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December 3, 2009

Most Canadians get uneven, inadequate diabetes test, care

 Millions of persons have diabetes, and many of them people do not even know it.. diabetes is not to be taken lightly for it has serious personal side effects. Diabetes is influenced by genes, and the food we eat, lack of exercise as well. You cannot but help to notice how many people are grossly overweight at a diabetes clinic now too
The number of Canadians   with diabetes will rise dramatically over the next decade..  By 2020, there will be 3.7 million Canadians with diabetes, up from 2.5 million today, and from 1.3 million a decade ago, according to projections prepared by Robin Somerville of the Centre for Spatial Economics in Milton, Ont. The numbers are soaring because of Canada’s changing ethnic makeup (diabetes rates vary by ethnicity), the population is aging (the risk of diabetes increases with age) and due to poor health habits of Canadians (obesity and inactivity raise the risk). The report stresses that while some of those factors cannot be altered, the key is catching diabetes early so it can be controlled and so that harmful, expensive complications can be averted. “If you don’t have coverage, it’s really, really costly.” Starting at 100 per month for diabetes test strips and medication. And diabetes is a precursor to many other severe illnesses. It is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and the leading cause of kidney disease, blindness and amputation   “About 50 per cent of diabetes complications can be prevented . One of the most important measures,  is regular screening. Diabetes can be detected with a simple test for blood glucose.    About 90 per cent of diabetics have Type 2, which is usually a consequence of obesity, inactivity, poor diet and aging. Diabetes is also strongly associated with poverty. Members of some ethnic groups – notably Southeast Asians, Asians and Hispanics – have much higher rates of diabetes, particularly when they immigrate to countries like Canada and adopt a Western lifestyle. Aboriginal people also have much higher diabetes rates. So do black people   

