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October 7, 2009

A very sick Ontario EHealth scandal


  EHealth scandal a $1B waste:   


 We all do  pay high  taxes and also high prices for fuel, food, transportation. services, phones, internet, cable  but also do still receive poor health care and high costs education  and all of this is unacceptable.
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 Opposition calls for Smitherman’s head. Ontario’s opposition parties called Wednesday for the resignation of Energy Minister George Smitherman, saying he must be held accountable for his role in the expense scandal at eHealth Ontario , report slammed the government for allowing eHealth to waste millions on unused computer systems and give out millions more in untendered contracts to consultants. Some of those contracts were doled out when Smitherman was health minister from 2003 to 2008. “The auditor general’s report makes it quite clear that many of the biggest abuses of taxpayers’ money occurred under the watch of minister George Smitherman,” Hudak told reporters. “And George Smitherman has escaped any sanction or any scrutiny by the premier for his role in this affair.”A scathing report into the eHealth Ontario spending scandal has claimed the job of the province’s health minister with its charges that successive governments wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money. Health Minister David Caplan is stepping down because of the report. Children and Youth Services Minister Deb Matthews would take over the health portfolio. The report is damning in its criticism of the way governments have allowed eHealth and its predecessor, Smart Systems for Health, to let spending go out of control with few safeguards to protect tax dollars. And favouritism was shown toward certain companies “without giving other firms a chance to compete were largely true.”
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The Ontario people have been robbed by their elected representatives for Billions of dollars and that is just wrong. We need to see people serving jail terms for this and we want to see justice. McGuinty had better see this as we will soon be getting to the point of massive civil demonstrations where we will not only call for the removal of people but the laying of the charges under the criminal code. This has got to the point where the voters are being fleeced by the government appointed heads of boards and such , and when huge sums of money are wasted or improperly spent, there should be charges and not just inquiries. Just the money lost could have guaranteed the pensions of many people and the severance of even more. Instead we wasted this money on all sorts of unnecessary spending and expense accounts that these criminal boards were approving for their members. It is time to force the crown attorneys to do their jobs and charge all of those people and sort it all out in the courts and the sentences should be all the maximum allowed by law in the highest security prisons. Who’s going to repay the money? …. 

McCarter’s probe, which went back to 2000, criticized unnamed consulting companies for driving up each other’s fees to artificially create a higher rate for their services and putting too much power in too few hands in awarding of contracts.

The auditor general also slammed unnamed senior health bureaucrats for thwarting his efforts to get investigators into eHealth for a routine audit in the summer of 2008, which didn’t happen until February 2009.

EHealth expenses

  • Some of the consulting costs incurred at eHealth:
  • $2,700-a-day consultant, charging $3.26 for a muffin and tea.
  • $300-an-hour consultant, charging for reading an article on electronic health records given to her by her husband, another consultant.
  • Two consultants serving as vice-presidents and flown regularly from homes in Alberta.
  • $1,700-a-day executive assistant.
  • Consultants charging to watch an eHealth episode on TVO’s The Agenda and “debriefing” on the Toronto subway.
I hope you’re happy Mr. McGuinty. You have permanently destroyed the Liberal Party in Ontario in a way that is reminiscent of what Bob Rae did to the NDP in Ontario. It will take YEARS for people to forget this. In one fell swoop, you have just handed the Progressive Conservative party the reigns in Ontario for years to come.  Well done, Mr. Premier. Well done. This is just disgusting… a Billion dollars recklessly wasted in this economy? When people are suffering more than ever? This is just sickening. if this was the real world the fraud squad would be called in.  fraud is fraud , prosecute it.
 $1 billion spent but little to show in Ont.’s push for electronic health records  TORONTO – Ontario taxpayers have poured $1 billion into an electronic health-record system that’s years away from completion, a mismanaged effort the provincial auditor general said allowed consultants to run amok with little oversight while millions of dollars in untendered contracts went out the door.
Ont. gov’t ‘should have known’ about scandal at eHealth, McGuinty says  TORONTO – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says his government should have known about the eHealth debacle before the scandal surfaced.
Cancer Care Ontario broke rules: audit. An internal audit of Cancer Care Ontario shows the provincial agency handed out consultant contracts in some of the same questionable ways as eHealth. It gave a consulting firm $18.7 million in deals over two years, some in the form of so-called “follow-on” agreements, a practice that allowed them to be added on to current contracts without being opened to bids. The audit found the number of follow-ons “excessive” — with at least 26 recorded. “The findings of this audit clearly indicate that the procurement processes, file organization and consistency of documentation require substantial improvement,” the audit says. “It is also apparent that required competitive tendering rules have not been consistently applied for all contracts of significant value.”

