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October 29, 2009

B.C. solicitor general named in lawsuit

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Cloud over Kash Heed embarrassing for Liberals Top cop withdraws from debate over complaints bill  Kash Heed doing things specifically to promote his political desires at the expense of others? No. Say it ain’t so The police profession is like a soap opera: sleaze, boozing, internal bickering, shameful misconduct, greed, corruption, sexism, racism and criminal activity. Shows like ” To Serve & Protect” only glamourize the industry and does little to shed light on their cohesive membership and inability to extricate too many undesirables and often, unsavory members miraculously get ahead in life or are promoted and West Van PD, like so many others, is a joke…….   Let me see if I have this right. Bruce investigated a drunk officer who had been drinking at a detachment with Bruce’s son. A few months later he went on “stress leave” hmmmm. Then, 18 months later, not ever coming off “stress” leave, Bruce retires and the investigation around him is dropped. Now Bruce is suing someone claiming HE was hard done by. And who pays for all of this? None of the people in the story. Isn’t this the same guy that couldn’t come to court to testify b/c of his so called post-traumatic stress disorder? Held up the proceedings for over a year wasn’t it? Getting paid full salary the whole time. Was finally ordered to court and so quit his job rather then testify! Isn’t this the guy? He should be paying the city for court costs etc! He’s a disgraced cop looking to cash in. a bunch of rich people fighting for more money from the tax payers…no better than the gangsters..
The whole Police system is unacceptable, farcical, corrupt from top to bottom..
” I find it laughable but not unexpected that Sgt. Bruce would pursue economic redress from his employers. His actions in my opinion are a sad reflection on this public service, and should be the poster child for Complete Civilian Oversight of internal police investigation given this situation. However to be fair  let us look at the facts that I have been able to find. In 2005 Const. Lisa Alford after spending the afternoon drinking with her West Vancouver Police Buddies including Staff Sgt Bruce’s son Constable Mike Bruce attempted to drive home while drunk and smashed into another vehicle. Alford, 30, blew readings of .21 and .22 — the legal limit is .08 — and pleaded guilty to drunk driving on Jan. 25. 2007; She lost her licence for 14 months and was fined $600. Despite these facts she was placed forward for promotion, an action later reversed when all the facts of this case were made evident. Const. Lisa Alford was drinking with fellow officers” In the West Vancouver Police Station” before she rear-ended a car and blew nearly three times the legal limit for alcohol. Then West Vancouver Police Department Chief Scott Armstrong said that such get-togethers involving drinking at the station were regular occurrences; In fact, he attended a few himself before banning the practice after Alford’s accident and drunk-driving charge. In 2006, Scott Armstrong was fired as chief for that admission.  In a ridiculous case of poor optics, worse judgment and a fundamental reason why greater oversight into police investigating police must be initiated; Sgt. Doug Bruce (Mike Bruce’s father) and Insp. Bob Fontaine were appointed to head up the complaint investigation into the incident. The final report to the B.C. Police Complaints Commissioner however failed to mention that Alford was drinking at the West Vancouver Police Dept. prior to the accident and she was partying with other police officers, including Staff Sgt Bruce’s son Constable Mike Bruce. B.C.’s police complaint commissioner was already investigating Const. Mike Bruce. He was accused of forging a signature on a photo line-up during a robbery investigation. He was also suspended for three days after he failed to attend a noise complaint at a Future Shop and then wrote a false report. The officer then lied when confronted about it. He later confessed when his police cruiser’s Global Positioning System was analyzed The Police Complaints Commissioner asked the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to investigate Bruce and Fontaine. The VPD found the officers allegedly breached the code of conduct. A disciplinary proceeding was ordered in February 2007 and there had been a couple of attempts to have a disciplinary proceeding occur,” said Bruce Brown, Deputy Police Complaints Commissioner. Disciplinary hearings were scheduled, however the officers simply refused to attend the three scheduled hearings, exposing a profound weakness in the police act; saving themselves the need to either; reveal the truth of the investigation or perjure themselves further. The two suddenly retired in late 2008. A public hearing regarding the allegations was called off in February when the police complaint commissioner, Dirk Ryneveld, decided his office’s jurisdiction likely would not extend to retired police officers. Their disciplinary hearings were cancelled after they retired in 2008.  Doug Bruce says he took sick leave due to stress. I guess he was under stress, dodging the truth and remembering that many lies is a tiring business, but I thank him for the mockery he is making of the police and the people of British Columbia. He will now hide in Penticton send his lawyer to negotiate a settlement while the public costs mount, collect his pension and leave the bad taste and public scorn of this incident for other members to live with and deal with every day.  