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November 15, 2009



NB government under fire in legislature over power deal with Hydro-Quebec The Canadian Press – FREDERICTON – The Conservative Opposition took New Brunswick’s Liberal government to task Wednesday over the proposed sale of NB Power during the first question period of the fall session of the legislature.

NB Power deal has penalties: Opposition

Eastern premiers continue war of words over NB Power deal Vancouver Sun – Daily Gleaner – Times and Transcript – The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press  SAINT JOHN, N.B. – New Brunswickers will have to wait a bit longer to hear from an advisory panel studying the proposed sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec. Panel chairman David Ganong says the $4.75-billion deal is proving to be very complex, and there will be no report until the panel fully understands it. Ganong and five others were appointed in November to provide independent advice on whether the proposed deal is in the best interest of New Brunswickers. The panel was tasked to study the financial implications, the impact on New Brunswick’s future energy sovereignty, and the long-term impact on residential power rates.A report was expected by Jan. 15, but Ganong says it will now be at least the end of the month. the delay seems to implicate tthat the sale it is not really all good news…

NB Power sale won’t help debt: auditor general    Auditor General Mike Ferguson says selling NB Power could actually worsen the province’s debt load. (CBC) New Brunswick’s auditor general says the sale of NB Power to Hydro-Québec will not help solve the province’s debt problem.. It becomes quite clear that this is a deal for Irving and other industrial customers only and no one else. I am sick of all of the Liberal red-wash that is being painted over this in a pathetic attempt to convince the province that this sale is a good idea. You know   red is also the colour of debt and deficit too. 


The Web 2.0 generation, such as the over 100,000 who joined the ‘Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament’ Facebook group, clearly has become politically engaged.  And another Facebook group that grew rapidly is  the one opposing the sale of NB Power to Quebec. The  sleeping giants have been awakened and they are not about to go back to sleep.


Quebec talking with PEI on power deal

NB Power sale expected to dominate new session of provincial legislature (NB Oilweek Magazine

 Times and Transcript – Telegraph-Journal – – The Amherst Daily News

Lord government considered NB Power sale –   New Brunswick’s Opposition Tories say the province should collect income taxes from Hydro-Québec if the Liberal government’s proposed NB Power deal is passed.

Quebec power exports not vulnerable in US debate The Gazette (Montreal)

NB Power sale expected to dominate new session of provincial legislature The Canadian Press

Telegraph-Journal – Times and Transcript – Daily Gleaner –
  HALIFAX, N.S. — Quebec would reap a windfall of “hundreds of millions of dollars” in federal equalization payments if a proposed deal to purchase New Brunswick’s public power utility goes through next year, a leading Newfoundland and Labrador economist says.Wade Locke, a professor of economics at Memorial University, said if Hydro-Quebec uses a portion of its profits – which were $2.7 billion in 2008 – to buy NB Power, that would result in a major drop in its contribution to the coffers of the Quebec government. That in turn would require the federal government to send more money to the province under Ottawa’s revenue-sharing formula, Locke says.” The use of money to expand the corporation into New Brunswick will mean they (Quebec)will have higher equalization than if Hydro-Quebec had given the money to the government,” Locke said in a phone interview. Locke said with Hydro-Quebec committed to spending $700 million for the $4.75 billion purchase, that would translate into reduced profits being sent to the province, thereby hiking Ottawa’s equalization payments to Quebec by “hundreds of millions” of dollars. 


Amid growing public opposition in New Brunswick over the proposed $4.75-billion Hydro-Quebec deal to purchase NB Power assets, the interprovincial power negotiations have been expanded to include Prince Edward Island.

Leaked report says gov’t overstating the need for new power lines in Alberta Thu Nov 19, 11:30 PM  EDMONTON – A political battle is reaching a peak in Alberta over whether the province needs billions of dollars worth of new power lines that will be paid for by consumers. 


 Quebec already had taken advantage of NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR IN THE PAST too…


The New Brunswick government is in negotiations with Quebec to revise a controversial deal to sell its power utility to Hydro-Quebec in order to retain an ownership stake for New Brunswickers, sources say.  Premier Shawn Graham has faced an outpouring of public and political outrage over a tentative deal signed last October, in which the giant Quebec power company would take over New Brunswick Power in exchange for taking on its debt and cutting or freezing power rates for customers in the Atlantic province.


FREDERICTON – New Brunswick and Quebec have made major changes to the proposed deal to sell NB Power to Hydro-Quebec.  A document obtained by The Canadian Press reveals that New Brunswick’s power transmission and distribution systems are no longer for sale.  The document says NB Power would continue to operate as a New Brunswick-owned and operated Crown corporation, employing more than 60 per cent of the utility’s current workforce.  Under the original deal signed last October, Hydro-Quebec would assume all the major assets of NB Power, including the transmission system, for $4.75 billion.  The revised deal – according to the document – is worth $3.2 billion and would still include hydroelectric facilities and the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant.  New Brunswick’s Liberal government has faced growing public opposition and dissent within caucus as a result of the proposed utility sale


Now in Alberta


Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith  says the conclusions in the EDC report strongly suggest that the Tory government is not doing enough to protect consumers.  There’ve been projections that it’s going to be $200 per year for the average residential bill for the next 15 years,” said Smith.Major power utilities will end up benefiting greatly from Bill 50, but consumers and landowners whose property will be affected by the new power corridors will end up as the big losers, said Smith. “My read of this debate so far is that the government is simply and blindly serving the interests of its corporate sponsors, not the interests of consumers,” she said. With all that supposedly extra surplus income as advertised in  Alberta the local citizens were now to live better off than elsewhere, instead of now continually being gouged with extra costs, and the hidden taxes.. the electrical costs now included..  for Alberta really does not have cheap hydro generated electricity but relies mainly on polluting coal fired generating plants..  and what else next?   GOVERNMENT OF Alberta IS ALSO SAYING IT IS HELPING THE CITIZENS NOT BIG BUSINESS..



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