Other revelations in the documents included:

  • Details of some contracts were ironed out after the deal was done.
  • Contracts without tender accounted for 49 per cent of examined contracts for non-capital goods and non-consulting expenses, such as computer equipment, software and equipment rental.
  • About $1.6-million worth was paid out over 14 invoices to a company with no written contract.  
  • Several employees recruited were offered between $17,000-23,000 over the maximum salary range.
  • CCO employee files were kept in an unlocked cabinet accessible to unauthorized employees.
  • Even though policy forbade paying for parties, Cancer Care paid for two staff picnics, a farewell function and gifts for staff, one holiday party and a baby shower.
I want my money back! Can’t trust the government to be good stewards over the funds they tax from hard working folks, Every dollar to fight cancer is badly needed. To waste a penny is criminal.   this was only the tip of the iceberg and that every department in this government needs to be audited.  It is only common sense, that the rot permeates this government in many departments.. look at filing criminal charges against those in office that are responsible if criminal activity took place. Their personal bank accounts should be frozen and an investigation into whether they have off shore accounts. We are talking billions of dollars here, with no proper accountability. The same should apply to the people who were, and or are, in charge of companies such as eHealth, and Cancer Care Ontario. This list is going to grow. This is more than disturbing. I’m absolutely blown away. A minister resigns? What about the premier? Today’s revelations involve hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. I’d lose my job for mismanaging 5 grand.
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More than a third of Ontario hospitals didn’t balance their books, figures show The Canadian Press –  hospitals couldn’t balance their books last year, amounting to a $154-million shortfall, newly released figures show. Sixty-one of the province’s 159 public hospitals, or 38 per cent, were in deficit in the last year…  Ontario is behind every other province except British Columbia and Quebec when it comes to hospital funding, according to statistics collected by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. In 2008, Ontario’s funding of hospitals was $1,209 per person, lower than the national average of $1,290.


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Many of Ontario’s Crown agencies have forgotten they serve the public – a systemic problem in need of quick attention to prevent further erosion of government services
Agencies are horror story: Ombudsman Toronto Sun Government agencies must remember who they serve: Ontario ombudsman Calgary Herald
Hamilton Spectator – The Canadian Press – 580 CFRA Radio –
 It is always the same old problem, Professionals, civil and Public servants, Doctors and medical staff continual indifference to the need of others, Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well. Hospital costs savings so the Doctors can get more money, even bad who Doctors fail to define the sicknesses soon enough. Law suits and the related bad publicity have been proven to be one of the most effective weapons in dealing with medical inadequacies.
You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,    bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, thetax money abusers and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse..  permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad persons and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad Ministers as well should be fired ASAP.

