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November 11, 2009

Stephen Harper’s often one step forward, two backwards approach

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For all kind of detail examples, reasons, explanations Canadian Senator Mike Duffy is a TREMENDOUS example, illustration  of the wrong type of managerial DECISIONS Stephen Harper OFTEN MAKES:
Duffy P.E.I.’s most expensive senator. during his first three months in the red chamber, Conservative Senator Mike Duffy racked up more than $100,848 in travel and office expenses, more than double the average of what the other three Island senators spend in a typical quarter. Duffy’s rate of spending puts him in the top rank of senatorial expenses.
Mike Duffy is a mercenary hack.
His sheer audacity in comparing himself to an elected MP is breathtaking.
Two days ago Mr. Duffy loudly told us that Mr. Stoffer’s criticisms were the ramblings of a “faker”.
But yesterday he wasn’t returning calls…..
It doesn’t matter, of course.
Mr. Duffy is there representing ‘us’ until he is 75.
Whether we like it or not.
A thousand thank-you’s, Mr. Harper.
How can we possibly repay your kindness……..?
I expected better of Mike Duffy, but I guess winning the lottery, I mean being appointed to senate, changes you.
Mike Duffy is a total embarrassment. His earlier crude comments on the fitness of P.E.I.’s premier revealed the attack dog he is. It is totally in character for him to smear Peter Stoffer, one of the most respected M.P. s, a man of obvious integrity. Read Don Martin’s recent column on Mr Duffy in the National Post (also carried in the Guardian). Maybe Duffy has a mission from our P.M., but whatever his reasons, he is a partisan political hack, and I resent his role of representing P.E.I. Harper should remove him for his own protection.
Duffy thank you for opening my eyes to Harpers wish to abolish the senate. Your such a fake and a sad sad senator.
As far as I am concerned the Senate is not the problem because one way or another we need an Upper Chamber to balance the Commons. The problem is its structure and how it is politically manipulated by Prime Ministers without the consent of the Canadian electorate.   Mr Duffy’s nomination is crass for two reasons:  first this Prime Minister made all kinds of promises and flip flopped on all of them and second as a journalist Mr Duffy was supposed to be non partisan so all those years he was pretending to analyze the political scene with an open mind it turns out this was a fake – including his opinion of the Senate before being named a Senator.
Duffy thinks he is entitled to whatever he can get, believes he is smarter, better educated, more important and of higher class then the rest of us.  By calling Stoffer a faker and saying he doesn’t care about the military, Duffy proved he will say anything at all, lies, fabrications etc, as long as it is in an attempt to help his good buddy Harper. How can anyone who has spent more then 10 minutes covering Stoffer question his loyalty to Military families.   Duffy is taking taxpayer money, using it to insult ALL NON Con/reformers, and spending big money on food and travel   what a joke, be a man Duffy and resign…mind you a MAN isn’t something you will ever be accused of being, because you aren’t  kids starve, doughty spends hundreds of thousands on foods and flights
Whether one believes the Senate should be abolished, reformed or maintained as is, it is incumbent upon those who are appointed to conduct themselves with dignity, professionalism and honour. Mr. Duffy has been, since day one of his appointment, an embarrassment and has no place in this Senate or any other version which may replace it some day.   Not a good choice Mr. Harper

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