the province’s constituency allowance spending scandal.  The sentence of 22 months for fraud over $5,000 and one year for breach of trust, to be served concurrently, didn’t play the middle ground. The prosecution had requested at least 18 months in jail, while the defence argued for six to nine months.  Walsh “abused his position” as a privileged politician and used it for his own benefit rather than the public good, provincial court Judge David Orr said.  “He has never taken responsibility for his actions.”  Walsh was convicted last month of overspending his constituency allowance by $159,317 between 1999 and 2004. He was acquitted on a charge of influence peddling after Orr cited a lack of credible evidence.  Defrauding the government, the judge said, is equivalent to stealing from citizens.  Walsh is among four former politicians from all parties to be ensnared in a scheme that shook political foundations in the province.  In 2006, the provincial auditor general raised alarms about spending by the four men from their taxpayer-funded constituency allowances. The claims in question totalled about $1 million. Such funds are meant for expenses such as office rentals, supplies and miscellaneous costs

It took Newfoundland And Labrador to set forth an accountability standard even over the FEDERAL Conservative PM Stephen Harper now too

Now there are many other Canadian politicians at the federal, provincial municipal levels who should also join him ASAP, and quite a few crooked corporate executives, even bad Hospital administrators, bad cops, bad RCMP  and bad civil and bad public servants now too

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