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November 9, 2009

Mountie faces second impaired driving charge

but the RCMP had said there are no RCMP alcholics, or less than a handful?

He has been a constable in the RCMP for about 16 years, according to RCMP, and has been on medical leave since the first incident. and has been an Alcoholic now for how many years as well? and his supervisors now as well?

 RCMP officer charged with impaired driving Vancouver Sun
CTV British Columbia – The Province – News1130 
When the too often immoral, lying RCMP Public relationship department tells the public that there are on the average only 3 alcoholic RCMP offices in Canada per year and we have had more than that Number RCMP officers caught drunk driving this year.. We have had news media report of some Police officers in BC now getting drunk often after work even in the Police stations and likely driving home as well. It is an undeniable fact that Police taverns are often filled with police officer after the shift has ended, and likely many of them drive home drunk.. but it is the citizens that seem to mostly end up on drunk charges in the court and mostly natives now as well.. 
 Certainly do not believe that all justice  is even best carried out, being done in the Queen’s courts, or by the too often  rigged Commissions, masturbating self regulating societies? How often do you even see bad lawyers, bad cops, bad RCMP, bad professionals, bad Politicians, bad alcoholics IN CANADA get their rightful dues now? Very rarely!!  

Vancouver Mountie faces second impaired driving charge in two months The Canadian Press  VANCOUVER, BC – A Mountie in Vancouver is facing his second impaired driving charge in two months. Vancouver police say they pulled the off-duty officer over Saturday morning and breath samples showed he was over the legal limit for blood alcohol. The 55-year-old officer, whose name has not been released, (But yours likely would be posted) already had a court date from a previous impaired driving charge and was prohibited from driving for 90 days. He’s now been charged with driving while prohibited, impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. ( He likely also is still getting paid as a Mounties too) He is the latest in a number of Metro Vancouver police officers who have faced impaired driving charges in the last two years, including a Mountie charged in a Delta, B.C., crash that killed a 21-year-old motorcyclist in October 2008. The officer in that case, Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robertson, was the one who gave the order to use a Taser on Robert Dziekanski before the Polish man died at Vancouver airport in October 2007.


RCMP officer arrested 2nd time for drunk driving in Vancouver  The off-duty Mountie was arrested Saturday morning after a Vancouver police officer watched a man urinate in the Spanish Banks parking lot on N.W. Marine Drive and then get into a vehicle and attempt to drive away.After the Vancouver officer stopped the vehicle and identified the man as an RCMP officer, the man failed to pass a breathalyzer test, said police. Vancouver police are recommending he face charges of driving while prohibited, impaired driving and driving with blood-alcohol exceeding 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. He was released and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 8. The 55-year-old officer, assigned to RCMP’s E Division headquarters, was previously arrested Oct. 3 after an accident on the Second Narrows Bridge, said police. In that incident, police suspended his licence and recommended charges of impaired driving. He was scheduled to appear in court Nov. 20 in that case. The officer’s name has not yet been released because the Crown counsel has not yet approved a criminal charge from either of the two incidents, ( because Crown counsel is also an acoholic?)  but police did say the man has been a member of RCMP for 16 years and has been on medical leave since the October incident. Impaired driving is the No.1 criminal cause of death in Canada ( note not speeding) . “As police officers, we have seen first-hand the carnage and death caused by this irresponsible behaviour. This makes it all the more difficult when an incident involves one of our own.” ( and it occurs too often now too) -Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Pull his Licence. Take his badge end of story.   These types of police officers bring a bad image to the rest of the force, which as a whole, does a very good job. So this suspended officer, has been caught again, and then he is released, and after having an accident in the first incidence. This person should be held in custody, he is obviously a danger to the public and to himself. Are there two sets of laws? What a shame, however, he MUST be held to the same standard as any other person in Canada. Peace Officers need to be beyond reproach, and in the case of the RCMP as of late, even more so.  I also would like to know why no charges have been filed from the first incident??? Seems odd to me. Twice eh? Wonder if the Crown will approve the charges? If it was me, Im sure charges will already be laid and my name all over the local papers. Medical leave my arse,…. what his medical condition….hungover?

Hey, RCMP officers, when will you wake up from drunkenness? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), colloquially known as Mounties, is the national police force of Canada. RCMP officers should be the representatives of responsibility, dignity, honesty, and honour. Some BC Lower Mainland’s police officers really smeared the image of RCMP in people’s minds. In two years, five Lower Mainland RCMP officers faced charges of drunk driving. On Oct. 4, 2009, Sunday, around 4:20 a.m., the fifth officer, who works at the RCMP’s Vancouver headquarters, was arrested for impaired driving after his car hit a cement barrier near the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Two passengers on his car were sent to hospital and the driver failed the alcohol test on the scene. He was off-duty that time. The other four drunk driving cases the Lower Mainland RCMP officers involved in were: On Sept. 25, an officer from Coquitlam of BC was charged with impaired driving after being stopped by policemen of his own police bureau. Last November, one of the four officers involved in Robert Dziekanski’s stun-gun case was arrested for drunk driving after he hit and killed a young motorcyclist in Delta of BC. Near the end of 2007, Cpl. Darren Baker and Const. Kulwant Singh Malhi were charged with impaired driving in West Vancouver and Richmond of BC respectively. What’s wrong with the RCMP officers of BC Lower Mainland? Come on. Please don’t ruin people’s trust anymore.
Charges have been stayed for an RCMP officer accused of driving drunk and fleeing after a fender-bender three years ago. Const. Kulwant Singh Malhi, 43, was charged in 2008 with failure to stop at an accident, impaired driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.  The charges were stayed by a judge in B.C. Provincial Court in Richmond Thursday on the third and final day of Malhi’s trial. Malhi remains suspended with pay and a Code of Conduct investigation is under way.

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