The two members in question not only broke the law, they continued to collect over $150,000.00 each in salary, continued to have access to all police benefits and then then waltzed off into the night, thumbing their noses at the Law, its principles, the People of West Vancouver, and their own sworn oathes; saving their pensions, thank you very much. People may say that police are shown no favouritism but that can not be stated here, with out opening ones self up to ridicule, these facts speak for themselves. Bruce now in his hypocrisy, claims the former Mayor and the former Police Chief made false statements about him,  and requires redress; that the two defendants “recklessly and deliberately” breached “their” duty. The statement is outrageous. Be assure Sir, I have every sympathy for you and hope you get just what you deserve.”
“Why is it that Canadian police forces have so much difficulty dealing with wayward officers? Is it that they are afraid of the backlash from special interest groups … with their adherent politicians … or just afraid to admit to the public that “one of our police persons screwed up royally”? … and resort to ‘Nixonian stonewalling’ until the public forgets about the matter? Or is it that too many police forces have very poor management in place due a politically dominated selection system and an old boys promotion system? I once asked a former Commissioner of the RCMP if the RCMP intended to continue to promote those REPORTED as promotable rather than QUALIFIED to be promoted to a given position. His answer was “yes” … even though the example suggested was someone reported as being good in an administrative position being promoted to a serious investigation (supervisory) position. That, plus numerous other instances have convinced me that when it comes to promotions MANY police forces do not differentiate between choosing supervisors for OPERATIONAL investigative positions and supervisory ADMINISTRATIVE positions. I personally know of a group of RCMP persons who sent a request through channels imploring RCMP management at the higher levels to do something about carrying through with disciplining a number of police persons in the area who were known to have been complained about by the public OR OTHER POLICE PERSONS. The only other significant factor I can think of that could be associated with bad management and political affiliation is that there are simply no enforceable regulations or laws that can  be used to make errant police persons accountable … but after 150 years of having Canadian police I have to think that it is more a matter of interpreting the laws as being ineffective rather than actually having ineffective laws. Can the words “you are fired” not be used in police hearings … or the words “your paycheck has been stopped  until you and your counsel choose to deal with the situation” … or has our present judicial interpretation of the charter nullified police accountability as well as criminal accountability? “
” B.C. Solicitor General Kash Heed is being sued for defamation by a former West Vancouver police officer who says Heed tried to further his political career at the man’s expense.”No comment, its before the courts”……… sounds like wally opal eh?  Somehow this does not surprise me……if you lie down with dogs…you’ll get fleas..(or however that saying goes) and Kash Heed has certainly chosen some curs to lie down with. It never ends with this corrupt government,  If the Police force is corrupt? Then why would you think promoting one of them to Top Cop Help I always thought this guy was a bit too ambitious. We’ve been calling him ‘Hash Weed’ for years.  “
“B.C. premier names new 24-member cabinet. There are nine new faces among the 24 members of the B.C. cabinet named Wednesday afternoon by Premier Gordon Campbell, after his Liberal Party won a third majority in May. Mike de Jong is the new attorney general, as well as government house leader, filling the position vacated by Wally Oppal, who lost to Independent candidate Vicki Huntington in the Delta-South riding after two recounts.  Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed a Newcomer takes on the role of solicitor general and public safety minister. .John van Dongen resigned from the position in April following revelations that his driver’s licence had been suspended for speeding. Van Dongen was re-relected on election night. Colin Hansen remains as finance minister but adds deputy premier to his titles.
and will Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed the new BC solicitor general and public safety minister cover up for his bad Police buddies too? And there are still concerns about Liberal candidate Kash Heed and his former role as West Vancouver police chief and his unexpected retirement from the force less than two years into his contract, “There’s still a lot of anger about a $40,000 severance payout even though he voluntarily quit in February, leaving many unanswered questions about his status on the force,”  to supposedly avoid legal prosecution too. “The cops have a responsibility to follow moral leadership and let me tell you, the cops do not have that here [in Abbotsford] “NDP candidate for Abbotsford South, Bonnie Rai. These are all valid issues, concerns too.