TORONTO — Ontario’s health bureaucracy is facing yet another scandal in the wake of more revelations of spending and procurement abuses. In a special report released Wednesday morning, Auditor-General Jim McCarter outlines numerous problems at hospitals and local health integration networks (LHINs), regional funding agencies created by the Liberal government. McCarter points to the questionable hiring of pricey consultants, many of which were sole-sourced and often not required to justify the work they did. The report details a litany of questionable consulting gigs at hospitals, including one, worth $700,000, that was so vague it didn’t even list a detailed description of services needed. Another hospital completely failed to account for a $170,000 consultant contract, and was unable to produce the initial request for proposal, the names and number of firms invited to bid, the bidders’ proposals or any evaluation criteria used to reward the contract. The same firm was retained for another, $430,000 contract. Another hospital paid $8.3 million to one consulting firm for IT services over the past three fiscal years, including $180,000 the firm charges for each consultant it provides. The auditor’s report also details questionable expense claims by hospital consultants. They include one temporary executive who, despite his $275,000 annual salary, also billed the hospital nearly $150,000 for other consultants and administrative support, $14,000 for salary bonuses, foreign exchange fees and a Christmas luncheon, and numerous expensive hotels (including one, in Chicago, where he paid $500 for hotel phone charges) and lavish meals around the world. McCarter also questioned the use of lobbyists by half the 16 hospitals he audited.   “We questioned the appropriateness of using government funds to pay lobbyists to help obtain more government funding.”Health minister Deb Matthews reacted swiftly to the report, announcing legislation that will ban the use of lobbyists and open hospitals to freedom of information legislation by January 1, 2012.  The auditor-general also found “significant” problems with consultant contracts signed by LHINs The revelations contained in Wednesday’s report are reminiscent of those unearthed last December, when Mr. McCarter detailed spending abuses at eHealth Ontario. That agency, created by the Liberal government, was found to have given millions in sole-sourced contracts to high-priced consultants with few controls and little oversight.“I’m not afraid to say that I’m really sorry this has gone on,” said Matthews. “I don’t think this is acceptable. I don’t think we’ve been as accountable as we ought to have been. We owe it to taxpayers to ensure that every dollar they spend on taxes gets the best possible value.”
The same bad Liberals never learned to do things right and honestly the first time even.. allow their consultant sins to go on falsely.

New Project hopes to slash actual residential car speed limits

As a citizen I too find it very dangerous when drivers do not stop at the stop signs, run through red lights, do speed in residential areas, use a phone in a car, and do their drive cars rather now now as well.. so we should ban now all car drivers firstly, practically now. 
This is no more absurd than the New Project that hopes to slashes actual  Edmonton residential car speed limits .  The speed limit will plunge as low as 30 km/h in some Edmonton neighborhoods next year as the city continues to wage its war on all lead-footed drivers.  A committee of council members  gave administration the green light to get to work on the pilot project. It will see the top speed hopefully lowered to between 30 km/h and 40 km/h on residential streets in three to five neighborhoods for a period of six months  for some people  the current 50 km/h top speed is too high for their neighborhood streets, It’s a mostly a quality of life issue for the people. The People want to feel safe.  A quality of life issue mostly  and not really a safety issue. It is cheaper to buy then some medical pills to help them to feel better though.   The reduced speed would not apply to major arterial roadways for now ?. The current top speed is unacceptable to some local people, especially when the  police generally don’t start issuing tickets until a motorist is driving at least 10 km/h above the posted limit.  “We need to do something to catch people’s attention,”  But  still the upfront cost of lowering the limit on all neighborhood streets would be in the millions of dollars, yes “a staggering amount.” That would include the cost of new signs, photo enforcement equipment, municipal, court overheads.  Most if not all of the costs may be offset by increased ticket revenue. Don’t forget the freebie, the increase of profits for the insurance firms with every police traffic ticket now issued as well. These  desired residential speed reductions are not effective unless they are enforced. Edmonton Police Chief Mike Boyd recently vowed to devote all possible resources to crack down on excessive speeding in the city after officers issued an average of almost one ticket per minute in their latest 24-hour speeding blitz. Generating thousands of dollars. It is still better and cheaper to buy the complaining residents some medical pills to help them to “feel better” though.
And what
Drink Alcohol and Die « The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog   Drink Alcohol and Die or Kill is fast becoming Canada’s preoccupation, main goal, slogan.. Alcohol and alcoholics the unacceptable main cause of vehicular  accidents, domestic violence, and so many other ills… DRUNK DRIVING  KILLS AT LEAST 5 TIMES MORE PERSONS OVER SPEEDING FIRSTLY
It is not the rapists, drunk drivers that mostly  fill the courts calendars, docks it is mostly the revenue generating traffic tickets.. if the government wants to get tough on crime, as it purports, it should go after the real criminals. The Drunk, impaired drivers too.  NOT RATHER PERSONS LIKE Jane Raham. She was the 62-year-old grandmother convicted of stunt driving near Kingston last year after trying to pass a tractor-trailer. “If one were to describe a stunt driver, the appellant would not immediately spring to mind,” the judge said. Yet Raham, who faced the possibility of up to six months in jail, was considered guilty regardless of mitigating circumstances and had no chance to defend herself in court because stunt driving is an “absolute liability” offence. This was, is uancceptable police state  justice
The truth is the Police OFTEN do not bother with the small OR LARGE crimes, except revenue generating traffic tickets. Too often perverse POLICE ABUSE THE  the peanuts citizens, for  they the police tend to like pretend they go after the big crimes where they can get noticed and promoted instead..  BUT they are not successful in catching the big criminals THOUGH firstly.