Since the discovery of insulin in 1921, managing diabetes has become more effective than ever. Today, with care, most diabetics can lead productive lives.
Normally, your body changes sugars and starch into glucose (a simple sugar), which serves as fuel. When diabetes develops, the amount of glucose in the blood may become dangerously high because insulin (the substance that controls glucose levels) is in short supply. Diabetics either don’t produce enough insulin or their bodies don’t respond to the insulin as they should; that’s why they have to take insulin by injection or another medication by mouth to help the body secrete more of its own insulin.
To help you recognize the warning signs of diabetes, the American Diabetes Association uses the acronyms DIABETES and CAUTION.
D rowsiness
I tching
A family history of diabetes
B lurred vision
E xcessive weight
T ingling, numbness, or pain in extremities
E asy fatigue
S kin infection, slow healing of cuts and scratches, especially on the feet
Other signs are:
C onstant urination
A bnormal thirst
U nusual hunger
T he rapid loss of weight
I rritability
O bvious weakness and fatigue
N ausea and vomiting
The important explanation of one being diabetic is the reality that either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or else it can’t employ the actual insulin in an appropriate way. The transformation of glucose into strength in the body is performed through insulin. The key conditions that can result in diabetes are short of activity, fatness, aging, improper diet and, most importantly, heredity. Weariness is the trait of diabetes for the reason that the body doesn’t attain required energy. Eyes is impaired, urination is repeated and need for water gets Unquenchable resulting from it. You are receptive to persistent contagion for example urinary tract diseases, colds and influenza if you are diabetic. Diabetes has further hint moreover like prickling or burning sensitiveness in the hands together with foot. Majority of the time diabetes goes overlooked for these traits look simple. At the time you observe any of the above declared indications get your glucose amount measured. The everlastingness of this health problem demands you perform this way. To correct diabetes  you as well have to make use of perfect diet table and lifestyle changes to make your glucose levels under regulation.
You don’t necessarily have to experience all of these warning signs to be diabetic; only one or two may be present. Some people show no warning signs whatsoever and find out they’re diabetic after a routine blood test. So if you have a family history of diabetes, you should be especially watchful of the signs and symptoms mentioned before. If you notice any of those signs report them to your doctor. Being overweight increases your risk significantly. A diet high in sugar and low in fiber may increase your risk as well. Pregnancy can trigger diabetes in some women.
There are two forms of diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes is more severe and usually shows up before the age of 40. Insulin injections as well as dietary control and excercise are essential.
Type 2 diabetes is less severe and affects people who are older and overweight. This type is most often treated with diet and exercise and sometimes oral medicine. Occasional insulin injections may be required as well.
Like a hurricane with its heavy rains, hail, lightening and high winds is preceded by”calm before the storm,” type 2 diabetes is preceded by a condition known as pre-diabetes. With no usual symptoms and very little hint of what a type 2 diagnosis may mean, many fail to take heed and ignore important warning signs of diabetes. “By the time a patient actually is diagnosed as having diabetes, so much damage can be already done,” The people with pre-diabetes can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes by up to 58 percent through modest lifestyle changes. Those changes, according to the experts, include recommendations to reduce weight by five to 10 percent and perform modest physical activity 30 minutes daily. In a very real sense,
“The individuals with pre-diabetes have a one and one-half fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease as compared to people with normal blood glucose and that individuals with diabetes have a two to four-fold increased cardiovascular risk. Some 60 to 65 percent of those with type 2 diabetes succumb to cardiovascular disease. “
Pre-diabetes is a serious metabolic condition that can reek havoc and do major damage long before the blood sugar (glucose) is elevated enough to diagnose overt type 2 diabetes.  Thus many persons already have complications  involving their heart, brain and extremity arteries—-even before they know officially that they have diabetes.  
Pre-diabetes is a term used to distinguish those at increased risk for developing diabetes. Those with pre-diabetes have impaired fasting glucose (IFG) levels between 100 and 125 mg/dL and/or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) between 140 and 199 milligrams per deciliter or mg/dL. Progression to diabetes is not inevitable, as studies show minor lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can prevent or delay diabetes and may return blood glucose levels to normal.
Not all Canadians with diabetes are receiving recommended tests: study (CP) –  TORONTO – A variety of routine clinical tests should be the norm for Canadians who are living with diabetes, but a new study indicates not everyone is getting these tests and checkups by their health-care providers. All four specific recommended clinical tests are being done for fewer than one-third of patients, says the research released Thursday by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. “It’s a wake-up call,” says Dr. Alan Katz, research director in the department of family medicine at the University of Manitoba. “It’s pointing out that we’re not doing a good enough job for our diabetic patients. And it challenges us as physicians and health system planners and decision-makers to say ‘how can we improve this?”‘ he said in an interview from Winnipeg. Greg Webster, director of primary health-care information at CIHI, said better control of diabetes can help prevent serious health complications and prolong life for people with the disease. “These tests can provide signals to the patients and their health-care providers in terms of the need for intervention to better manage their condition,” he said. “And that’s important because if they don’t do that, they’re at much greater risk of developing complications such as blindness, lower limb amputations, kidney failure and heart disease.”
The study is mostly based on 2007 data from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey, but CIHI provided funding to ensure that all provinces would be included in the analysis. The figures show that 81 per cent of Canadians with diabetes received a hemoglobin A1c test in the previous year. The test is used to measure blood glucose levels over a period of time. Seventy-four per cent had received a urine protein test to measure kidney function in the year prior to the survey, and 51 per cent had their feet checked for sores or irritations. And 66 per cent had received a dilated eye exam in the two-year period prior to the data being collected. But overall, only 32 per cent of diabetics surveyed had all four clinical tests in the recommended period of time. Those who used insulin were more likely to have had all four tests..”
The prevalence of diabetes was highest among adults with a household income of less than $20,000, at eight per cent, and lower among adults with incomes of $60,000 and over, at four per cent, the report said.
People with higher household incomes were more likely to receive the four clinical tests. Katz said people living in poverty often struggle to attend appointments and keep to their diets.
Webster said British Columbia and Saskatchewan had the highest rates for people getting all four tests, at about 40 per cent. Newfoundland and Labrador was below the average, at just over 20 per cent, he said.
The report says 5.1 per cent of Canadians 12 and over reported a diagnosis of diabetes in 2007. More than two million Canadians have the disease, and the number is expected to grow as the population ages, Webster said.   
In Canada, over two million Canadians have confirmed diabetes and that number is expected to reach three million by 2010. Based on a U.S. study, a North American child born in 2000 stands a one in three chance of being diagnosed with diabetes in his or her lifetime. In Canada,
I was talking to a clearly over weight  McGill medical doctor this week, who loves good food, and  who was dangerously skipping meals  and who did not know the reasons for the likely causes of diabetes. I had to tellhim the facts. Many Professionals even are unaware of this need until they get it.  I am always amazed that many professionals even not just the seniors have not yet learned about eating properly as well. Most people do not know still how to eat healthy, which foods are good and which ones are bad for you, nor do they know that cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, diabetes is caused mainly by what you eat..  Secondly unresolved Stress, lack of physical exercise as well leads to more heart problems.. and it seems that unresolved heart problems will also lead to diabetes too..
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and just aren’t sure of what you should and should not be eating, it’s time you found out!
Get your doctor’s recommendation of a diabetes educator or dietician specializing in diabetes who you can go to see. Many hospitals hold classes to help diabetics make the right food choices since that is so critical to the management of diabetes. While these classes may be intended for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, they will provide useful information for all diabetics.
Heart problems and Diabetes, Cancer seem to be partially related as well.. by our personally bad eating habits, meaning eating food that is hard to digest as well.. Most people do need to have a better discipline for what they are eating.. and when too. Too many people still are consumers of too much sugar, and using rather artificial sweeteners, and eating regularly is a good advice here too.   Most people also do not even know how to eat proper foods, even professionals included.. thus next a lot of people do have related health problems..
Let’s first be fair to ourselves and others and note that no one thing specifically causes all the cancers, diabetic sick persons, heart problems in the world, rather it is a combination of several different factors starting with our personal ignorance, and the false neglect of the our Bodies.
While clearly the medical advances against even the more serious sickness have taken gigantic leaps now these days, I sadly too often these  days have to tell the truth to the sick persons that next the patients themselves are now more often to blame for their sudden deaths,  their illness degenerating mostly too even by reaping what they sowed, by their own neglect of basic laws reaping relating to the to human anatomy too, a) by their own failure to insure  healthy eating, b) their own  failure to get  proper sleep, c) and their own failure to handle, resolve unbeneficial stress adequately.
Majority of patients still lie to themselves when they do now falsely think they will not reap what they have personally sowed and thus they are committing personal suicide as a result. Lack of sleep is still a killer.. so is not eating properly.. so is unresolved stress….
Approximately 80% of people with diabetes will die as a result of heart disease or stroke. People with heart problems tend to have diabetes problem eventually and vice versa too..