At the risk being blacklisted or visited by the police, I would like to voice my grave concern over RCMP investigations of friends and acquaintances of peaceful opponents to the Vancouver Olympics.  I am particular disturbed by B.C. Attorney General Kash Heed saying the RCMP has a duty to “check out” the information they get. Since when do people who disagree with a government policy automatically need to be investigated?  I fail to see the line of reasoning that starts from dissent and leads through to security threat. And more importantly, should the country’s police forces have the arbitrary right to make that equation?  Will authorities one day place under surveillance anyone opposed to the federal budget or the war in Afghanistan, or the RCMP’s handling of the Dziekanski affair? This already happened in the U.S. when J. Edgar Hoover was FBI chief. Canada is on a very slippery slope here and the public needs to be vigilant. Fred Sengmueller, Toronto

Me too I am striaghforward and say what I believe , If you read my blogs you already know that I do often say and do think the police are generally part of the scum left over in the bottom of the barrel too. I have openly said it before I have not encountered a decent federal or provincial justice ministers generally the last  decades in Canada.. likely cause they generally were lawyers to start of with.. and I also have not encountered decent cops or police chiefs now as well.. Fix it …and rightfully install fair, honest, decent police commissions to protect the citizens and then not so many people will want to assault the police too.. we already know how abusive and crooked the too often lying cops, their sergeants, superiors  and their commissions tend to be.. what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are you all going to do about it as well?  Once again the Conservatives easily show to all what big liars they are when it comes to holding to accountability the bad guys in the civil and public servcies now too or one of their own..
-The first is the  initial employee, managements hiring,  selection process. Police forces tend to have common criteria of personnel selections.
– The second clearly is  promotional mechanisms within  the force.. which seems too often to reward AND promote incompetency.. TO ME THIS EXPLAINS WHY POLICE CHIEFS, MANGERS TEND OFTEN NOW  TO LACK MORALITY, CREDIBILITY, ETHICS TOO.
– The third is the internal self regulating aspects
 Now   as if you all did not know that already that the Local and the national police cannot be respected to do a decent inquiry into the alleged wrong doings of any police officers, cause we can seem all to know that the accused police do not hesitate to lie, to cover-up the reality… now self regulation  of the police force, is just useless self masturbation always it seems, thus we need independent  reviews of all police complaints for all of the police forces too in Canada, with real negative consequences on the guilty persons now too and it is  as simple as that   The truth, real acts, real facts speak louder than the too often, false, cheap words now too still. Police unions, Police Public relationships departments now too  would have us all believe that the police is supposedly now aggressively tackling crime, criminals, injustice in Canada. Even a according to the RCMP Public relationship propaganda department too,  because if they the RCMP now did not write a report about it,  it all now still would not be obvious to most people who wonder what the cops are even doing now most of the time, besides giving out money generating traffic traffic tickets,  the report does not  indicate the number of  bad people actually successfully prosecuted each year for the millions of dollars already spend on the related police man-hours now too? nor  does the same RCMP report indicate the cost of the useless police enforcement per year in comparison now to the actual successful prosecutions?  

It is undeniable that self regulation tends to be merely masturbation and not the real thing.. As far as as the Public Interest being served even when the  Police are investigating themselves, RCMP, Mounties included, especially  when those cases involved serious injury or death there tends to be always a conflict of interest when the Police investigated fellow Police and so the  decent, honest investigations included independent external investigators  such as lawyers not rather fellow police officers. There have been even one too many  recent clearly and UNACCEPTABLE NEGATIVE incidents have highlighted the unacceptable  issue of police investigating police, including the case of Robert Dziekanski, who died at the Vancouver Airport after being hit with an RCMP Taser.

I have rightfully no respect for the RCMP commercial crime Division from my own real personal experiences.   Hey we have loads of example of how ruthless, crooked the cops are now in Canada.. their self regulation does not work, and Canada wide now  too. None of this is acceptable. and the overall justice system, Justice Ministers are already known world wide to be really bad too.
Now all of Canada’s police forces that are mostly mismanaged generally, they today mostly have bad police chiefs, bad police sergeants and too many rotten, bad subordinates too. All because we have mostly bad, pretentious  justice ministers  as bad and not rather good managers.  Do see all the many other posts about the bad cops, RCMP, OPP here as well. Now there is a really great gap between how the cops see themselves and how the citizens DO see them.
In most of Canada too the Police Department’s disciplinary system remains “fundamentally ineffective” and should be taken over by an outside agency.  Also   now   as if you all did not know that already   the local and the national police cannot be respected to do a decent inquiry into the alleged wrong doings of most  police officers, cause we can seem all to know that the accused police and their supervisors, examining boards, really  do not hesitate to lie, to cover-up the reality… now self regulation  of the police force, is just useless self masturbation always it seems, thus we need independent  reviews of all police complaints for all of the police forces too in Canada, with real negative consequences on the guilty persons now too and it is  as simple as that.  
Now it is undeniable that Canada’s supposed law and order party that has been in power for a few years, has had time to find money and jobs for thousands of their friends., that has been electing judges to suit their own tastes as well, has been falsely spending taxpayer’s money, using governmental resources to promote their own reelection and also to promote the the new Conservative party, this same party and it’s leader Prime Mister Stephen Harper, it’s justice ministers have absolutely failed to deal adequately with the much too many bad, abusive cops, RCMP we still do now have in Canada and why was that now? Application of governmental Accountability is only an election gimmick?

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