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October 1, 2009

Liberals file no-confidence motion


Now AaronBroad wrote:   Tick, Tock, Harper… Tick… Tock…
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Unpopular Opinion wrote:   Conservatives are manipulating Canadian malaise about their democratic participation, and frankly, even if it’s pointless, I hope the Liberals keep up their rocking-the-boat strategy.
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dcraig9 wrote Just give it up Iggy! No one wants an election right now, except you and your selfish power hungry party! Just go back to Harvard already.
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 Argonauts#1 Fan wrote:  Bring it on Iggy. An unwanted election will result in an electoral debacle for you and your party.
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In spite of all those spin doctors, false polls I still do  read about in the news media spouting out their distortions it seems mostly, in reality the Majority support still Liberals to  file no-confidence motion and few support the NDP..
see  also
Harper government survives confidence vote Thu Oct 1,  OTTAWA – The Harper government has survived yet another confidence vote, in the face of a dire warning from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff that the Tories could “change Canada beyond recognition.”  The House of Commons voted 144-117 on Thursday against a Liberal motion to bring down the minority Conservatives. The Liberals and Bloc Quebecois supported the motion while the Tories opposed it and the NDP abstained.
Sleeping with the enemy.  Imagine now that Harper survived  and being supported by those same “socialists” he had once said he despised..  What next Mr Harper? Giving Jack Layton of the NDP a seat in the Harper  Conservative Cabinet?
OTTAWA — The Conservative government now is flatly denying any involvement in a new Olympic apparel logo that bears an uncanny resemblance to the party’s own moniker. Liberal MP Hedy Fry had suggested Thursday that “crass politics” was behind the striking similarity to the governing party, calling it “embarrassing” in the House of Commons. “Canada’s Olympic Games belong to all Canadians. While it is clear that the Conservative government’s multi-million dollar infrastructure campaign is crassly partisan, can the Prime Minister at least stop trying to politicize the Canadian Winter Olympics?” she had fumed. NDP MP Charlie Angus also weighed in, accusing PM Stephen Harper of peddling political logos “on the backs of our athletes.” Now it does bear a resemblance the Conservative party logo,and there is “No such thing as a coincidence”. You can’t though trust any Conservaves to tell the truth here too.


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