To date there is no proven way to prevent type 1 diabetes. The onset of type 2 diabetes may be prevented or delayed, through increased physical activity, healthy eating and weight loss. Taking these steps now can lead to a healthier future. In a large study, people at risk of type 2 diabetes were able to reduce their risk by 58% by exercising moderately for 30 minutes a day and by losing 5 to 7% of their body weight. In people age 60 and older, the risk was cut by almost 71%. Other large studies have shown similar results in reducing risk.
Many weight loss products like pills, herbs and some private clinics fail to deliver on their promises and governments should be regulating scientifically unproven therapies, obesity doctors say. I said the same thing in writing to the federal government, health ministers the last 2 decades too.
I know for a fact that both the internet and non doctors were unable to help me with my medical conditions many times.. it took real doctors and real diagnostic equipment rather In reality even Ten Nurses cannot replace a decent doctor, never mind the health food quacks, liars now as well… nor can the internet if you are serious ill.. I had 4 separate major illness that no one was able to diagnose without a real, proper medical test. A friend of mine who ran a health food store totally misdiagnosed my ailments as well to prescribe tonnes of expensive unneeded products.. nurses at  the emergency clinics were unable  to diagnose my problems as well.. My problems included gland problems, diabetes, blocked arteries, kidney stones.
In addition to a doctor the second best thing I discovered was a dietician.. Many Hospital delays are unessential, they are mere bureaucratic ploys, blackmail to get more money, raises, funding.. they are still very poorly managed. The Health Council now claims that contrary to popular belief, aging and population growth are not the major causes of increased health care spending. Instead, Canadians are using the system more than ever. PART OF THE REASONS IS THAT THE TOO OFTEN CHARGE CARD HAPPY DOCTORS ARE NOT DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.. when many patients have to have repeat visits even visits to other doctors to get a second opinion this clearly show we can we improve the system without cutbacks or service reductions.
 Just cause a Doctor has a medicinal degree it still even does not mean all doctors are similarly competent now as well. “We can account for how money is spent, but not, in any precise way, for what it achieves,” We must figure out a way to make our money go further without compromising the quality of care Canadians have come to expect and need. To do that we for sure do need to have better Hospital, medical supervisors for a start.
About the political Health Council of Canada. It was created by the 2003 First Ministers’ Accord on Health Care Renewal, The Health Council of Canada is mandated to monitor and report on the progress of health care renewal in Canada. The Councillors were appointed by the participating provinces, territories and the Government of Canada which does not honestly disclose it’s full agenda..
Let’s first be fair to ourselves and others and note that no one thing specifically causes all the cancers, diabetic sick persons, heart problems in the world, rather it is a combination of several different factors starting with our personal ignorance, and the false neglect of the our Bodies.
While clearly the medical advances against even the more serious sickness have taken gigantic leaps now these days, I sadly too often these  days have to tell the truth to the sick persons that next the patients themselves are now more often to blame for their sudden deaths,  their illness degenerating mostly too even by reaping what they sowed, by their own neglect of basic laws reaping relating to the to human anatomy too, a) by their own failure to insure  healthy eating, b) their own  failure to get  proper sleep, c) and their own failure to handle, resolve unbeneficial stress adequately.
Majority of patients still lie to themselves when they do now falsely think they will not reap what they have personally sowed and thus they are committing personal suicide as a result. Lack of sleep is still a killer.. so is not eating properly.. so is unresolved stress….
Sadly most peopled do not realize the main causes of Heart attacks, diabetes, cancers. You can start by looking at the type of food you eat. I made a study for years of the reasons many people get heart attacks .. it is often a family disease, meaning related family bad habits.. such as the lack of physical exercise, how one handles the stressful situations, how well you sleep included.. and the type of food eaten and how it is prepared… steamed food and plenty of vegetables are advisable and often thus too.. and also don’t forget about the teeth and gum diseases.. The quality of sleep is more important than the Quantity too. Heart stress and food digestion are also related, related even to cancer, having heart attacks now as well and so is gum diseases.. Jesus will do his part, heal us after we do our part first. Call upon Him for help firstly.
PS Unhappily married women are more likely than unhappily married men to suffer high blood pressure, obesity and high blood sugar, putting them at greater risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes, say U.S. researchers.
While both genders are just as likely to feel depressed in strained marriages, the similarity appears to end there. And yet next many women foolishly still do think a quick divorce will bring them next riches and happiness next, and significantly more women file for a divorce over men, but it almost all of the cases does not go the way they had expected it to go and in many ways.. they next rather cannot overcome Karma, the fact that they are reaping what they themselves had sowed, for they had initially made a bad choice of a mate firstly, or were too lazy, and/or had an unrealistic expectation of what marriage was, is. Marriage it is not just living together, sex.. but a lot of hard work for both now too. Blaming others mainly over personal accountability is the typical crook’s way.


