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December 17, 2009

The Canadian way of doing business



Economy ready to start creating jobs again, TD Bank says

And we are to believe the same crooked firm which now have been found guilty of unethical business practices by the UK government?

Hey is not just the big three Bell, Rogers, Telus who are guilty of unacceptable business practices.

British watchdog   fines Canadian bank 7.0 million pounds – Yahoo! Canada News LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s financial watchdog on Thursday said it had fined Canada’s Toronto Dominion Bank 7.0 million pounds (7.9 million euros, 11.3 million dollars) for failures related to the pricing of products. “The Financial Services Authority has today fined Toronto Dominion Bank (London Branch) 7.0 million pounds for repeated systems and controls failings around the pricing of sophisticated financial products,” it said in a release. “This is the bank’s second fine for systems and controls failings and the fourth largest levied by the FSA.” The watchdog added that the fine would force the bank to make a negative adjustment to its accounts of 96 million Canadian dollars in July 2008. “The breaches relate to pricing issues that were uncovered on a proprietary trader’s books within Toronto Dominion’s credit products group,” the FSA said in the statement. “Amongst other failings the FSA found that Toronto Dominion failed to follow their established procedures in ensuring the trader’s books were independently verified, and did not have adequate controls in place which could have detected the pricing issues.”

How come Canadians, Canadian firms  still have to be fined by the US or UK government for their wrong doings and not by  their own Canadian Government firstly now too often too. Remember the Canadian Conrad Black sitting in a US jail

I was surprised to find on my internet site statistics that a common search term was “Canadian Liars”..

Quebec-based internet service provider Cogeco Inc. has stopped advertising its services as the fastest in in two Quebec cities after the Competition Bureau ruled the ads were misleading. The federal agency said the misleading claims about Cogeco’s services services in Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe had been clarified, but didn’t didn’t provide details on when the ads ran or say if its probe was spurred by a consumer complaint. The bureau said consumers had no way to compare the speed of Cogeco’s services with those of all of its competitors in the two cities, and it was therefore impossible for Cogeco to claim that they offered “the fastest” service. Cogeco’s CEO Louis Audet defended the ad campaign, saying the firm at the time had used an internet site that rates broadband speeds globally.  Cogeco is now using another method to compare speeds with them. Audet said he considers the Competition Bureau’s investigation to be minor. “I think what we were doing was rather benign. We advertised ourselves as the ‘fastest’ which is really the platform that we use across all of our territories where we compete with Bell and Telus,” he said.

Telecommunication firms, Banks, Real estates firms, used car salesmen, are all in the same class, category, same compartment in hell.. they often lie, deceive , put a facts spin on the facts so next the consumers will to take out loans, will  invest, will  buy.. Buyer Beware.. and many civil and public servants, cops, politicians, accountants too  now are no better.. Claims about speed and reliability are becoming issues of dispute among Canada’s major wireless companies, too. They are fighting legal battles over those issues as they position themselves for more competition as more players enter the cellphone market. On Wednesday, a B.C. court ruled that Bell Mobility could not claim it was Canada’s “most reliable network” after Rogers challenged Bell’s ads as misleading.  Last month, a B.C. court brought an injunction to force Rogers Communications to stop claiming it was Canada’s most reliable network. That was the result of a complaint by Telus.

As the CBC’s Lynn Burgess knows first hand I seriously challenged Bell’s claim of being the most reliable network, as I have often posted on my sites this fact as to how unreliable they rather were . I have often rightfully said it is a very common unacceptable Canadian practice to lie in business and we keep on getting new news media evidence of this now as well.. 

Like I have even said before ” Cellular firms get new customer rules but they still have not honoured all the old ones.. Canada’s mobile phone companies will be required to make sure consumers understand their contracts when they buy a cellphone under a new code of conduct but will the phone companies next fully honour the same contracts? Unlikley. Most Consumer advocates don’t think much of the new code. A code of conduct adopted by Canada’s cell phone service providers is a political answer that doesn’t address real consumer concerns, another competent  critic now has still charged .The code will be administered by the useless, pretentious  Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, a body set up two years ago by the industry to negotiate disputes between customers and companies.     In its first year, 2007-08,  CCTS was still unable able to resolve about 40  per cent, of the complaints according to its own website. What a very high failure rate.  About one-third of the complaints were related to wireless services. 40  per cent, that is about the number of unhappy Customers with Bell’s Internet services too” 

 What is authentic business or services?  not Canada’s civil and public services, or Bell, Rogers, Telus and the major Banks , major Real Estate firms  or doctors now as well
The head of the Fraser Health authority–who was responsible for cutting programs and closing beds in the region’s hospitals–was paid $466,000 last year, including a $30,000 performance bonus. CEO Dr. Nigel Murray, who also filed expenses of $71,000 last year and $69,000 in expenses in his six months with the authority the year before, has recently cut thousands of surgeries, closed operating rooms, limited MRIs, closed acute-care beds, downgraded Mission’s emergency room, closed a teen psychiatry unit in Abbotsford and a detox unit in Chilliwack, cut mental health, seniors and domestic violence programs and laid off 12 hospital chaplains and other counsellors to avoid a projected $160-million deficit for this fiscal year. The average price of a Canadian Home is  350,000 dollars and many Canadians will take a lifetime to pay it out..  but not our doctors..

All Bad Cabinet Ministers in Canada are also unacceptable.. federally and provincially, and there are much too many of them still

It has always confounded me as to why the liars, crooks, deceivers, abusers  too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever. Civil and public servamts, CRTC, regulating bodies, Consumer affairs included.. but there is a lot more, many more reasons so many people despise  them so much. They are Big liars for a start.. next very costly and very inefficient , pretentious as well.. all like a typical bad civil and public service overall!..
FOR WE TEND TO KNOW THAT THEY THE CROOKS, ABUSERS TOO,  NOW ARE NOT ABOUT TO STOP THEIR WRONG DOINGS. RATHER THEY WILL NEXT EVEN ESCALATE, CONTINUE IN THEM. AND THAT IS ANOTHER VALID REASON  THEY DO NEED TO BE EXPOSED, PROSECUTED AND STOPPED. EVEN FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL. These crooks are so predictable now next too for they cannot help but go to their old bad ways, bad habits, lies, and they only way to deal with them is to fire them or incarcerate them.

There are many things wrong with  any health care system. 

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