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November 14, 2009

N.S. premier surprised by Harper’s bad behavior


Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says he was surprised by the federal government’s recent decision to put its own sign on infrastructure projects without provincial or municipal logos attached. One of the conditions for receiving federal funding is to provide photographic proof that the signs have been erected. Gerald Keddy, Conservative MP for the riding of South Shore-St. Margaret’s, said people will associate the projects with all levels of government, even without their logos.  “Any Canadian or any constituent who sees the Economic Action Plan sign automatically understand that all three levels of government are involved,” he said.  If this is true why do we need any logo from any level of government on the signs ?????? Putting party interest before the public interest is no way to govern in a modern Canada. The US sign company probably couldn’t handle three governmental logos on the same sign. Another prime example of abuse tactics employed by the Conservative Dictatorship Party of Canada. We must rid ourselves of these self-serving goofs. Time for Harper and his puppets to go away for good  it’s not conservative money–it’s funding from municipal, provincial, and the “big checks’ this is unadulterated spin to help the CONS convince people they are spending their own money effectively???No matter what level of government it’s OUR money!!
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Anyone who knows PM Stephen Harper knows that this power control freak does not share publicity with others..

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