OPP charge almost 8000 during weekend blitz Toronto Star -Ontario Provincial Police have tallied up the figures from a Thanksgiving long weekend safe-driving blitz. Officers checked 145071 vehicles during “Operation Impact” and charged 7155 people with speeding.  Imagine that earning Millions of dollars too FOR THE PROVINCE AND THE INSURANCE COMPANIES NOW AS WELL…


Alberta Sheriffs‘ weekend traffic blitz nets more than 2000 charges  Calgary Herald –   Alberta Sheriffs were out in force over the Thanksgiving weekend, writing hundreds of tickets for traffic infractions across the province.

Lousy local drivers Edmonton Sun

Sheriffs nab 2271 violators on Alta. highways Calgary CTV Drivers get caught with belts off Metro Canada – Edmonton

Haste makes waste: cutting speed boosts drivers’ life expectancy: study
Most accidents are caused by drunk driving and the doctor does not mention this still?? what was that? he was paid by the liquor industry not to? or was PAID BY MONEY MAKING REVENUE COPS TO SAY SPEED ALONE MAINLY KILLS.. HOW ABSURD.. THIS Canadian doctor.. and not a Canadian Traffic engineer uses now US statistics ONLY to say speed alone kills? and he what HE THUS HAD considered also the number of drunk, impaired, road rage  drivers, that seem to increase very year as a fact for most of the deaths NO MATTER WHAT THE SPEED?  or what this did not bother him.. only the number of people who speed?  SPEED IS A MAIN FACTOR IN 5 TO 15 PERCENT OF THE ACCIDENTS.. AND WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE ACCIDENTS? THE 85 PERCENT.. it SEEMS THE DOCTORS IN UNITED KINGDOM CONTRADICT THIS CANADIAN DOCTOR IN THEIR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT STUDIES TOO.. SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?  Preposterous COOKED results.. NOW get real..

Furor over HST


But many of the rich will still pay little or no tax..

” Furor over HST, the HST  the obvious injustice of shifting tax from big business to the consumer,   taking money out of the pockets of the everyday citizen.

The HST dance is a tango, a tango for   governments  that want tax relief for big business even it means hiking taxes on the rest of us,  where  the federal, provincial  Liberal’s Conservative  partner from Ottawa is clearly in the lead and they falsely want tax relief for big business even it means now again hiking taxes on the rest of us. A tax hike where the Consumers, not the corporations, are to pay for this  new policy oof helping the rich het richer,  part of the ongoing fight , the growing economic gap between the very   rich getting richer,  at the expense of the rest of the  poorer persons  in Canada.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper  his federal Conservative government is awfully fond of the HST.His  2009 budget, backed by the federal Liberals, insisted on harmonization. On page 166, it specifically even mentioned B.C. as one of its targets. Then the feds offered a staggering $1.6 billion to the B.C. Liberals to make the HST happen, and they got stingy when the province tried negotiating any limited exemptions.

Yes  the HST also represents a  sloppy, incoherent public policy. Just last week, the House of Commons approved a new home renovation tax credit that the government deemed so important as to risk a fall election over it. But the HST would negate any benefit derived from the credit by adding tax on renovations.  However, given an opportunity to cut taxes for their pals in big business, all other principles are secondary. It then becomes an issue of who has to pay for those tax cuts.

