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November 15, 2009


Free water bottles too political: I wouldn’t want a Shelly Glover water bottle either Political partisanship has no place in our schools. A Manitoba school division is turning down an offer of free water bottles for students because the items display a politician’s name and party logo.  Shelly Glover, Conservative member of Parliament for St. Boniface, wanted to donate an unspecified number of bottles to the Louis Riel School Division.  “What we discovered was that there was some personal information on the bottles,” Marilyn Sequire, chairwoman of the school division, told CBC News on Friday. “Because we have a policy that doesn’t allow that, we had to regrettably decline.” Sequire said distributing the bottles would have violated division policy.  “It’s very simple,” Sequire said. “It’s just related to our policy that we have that does not allow us to distribute anything in the schools that is overtly, even slightly, political.”    This is the type of behaviour that the Conservatives have campaigned against in the past. Why do they pull these tricks now?  Also, don’t forget… the money to buy these water bottles likely came out of taxpayers pockets. Why should my tax money go towards promoting a political party to school kids?  Ms. Glover – I suggest if you actually want to help, you would donate bottles without political info on them. How low will the Cons stoop? These cons have no shame. Next thing you know they will want to put their party logo on your kids forehead. Canada has been headed down a shameful road ever since these cons came to power,(minority) I might add!  If she was so worried about these kids and wanting to donate bottles she should have just did it with no advertising. Everyone is only looking for the benefits of giving by advertising themselves, not because they actually care. If the MP really cared about giving the water bottles to the kids first and foremost, then there wouldn’t be a logo. I’m sure she thought this might help the school to a degree, but clearly, the thought of free advertising for the cons was there.  Their defence will be “we were trying to help the kids! why is everyone stopping us from helping children?”   What’s their next defence “why are people stopping us from helping clothe the homeless? All we did was give them a bunch of conservative party shirts.” .ttp://
DOES THE WATER TASTE THE SAME WITH THE CON LABEL? cause so far the Con water leaves a very bad taste in many people’s mouths
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using taxpayers’ money to reward Tory cronies with plum posts, Liberal MPs charged yesterday. The Tories unleashed “unparalleled patronage” by appointing 233 former Conservative MPs, campaign workers, failed candidates and donors in the past year, said Liberal MP Wayne Easter. Liberals say the recent Harper-appointees contributed more than $272,000 to Conservative coffers.  NDP and Tory officials pointed out members of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s office also benefited from appointments, including diplomatic posts. yes but the hypocritical  Con kettle calling the pot black does not change the fact the kettle is immoral, liar, for it was elected on the basis that it would be a lot different over the Lieberals and not rather it’s twin..
 Canada’s Defence Minister denies knowledge of torture, of Canadian complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees who had been turned over to Afghan authorities, makes him NOW EITHER A LIAR OR CLEARLY A VERY POOR MINISTER.   Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismissed the demand for a torture inquiry Thursday while opposition parties hammered Canada’s Minister of Defence.
Mr. Tilson, you owe us an apology
Tuesday November 24 2009
 Open Letter to David Tilson, M.P.
Mr Tilson,
I received your recent “Keeping You Informed” Fall Newsletter and have what I think is an important issue you need to address. When reading it I couldn’t help but notice the grand cheque you were holding for $7 million. A large sum that will surely do some good in our community. It is welcome money! The issue I have when looking closely at the cheque is that it is signed by Stephen Harper and also has your name on it. Now call me crazy, but are we to suppose that Stephen Harper is somehow taking personal credit for this cheque? I don’t see the Government of Canada logo anwhere on it, which would lead a person with the intelligence of a post to see what is going on here. This money is not from Stephen Harper, or you, for that matter. You should be embarrassed by something like this, not smiling with this cheque in hand. It is “our” money and it is being paid for by the Government of Canada. Not you, not Mr. Harper or any political party. This did not come from your bank account or Mr. Harper’s. Now my letter is not about an anti-Conservative slant because lord knows the Liberal party was as guilty of this type of branding at every opportunity as any party in history. The problem here is that you were elected on a platform to clean things up and bring some responsibility/accoutability to government. We expect that from all of our representatives no matter their political stripe. As a tax paying citizen I think an apology is in order. This was not an oversight. The people in this riding expect and deserve a higher standard of conduct from the person that represents them. Your esteemed collegue, Gerald Keddy of South Shore Nova Scotia, at least stood up and apologized in a similar cheque fiasco recenty and noted it will never happen again. His excuse that he didn’t notice his giant signature on it was scary enough on its own, considering he is helping run the country (what else has he not noticed?). But aside from his pathetic attempt at an excuse, he at least apologized. Will you?

Carlos Cascallar,


Anyone who knows PM Stephen Harper knows that this power control freak does not share publicity with others..



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