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December 12, 2009

A NO WIN SITUATION for the federal Conservatives


A NO WIN SITUATION for the federal conservative government THAT CAN ONLY END  IN DIVORCE, A FUTILE DISCUSSION TOO.. THE HUSBAND FALSELY ARGUING NOW  IF THE WIFE HAS ANY RIGHTS IN THE HOME… ABSURD , SHE HAS FULL RIGHTS TOO.. SHE IS THE VITAL PART OF THE MARRIAGE. PM Stephen Harper and his hypocritical,  double talk about democracy he does not know the first thing about it.. nor about transparency and accountability still.. By far the most outrageous NON FUNNY gag in the PM’s show is the Conservatives’ promise to usher in a new era of government openness and accountability.  .
We seem to have again elected liars and fools into THE Cabinet as well..

Parliament in showdown with Harper government over Afghan documents CP  Fri Dec 11, 6:38 PM  OTTAWA – MPs  discussing the unmerry possibilities of everything from a court battle to a confidence vote that could bring down the Conservative government  The opposition parties voted to force the government to release all documents – uncensored – to a parliamentary committee. The parliamentary law clerk backed up the move, underlining the primacy of the chamber over laws passed by the government. But  cabinet ministers dismissed the parliamentary motion, saying laws governing the classification of certain documents will govern their release.  It all leaves the country potentially in the grips of another constitutional melee over which body should reign supreme: Parliament or the (MINORITY) government.   Commons might be forced to rule the government in contempt of Parliament, which would eventually entail a confidence vote. Or Defence Minister Peter MacKay could be called to the “bar” in Parliament to answer questions, and be removed of his seat if deemed in contempt. ”  That’s how our democracy works,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  “So this is an issue about fundamental democracy in Canada and we see absolutely no reason why the government of Canada can’t just do what Parliament says it ought to do.  NDP defence critic Jack Harris said he’s “looking for ways to ensure that the principle of the supremacy of Parliament is honoured.”  “No government in Canada could challenge that and we’d be surprised if this government or any government would want to override that.”  The opposition insists MPs could be bestowed security clearance, and trusted with secure information for the purposes of their study. Otherwise, a public inquiry would be the best option, they say.

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