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September 26, 2009

Conservative PM Stephen Harper’s false power plays

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Brian Jean the Conservative MP for Fort McMurray-Athabasca made comments critical of the “Just Visiting” ads the Conservatives have been running against Ignatieff off and on since the spring. Speaking with the Edmonton Journal, Jean who has won the seat for the Conservatives in the last three elections told a local newspaper he doesn’t like the ads.
PM Stephen Harper is being predicted as looking for an excuse to call a new federal election, to stay longer in power, by getting a majority next.
He Harper has already found unsuccessful election platforms such as Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity  which he did not deliver upon, or Abolishing or revising the Senate… cutting back on federal Powers..
And so why does he want another term in office when he said originally elect us and we will show you what we can do?
For  we all next saw Harper rather  become another dirty, corrupted, immoral, polluted politician who lied, broke his promises, hired his friends into offices as well and he really was no different!
So why do you want a majority now, to even make things worse? or falsely try to kick Quebec out of Canada?
Mr. Harper now  what about rightfully getting elected by doing good work looking after all the Canadian good welfare and not trying to steal the votes by being another dirty politician? 
Look when the Conservative first got elected I specially wrote that no party will next get a majority until they actually stop playing dirty politics and really started to look after the good welfare of all Canadians Canada wide and so to date we have not seen this, so we are continually in a minority government.   
But we continue to be no often asked the Questions It’s time to pull the plug on the federal government? “It is not  time to pull the plug?”   It is the burning Federal election question of the day spunned by all the political spin doctors of all parties  when they  have backup support for a win from their paid lying  pollsters: Both sides then do want an election when they do think they can win.  But do Canadians need an election?  and can any Party  realy now next win a majority? No.
The first main question is rather Can any party demonstrate that it cares and is now working really for the god welfare of all Canadians and not just themselves mainly?  We all now the answers, NO, for they are all ttend to be selfish, self centered only.
So the  Politicians have been now often told that Canadians don’t want and don’t need another election, Canadians and  are fed up with the constant shenanigans of all of the unproductive and divisive parties, all of them. Conservatives especially.
A majority government next will undeniably to not make any difference, for undeniably too they the main party will just steal more for themselves and their supporters next as well all seem to know now too.  Actions speak louder than their mere words here too.
Three minority governments have confirmed that the Canadian democracy  works. Stop stealing , wasting taxpayers money and go back to work looking after all Canadians in reality and not mainly the selected few. How more simple can it be said now? 
Canadians  have already often exercised their democratic rights over the political process and their parliamentary institutions, and have next elected a minority government cause no party is ample presently to serve the citizens effectively in reality.
The  Republican-lite  Harper Conservative party  while it says it pines for a much reduced role of the state, yet hypocritically has been spending more money over the past Liberal government.
Also the critics would say that supposedly the Harper government is in the process of reconstructing by stealth the nature and scope of the Canadian federal system by decentralizing programs and undermining Ottawa’s future power to tax and spend. Reality the next government will no be able to spend because of the huge undeniable deficit presently being caused .
But  there is the continuing duplicity of our Conservative politicians and their spin doctors who once had claimed they will   operate on sound, moral principles but then quickly  violate them  often, even at the mere smell of a partisan political advantage. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had loudly denounces a hypothetical Liberal/NDP coalition, one backed by the dreaded separatists, and pleaded for a majority to head it off. But when he sees the Liberals may next win win  he next pleads with the NDP and the Bloc to support his government or else the economy and the unemployed will suffer. And he accepts their support. aid.. Who would rightfully even want to give this hypocrite a majority even too?
Yes all the Parties are still looking mainly, firstly, selfishly after themselves and not all Canadians and this will allays be unacceptable. That is why an election is not wanted  now by most Canadians.
CONSERVATIVE SPIN DOCTORS STILL TRYING TO LIE TO US THAT A OC MAJORITY  GOVERNMENT IS POOSIBLE SHOULD DO MORE HONEST POLLS AND TELL US HOW QUEBECERS SEE  HARPER STILL.. no one can get a majority without Ontario, Quebec still – 64 PERCENT ARE NOT VOTING FOR HARPER. A MAJORITY- Conservatives maintaining lead: poll – This poll doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians, and neither does Harper.  Harper will be looking for some excuse to trigger an election so he can get his elusive majority.    
My 89 years old father  says that you all in the governments are mere parasites. Wizen up Ottawa and start looking after all Canadians, for we do not trust any  of you presently to do so, to look after us all  too. We are all not that stupid we can see what is really now happening too.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative minority government proposed to redistribute the federal elections ridings last year as well. But the bill was never passed into law, partly due to complaints from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty who had felt the province wouldn’t receive enough additional parliamentary seats under the proposed changes.  And Quebec and the Bloc Quebecois is expected to oppose redrawing the electoral map. The Bloc has come to hold about two-thirds of Quebec’s 75 ridings in recent elections.  Adding seats elsewhere would erode the Bloc’s political clout. The Conservative Stephen Harper federal government is reportedly still working on legislation to create as many as 32 new electoral ridings across suburban areas of B.C., Alberta and Ontario so hopefully next time they can get a majority government. Changing the electoral map in such a way will play in the Conservatives’ favour because the party thinks it stands a good chance of picking up additional seats in suburban Alberta and B.C., and potentially Ontario as well. ” For Harper  this is the route not only to getting rid of minority governments, and a a route to a Tory majority, creating  a dynasty. The proposed changes  could be presented to Parliament as early as this fall or early 2010, and would increase the number of MPs in the House of Commons to 340 from 308. The new ridings would in all probability go to suburban areas around the major cities of Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, communities. As a result Quebec and BQ would lose some ridings. Which will not go over in Quebec, and will be forcibly opposed, causing another federal election likely.. which is what Harper wants anyway?