Over the past decade,  Canadians have had to pay for huge corporate tax cuts by suffering through huge cuts to social services, health care, education, and now arts funding, health research, community grants and parents’ councils. With the HST, we are now paying for corporate tax cuts by paying more at the till — for basic needs like food and vitamins, bicycles, haircuts, funerals, and even taking your pet to the vet. The HST fight is thus the latest chapter in the growing economic gap between the very rich and the rest of us in Canada. By allowing these measures to go through without at least mitigating the impacts on Canadians who are already struggling, we allow that gap to grow again.”

Harmonized tax, the federal government has had its hand in a substantial tax increase that’s coming to residents of Ontario and B.C. After July 1, federal and provincial consumption taxes will be combined into one harmonized tax, or HST, in these provinces, meaning some services that previously were only taxed with GST will now be hit with PST, too.  Prices for haircuts, dry cleaning, utilities, airfares and much, much more will rise by eight per cent in Ontario and seven per cent in B.C. In Ontario, a $20,000 home renovation bill that used to cost $1,000 extra in GST will rise to $2,600 in HST after Canada Day.  Many people in B.C. are already outraged by the planned imposition of the HST, largely because Premier Gordon Campbell just won his third majority by promising, among other things, no new taxes. In Ontario, many people seem completely unaware of the substantial tax hike that’s going to hit them come July 1. Harper claims reducing the GST by 2% under his Tory government but he has indirectly forced Ontario & BC to increase the overall Tax(HST) by 8% by $6 Billion bribe for these govt. So all the boasting of reducing the Tax is in effect is increased tax by 8%. With youth unemployment at around 20% and National one around 9%(excluding the long term jobless), the Canadians are being taxed by further 8% In addition the growing Deficit now standing at $56 Billion – expected to rise to over $60 Billion by Christmas break. Does this Conservative government deserve any credit for handling the Economy & Jobless. The Answer is NO. Come on Uncle Steve! Tax us to death! Bring on more taxes! Let’s all live in poverty! McGuilty AND Flaherty both should be hung out to dry over this one.  It’s time for a full blown tax revolt. How much is enough???? If you’d just clean up the waste, you would not have to keep robbing taxpayers  McGuilty AND Flaherty both should be hung out to dry over this one.  It’s time for a full blown tax revolt. How much is enough???? If you’d just clean up the waste, you would not have to keep robbing taxpayers. Let’s get it straight, the HST is a tax break for businesses and a tax hike for working citizens. Trickle down economics was long ago proven to be a sad idea.  The businesses’ savings will not be passed on to us. As an example, when Harper cut the GST, the movie theatres just raised their prices so the price of admission didn’t change, but they made more money. The more this type of slight of hand happens, the less money there will be around to run this country properly- healthcare, roads, schools, safe food etc. It’s just the latest addition to the corporate welfare plan.  Government corruption abounds, the number of pensioners is increasing at a rapid rate, people working in the private sector are doing so at lower wages to support the public employees and pensioners, putting further strain on an already strained system. This cannot go on.  Stevie Harper is going to turn Canada as a 3rd world country. First the 56 billion dollar deficit that could have wiped out our social programs.   Now the low life conservatives, are trying to tax us to death. After Stevie bankrupts Canada, he will go to Fox news.  God have mercy with the low life Conservatives.

The problem(s) I have are –

1. Who pays what, such as large corporations getting tax funded bail outs in addition to being able to deduct PST and HST and GST and all the other T’s as a business deduction. Not to mention all the other neat deductions they get to make.

2. Politicians who keep giving themselves big raises and very sweet benefits not to mention their friends who get even sweeter appointments or huge grossly over paid contracts. Oh yeah. Let’s not forget that those benefits are indexed so the politico’s never have to worry about falling behind.

3. Government waste – Egad. Why does it allways take a special commission or audit that costs more than the savings realized by the commission or audit to find the waste???? What’s the matter with our over staffed, under worked and over paid civil servants???

We’ve got a corrupt national police force, senior (incompetent) executives that screw things up and then cost us a million dollars to fire and a bunch of hot air ballons in Ottawa that would rather call each other names than get on with running this country efficiently.

I find this all revolting which is what I wish Canadians would do.


First it was the GST, now it is the HST tt causes the Conservatives to be so hated.


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