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September 22, 2009

The Hypocritical New Conservatives in Canada


Public health officials seriously do claim that the coming flu season will see a surge of new cases of this bad bug and that now next millions will die. Many  people area already aware that they should wash their hands to avoid spreading the flu and need a reminder.. All the latest talk in the news media is about how Stephen Harper is spending five times more money, 34 million dollars and likely to his friends too,  promoting his infrastructure spending than on the public health campaign is also a  reminder people that Health Canada is already mailing out to various native communities body bags as well.  Many people rightfully do  think that more should be done to help the public avoid this terrible affliction but PM Stephen Harper as usual is  using his office to play political games instead of really looking  after the good welfare of us all. Doing now hypocritically in office what he in opposition bashed the others for doing too.  Unacceptable. Tell him I said so as well.


OTTAWA — One in five of Canada’s households is so strapped for money they are often unable to participate meaningfully in the community around them, according to a new study. The study concluded those low-income households lack money for everything from sports, movies and other recreational activities to eyeglasses, dental care and high-speed Internet. “We live in one of the most affluent nations on the planet, but Canada’s poorest households are struggling to buy basic goods and services that most Canadians would consider reasonable for normal living in the 21st century,” said Steve Kerstetter, the report’s author. The study, released Thursday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, used Statistics Canada figures from 2007 to explore spending patterns of Canadian households :

*Among the study’s findings:

– Thirty-four per cent of low-income households had high-speed Internet access, compared to 89 per cent of high-income households.

– Forty per cent of poor households had cellphones, compared to 85 per cent of wealthy households.

– Thirty-one per cent of poor households had pets, compared to 62 per cent of wealthy households.

– Spending on transportation was more than 15 times higher in high-income households than low-income ones, $17,366 compared to $1,074.

– Spending on recreation was three times higher in wealthy households than poor ones, $8,449 versus $2,680.

– Twelve per cent of poor households spent money on sports equipment compared to 61 per cent of wealthy ones.

– Rich households were more than three times more likely to have computers than poor ones — 80 per cent versus 26 per cent.

– Ten per cent of poor households visited museums, compared to 48 per cent of wealthy homes.

– Fifteen per cent of the poorest group spent money on the performing arts versus 57 per cent of the richest group.

– Thirty-six per cent of the poorest group spent money on eye care, compared to two per cent of the richest.

– Sixty-four per cent of rich households spent money on dental care compared to 29 per cent of poor households.

“This summer marked the third anniversary of the launch of the Universal Child Care Benefit – a plan that is providing direct financial assistance of $100 per month per child for all parents. Through the benefit, our Government is providing more than $2.5 billion each year to 1.5 million families, directly affecting the lives of 2 million young Canadian children. It has lifted approximately 22,000 families, with about 57,000 children, out of low income. We are also transferring $250 million per year to the provinces and territories to help support the creation of new child care spaces. Since 2007, many provinces and territories have announced plans for over 60,000 new spaces.  Not to mention Canada’s Economic Action Plan, which includes measures such as enhancing the Working Income Tax Benefit, increasing the National Child Benefit Supplement and the Canada Child Tax Benefit. Our priority is making sure parents have the resources they need to make important decisions for their families.”

Now if the same government would give $100 per month  to each adult living below the poverty line in Canada now too they would not appear to be so hypocritical and falsely discriminatory, guilty of partiality  to me too.

“the Right Honourable Prime Minister recently made new appointments to a variety of positions to a variety of governmental bodies, from the civil service to the senate.  At least 20 of the Civil Service/ Crown Corporation positions went to past/present Conservative Party members, supporters or promoters. The nine senators who were appointed by Mr. Harper were also past/present party supporters.  This is a practice Stephen Harper has been against in the past. He disapproved openly in the House of Commons with the Liberal patronage while he was the leader of the opposition, something I am sure he was proud of at the time. Thus, his recent actions can be fairly deemed hypocritical….  the Conservatives technically did win the October federal election. They won 143 seats in the House of Commons. However, the opposition parties won a combined 165 seats. This, in Canadian Parliamentary Tradition, results in a Minority Government. The Conservatives hold less than 50 per cent of the seats in parliament and, democratically speaking, do not represent “the will of the people”. If they did, they would have formed a Majority Government and hold over 50 per cent of the seats… No emphasis has been put on saving our manufacturing industry, no advanced planning of a new direction for the economy, and no real help for students…   Harper wants elected officials in the Senate, so why not put them there? Why not put nine of his elected MPs into Senate positions? this would be a way for Mr. Harper to stick to his ideals, instead of being a hypocrite and appointing nine patrons of his own party. 

The Conservatives were never really interested in job creating through infrastructure spending because it goes against their ideology. In their minds, it’s socialism. So it comes as no surprise that they haven’t done anything.  They are, however, not above buying votes. So what little money they’ve spent was to reward their supporters.  Once again, the Conservatives are the most hypocritical government in modern history. Do you really expect Harpo & the CRAP intended for all that money to actually go to where it was needed?? 


Also the Harper government’s pick-and-choose approach to seeking clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty overseas brings the country’s legal system into disrepute and could backfire, the Canadian Bar Association declared  The federal government published its policy approach last month, saying it will seek clemency based on circumstances such as the nature of the crime and whether the host country is democratic and respects the rule of law. “The case-by-case approach invites arbitrary and discriminatory decisions, implying that the death penalty may be appropriate for some Canadians,” stated a resolution passed unanimously Sunday at the bar association’s annual meeting.

Up to a million dead, women with babies hacking other women with babies to death with machetes, blood flowing through the streets – a five-page memo from celebrated former diplomat Robert Fowler painted a startling picture of genocide following a trip to Rwanda in mid-May 1994.  Fowler was among a panel of experts who unveiled their “Will to Intervene” action plan in Ottawa urging: A new cabinet position to track and coordinate Canada’s efforts to ensure a more effective response to conflicts or atrocities in places like Sudan, Sri Lanka and Congo. A parliamentary committee to hear from front-line workers and advocacy groups and hold the government to account for its actions or oversights. A team of diplomats to act as Canada’s lookout in the world, crafting strategies to diffuse tensions or prevent them from escalating as they did in Rwanda.

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