Diabetes is a very serious, life changing disease can be very simply treat in most cases but most doctors do not do the necessary test of all of their patients, not even a simple blood sugar level test.
People need to take control of their health rather than outsource it solely to the experts. The emphasis ought to be PREVENTION first, and treatment. Eat less and exercise more. The problem with diabetes, and some other disorders is that patients want the doctor to make them better, but are not prepared to do anything themselves. Many people with cardiovascular disease think that taking aspirin and a satin is all they need to do, while many will continue their old life, bad habits too even after a heart attack or stroke. Dream on. 
see also
KARMA MAY NOT HIT YOU RIGHT AWAY BUT IT LIKLEY WILL EVENTUALLY. When you are young you may falsely tend to act like an ostrich, falsely believe you can do, eat  anything, anyway you want and it will not affect you, but as you get older the body does start  to pay the price for the younger days abuses, neglect still. There is another correlation that is undeniable in seniors that many of  persons who do  tend to have diabetes tend also next to have heart problems or vice versa, and not just some of these persons also becoming lactose intolerant.  Diabetes while it is partially hereditary it is certainly brought on by inappropriate sugar consumption, and also by one not eating meals regularly, rather even ill advisably skipping meals. Heart problems and Diabetes as well itself are not without any negative consequences.  Denial will not change the facts or consequences too. On ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Vital body  part once damaged can never be fully restored to their healthy original state too.