For years now, after every election, faced with increasingly dismal turnouts, journalists and pundits ask the same questions: Why are Canadian voters staying home? What is wrong with us?  Maybe it’s time to ask not what is wrong with Canadians, but what is wrong with our leaders. Or better yet, let’s just start placing the blame squarely at their feet.

A picture is worth a 1000 words? so what about a movie?

It has always confounded me as to why the crooks, abuser too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever.
Harper set to give economic update The report is quite predictable. It will be at least 90% self congratulations, and the rest shots at the opposition.  As we have seen in the past a conservative economic update is as accurate as reading a crystal ball at a carnival. Harper will say one thing and the economist HE hired will correct him and Flaherty in about 5 days. This government is a joke. They have been spending a fortune with TV ads to lead us to believe that the very self serving trickle of cash they have dispersed for votes is actually helping our economy. Meanwhile other countries are spending on infrastructure and civil transportation. Bring these circus clowns down and lets get some effective government which is in it for the people and not their own egos. we need a government that wants to help people first, then themselves…  the present government only works for people when their position is in jeopardy… please don’t be fooled
Buried deep in the fiscal update that Jim Flaherty, the Finance Minister, delivered earlier this month is a table of projected budgetary revenues, which suggests that EI premium revenues will rise to $26.1-billion in five years time, from $16.4-billion this year. Since employment growth is forecast to be limited during this period, all the experts who have looked at the numbers — from Toronto-based economic consultant Dale Orr to the Parliamentary Budget Office — have concluded that the increased revenue will probably come from higher premiums that could reach $2.33 of every $100 earned within five years, a 35% rise from the current $1.73.  The irony for a governing party that patted itself on the back in yesterday’s report for bringing tax relief to Canadian businesses is that it is set to oversee a 35% hike in what is known as the “job-killing tax.” It seems the party that racked up $50-billion in EI surpluses under Paul Martin and spent the lot on deficit reduction is as mute as the Conservatives when it comes to coming clean with Canadians. We are being short-changed by our politicians, who neither lie nor tell the truth.   

Interesting my own experience with lying crooks is that they tend to have 2 sets of accounting books.. One set of books is the  public lie and the other one is internal truth.


House to debate confidence motion. The Conservatives only need the support on the Bloc or the NDP to survive a confidence vote in the House of Commons and avoid a potential election campaign. Stop wasting taxpayers money and get on with governing the nation.

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