Now there are good and bad laws too, good and bad judges..


 Sat Dec 12, 12:11 AM  VANCOUVER (CBC) – The 19-year-old man guilty of the hit-and-run deaths of a Vancouver couple has been sentenced to five years in prison.  Kurtis Rock was driving impaired on a Saturday night last February when he hit two people who were crossing Fourth Avenue West near Granville Island on a green light. Rock ran from the scene after he hit the couple, leaving behind the victims and two girls, 14 and 16, who had been with him in the vehicle. Rock was apprehended by officers a short time later with the help of a police dog. Rock was sentenced to four years in prison minus time served on the conviction for dangerous driving causing death. He was given an additional year for the hit-and-run conviction, as well as a 10-year driving ban.

Health Minister pushing for consumer protection  Toronto Sun –  OTTAWA – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is turning up the heat in her battle to reform Canada’s consumer protection law, accusing senators of siding with industry over consumers.


The new federal consumer government being concerned about Consumer protection, only when it suits them undeniably certainly has not done anything about the  undeniable false misleading advertisements by Rogers, TELUS and Bell  or the bad RCMP for that matter or the two tier health care system with have in Canada.. Nor have the Liberals.. The pot calling the Kettle Black.


Senators alter crime bill to go easier on pot growers  The Gazette (Montreal) –  A committee of the Liberal-dominated Senate has amended a Conservative law-and-order bill, eliminating an element that would automatically send marijuana growers to jail for at least six months makes you wonder how many senators are growing pot now as well. 

Health minister says Liberal amendments gut product safety bill Vancouver Sun   and Senate amends bill to take out mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot CKFR

Former Liberal official Bênoit Corbeil was sentenced today to 15 months in jail and a $20,000 fine. He will also be asked to reimburse $117,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada. The ruling was handed down by Madam Justice Suzanne Coupal of the Quebec Court . Mr. Corbeil’s   crimes were related to other matters, which he handled as director-general of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada in the late 1990s.  Mr. Corbeil admitted that he signed off on six fake invoices worth $117,000 and organized a $50,000 kickback from a businessman who wanted to buy federal land to expand a quarry south of Montreal. Mr. Corbeil said the Liberal Party’s Quebec wing was always short of money, and he said the fake invoices were used to obtain cash to pay for Liberal “volunteers” at party events and to organize matters like transportation. 

and now do tell us all why was the business man, the related guilty corporation ( Cement Company?) now also not charged? Cause it is normal business practise in Canada to give bribes

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Former Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal cabinet minister Jim Walsh has been found guilty of two of three charges for his role in the province’s constituency allowance spending scandal.  Provincial court Judge David Orr convicted Walsh on Monday of fraud over $5,000 and breach of trust by a public officer. He was acquitted on a charge of frauds on government, also known as influence peddling.  The charges stemmed from claims totalling just over $159,000 from Walsh’s constituency allowance. Walsh is the fourth provincial politician to be convicted in the spending scandal, which erupted in 2006.  After conducting an exhaustive investigation, the province’s auditor general alleged that several politicians were paid more than they were entitled to through tax-free constituency allowances.  Two former cabinet ministers from the Liberals and Conservatives and a former NDP member have pleaded guilty. A former civil servant also faces charges. Walsh went on administrative leave from the federal Transportation Safety Board in June 2006. He remained eligible for his salary – this year ranging from between $114,100 to $134,200 – while his case went through court.

EDMONTON – A Court of Queen’s Bench judge has ruled an anti-gay letter written by a former Alberta pastor in 2002 was not a hate crime and is allowed under freedom of speech.  Justice E.C. Wilson overturned a 2008 ruling by the Alberta Human Rights Commission that the letter by Stephen Boissoin that was published in the Red Deer Advocate broke provincial law.  At the time, the commission said it may even have played a role in the beating of a gay teenager two weeks after it was published.  The commission had ordered Boissoin to refrain from making disparaging remarks about homosexuals and to pay the complainant, former Red Deer high school teacher Darren Lund, $5,000 in damages.  Neither order can now be enforced, as Wilson declared them “unlawful or unconstitutional.”  The letter carried the headline “Homosexual agenda wicked” and suggested gays were as immoral as pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps. Boissoin had argued he was simply commenting on government policy by criticizing homosexuality being portrayed positively in the public school curriculum.  On Thursday, Boissoin said he was thrilled with the judge’s ruling, calling it a victory for “freedom of speech and religious expression in Canada.”  At the time he wrote the letter, Boissoin was a pastor with the Concerned Christian Coalition.  The Canadian Constitution Foundation, a free-speech advocacy group, issued a news release saying it was pleased with Thursday’s ruling.  “Unfortunately, the law that was used against Reverend Boissoin to subject him to a expensive and stressful legal proceedings for more than seven years is still on the books,” said executive director John Carpay.  That law, the Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act, says no one shall publish a statement that is likely “to expose a person or a class of persons to hatred or contempt” because of their sexual orientation.  “In spite of today’s court ruling, Albertans need to continue to exercise extreme caution when speaking about public policy issues, lest they offend someone who then files a human rights complaint,” said Carpay.  “No citizen is safe from being subjected to a taxpayer-funded prosecution for having spoken or written something that a fellow citizen finds offensive


Police break up sex slave rings in Calgary  Calgary Herald –  The Alternative Hair and Skin Care operation on 4th Street NW at 40th Avenue in Calgary which has been implicated in a human trafficking ring as seen on December 2. CALGARY – A pair of female sex slaves purchased for $8000 by undercover police..    

It is billed by the London Police Department Chief as “the best (shooting) range in Ontario.” At $22 million, it is certainly modern but one of the features might sit poorly with judges and civil libertarians.  While police can shoot a fleeing suspect that presents an imminent threat to the public, it is relatively rare in most crimes and raises obvious questions under Tennessee v. Garner. The entire project will ultimately cost $32 million and the facility’s gun range is billed as training officers to do a range of shooting,  

Meanwhile  a Toronto doctor is facing a disciplinary hearing over allegations he approved special meal allowances for people on welfare and disability programs according to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.  Dr. Roland Wong,  said he continues to approve applications for the special diet but only if he believes patients have an underlying medical condition that qualifies them for the financial supplement.  “Today, I signed maybe five, four,” he said. “Sometimes more, depends.”  He accused the auditor general of having a very “slanted view” of the program, and suggested he should be looking instead at the woefully inadequate support payments paid to people in need.  Wong said he wasn’t overly concerned about the disciplinary hearing because it was based on a complaint laid against him by a municipal councillor.  “This is a case of politicians against a physician, not the patient against the physician,” he said.  The Special Diet Allowance provides up to $250 per month to a person on social assistance who requires special foods for such conditions as diabetes.  Councillor Doug Holyday said  . “This can’t go on.”     Quebec and other provinces have no such adequate help program and why?

  Next we will shoot any person on social welfare as well? the sick too?


New trial ordered for man acquitted of Internet luring  Toronto Star –  OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has given a broad interpretation to a law against on Internet luring, potentially making it easier to prosecute offenders. In the first test of a 2001 law brought in by the Liberals .In the first test of a 2001 law brought in by the Liberals, the high court said the “preparatory” steps taken to “groom” children under 14 are a criminal offence, even before an actual sexual crime is committed or even attempted. “This is in keeping with Parliament’s objective to close the cyberspace door before the predator gets in to prey,” wrote Justice Morris Fish. Writing for a unanimous seven-judge panel, Fish said the trial judge who originally acquitted Craig Bartholomew Legare had taken too narrow a view of the law. The court ordered a new trial for the Alberta man who was 32 when he struck up a sexually explicit Internet “chat” with a 12-year-old Ontario girl. 

The criminal code makes it a crime to communicate by computer with underage children or teens for the purpose of facilitating an offence. Fish said offenders are known to try to lure or “groom” young persons by “reducing their inhibitions; or by prurient discourse that exploits a young person’s curiosity, immaturity or precocious sexuality” It isn’t necessary to use “sexually explicit language” to run afoul of the law, said the court. The high court, in a swift ruling, has ordered a new trial so the facts may be judged anew

Saskatchewan introduces law to stop drivers from smoking in cars with children The Canadian Press – Wed Dec 2, 11:49 PM  REGINA – Saskatchewan wants to ban people from smoking in cars carrying children, but the province won’t try to stop patio puffers.

A former city bylaw officer who fatally struck a 77-year-old man riding his bicycle in a crosswalk was fined $2,000 yesterday and banned from driving for three months. Francis Grosvenor, 33, was convicted of making an unsafe left turn under the Traffic Safety Act relating to the deadly collision at the intersection of 111 Avenue and Groat Road about 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 29, 2008.  “Death always complicates sentencing in any case,” said provincial court Judge Peter Ayotte, who ruled a jail term was not called for.  But Ayotte added a hefty fine must be imposed to “send the message home” that drivers must be sure it is safe to turn at intersections before proceeding. The judge also pointed out that the deceased cyclist had been illegally riding in a crosswalk.  Court heard Sandor Baracskay had been riding his bicycle south in the crosswalk across 111 Avenue when he was hit by a left-turning city bylaw car driven by Grosvenor.  Ayotte also noted Grosvenor had testified it was a turning light, while others said it was a solid green, and he was wrong about who was driving directly behind him.  Grosvenor had been employed as a city bylaw officer at the time through a contract with Paladin Security.

 Federal employee caught filing claims for pet  OTTAWA — A federal public works employee is in the doghouse after they successfully filed claims to the civil service’s health insurance plan for their pet, Sun Media has learned. The employee, who made two claims — one in 2008 and another this year — was only caught after another civil servant alerted authorities. After an internal investigation found they had made the false claims, they paid back the money, less than $100.  He really should have been fired instead



Toronto. After almost six years, Superior Court Justice Bonnie Croll stayed the Police Corruption charges against Det.-Const. William McCormack – son of a former Toronto police chief – and Const. Rick McIntosh, once the popular president of the Toronto police union, ruling that delays had breached their right to a fair trial.McCormack and McIntosh were accused of shaking down bar owners in the Entertainment District. EITHER THE PROSECUTORS DID NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO PROSECUTE THE COPS OR THEY HAD DELIBERATELY LET THE MATTER LAPSE.. neither is acceptable


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