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September 22, 2009

The Hypocritical New Conservatives in Canada


Public health officials seriously do claim that the coming flu season will see a surge of new cases of this bad bug and that now next millions will die. Many  people area already aware that they should wash their hands to avoid spreading the flu and need a reminder.. All the latest talk in the news media is about how Stephen Harper is spending five times more money, 34 million dollars and likely to his friends too,  promoting his infrastructure spending than on the public health campaign is also a  reminder people that Health Canada is already mailing out to various native communities body bags as well.  Many people rightfully do  think that more should be done to help the public avoid this terrible affliction but PM Stephen Harper as usual is  using his office to play political games instead of really looking  after the good welfare of us all. Doing now hypocritically in office what he in opposition bashed the others for doing too.  Unacceptable. Tell him I said so as well.


OTTAWA — One in five of Canada’s households is so strapped for money they are often unable to participate meaningfully in the community around them, according to a new study. The study concluded those low-income households lack money for everything from sports, movies and other recreational activities to eyeglasses, dental care and high-speed Internet. “We live in one of the most affluent nations on the planet, but Canada’s poorest households are struggling to buy basic goods and services that most Canadians would consider reasonable for normal living in the 21st century,” said Steve Kerstetter, the report’s author. The study, released Thursday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, used Statistics Canada figures from 2007 to explore spending patterns of Canadian households :

*Among the study’s findings:

– Thirty-four per cent of low-income households had high-speed Internet access, compared to 89 per cent of high-income households.

– Forty per cent of poor households had cellphones, compared to 85 per cent of wealthy households.

– Thirty-one per cent of poor households had pets, compared to 62 per cent of wealthy households.

– Spending on transportation was more than 15 times higher in high-income households than low-income ones, $17,366 compared to $1,074.

– Spending on recreation was three times higher in wealthy households than poor ones, $8,449 versus $2,680.

– Twelve per cent of poor households spent money on sports equipment compared to 61 per cent of wealthy ones.

– Rich households were more than three times more likely to have computers than poor ones — 80 per cent versus 26 per cent.

– Ten per cent of poor households visited museums, compared to 48 per cent of wealthy homes.

– Fifteen per cent of the poorest group spent money on the performing arts versus 57 per cent of the richest group.

– Thirty-six per cent of the poorest group spent money on eye care, compared to two per cent of the richest.

– Sixty-four per cent of rich households spent money on dental care compared to 29 per cent of poor households.

“This summer marked the third anniversary of the launch of the Universal Child Care Benefit – a plan that is providing direct financial assistance of $100 per month per child for all parents. Through the benefit, our Government is providing more than $2.5 billion each year to 1.5 million families, directly affecting the lives of 2 million young Canadian children. It has lifted approximately 22,000 families, with about 57,000 children, out of low income. We are also transferring $250 million per year to the provinces and territories to help support the creation of new child care spaces. Since 2007, many provinces and territories have announced plans for over 60,000 new spaces.  Not to mention Canada’s Economic Action Plan, which includes measures such as enhancing the Working Income Tax Benefit, increasing the National Child Benefit Supplement and the Canada Child Tax Benefit. Our priority is making sure parents have the resources they need to make important decisions for their families.”

Now if the same government would give $100 per month  to each adult living below the poverty line in Canada now too they would not appear to be so hypocritical and falsely discriminatory, guilty of partiality  to me too.

“the Right Honourable Prime Minister recently made new appointments to a variety of positions to a variety of governmental bodies, from the civil service to the senate.  At least 20 of the Civil Service/ Crown Corporation positions went to past/present Conservative Party members, supporters or promoters. The nine senators who were appointed by Mr. Harper were also past/present party supporters.  This is a practice Stephen Harper has been against in the past. He disapproved openly in the House of Commons with the Liberal patronage while he was the leader of the opposition, something I am sure he was proud of at the time. Thus, his recent actions can be fairly deemed hypocritical….  the Conservatives technically did win the October federal election. They won 143 seats in the House of Commons. However, the opposition parties won a combined 165 seats. This, in Canadian Parliamentary Tradition, results in a Minority Government. The Conservatives hold less than 50 per cent of the seats in parliament and, democratically speaking, do not represent “the will of the people”. If they did, they would have formed a Majority Government and hold over 50 per cent of the seats… No emphasis has been put on saving our manufacturing industry, no advanced planning of a new direction for the economy, and no real help for students…   Harper wants elected officials in the Senate, so why not put them there? Why not put nine of his elected MPs into Senate positions? this would be a way for Mr. Harper to stick to his ideals, instead of being a hypocrite and appointing nine patrons of his own party. 

The Conservatives were never really interested in job creating through infrastructure spending because it goes against their ideology. In their minds, it’s socialism. So it comes as no surprise that they haven’t done anything.  They are, however, not above buying votes. So what little money they’ve spent was to reward their supporters.  Once again, the Conservatives are the most hypocritical government in modern history. Do you really expect Harpo & the CRAP intended for all that money to actually go to where it was needed?? 


Also the Harper government’s pick-and-choose approach to seeking clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty overseas brings the country’s legal system into disrepute and could backfire, the Canadian Bar Association declared  The federal government published its policy approach last month, saying it will seek clemency based on circumstances such as the nature of the crime and whether the host country is democratic and respects the rule of law. “The case-by-case approach invites arbitrary and discriminatory decisions, implying that the death penalty may be appropriate for some Canadians,” stated a resolution passed unanimously Sunday at the bar association’s annual meeting.

Up to a million dead, women with babies hacking other women with babies to death with machetes, blood flowing through the streets – a five-page memo from celebrated former diplomat Robert Fowler painted a startling picture of genocide following a trip to Rwanda in mid-May 1994.  Fowler was among a panel of experts who unveiled their “Will to Intervene” action plan in Ottawa urging: A new cabinet position to track and coordinate Canada’s efforts to ensure a more effective response to conflicts or atrocities in places like Sudan, Sri Lanka and Congo. A parliamentary committee to hear from front-line workers and advocacy groups and hold the government to account for its actions or oversights. A team of diplomats to act as Canada’s lookout in the world, crafting strategies to diffuse tensions or prevent them from escalating as they did in Rwanda.

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EU own unacceptable hypocrisy..


I rightfully do not support  visas for Mexico, or any others  or Canada’s Prime Minister’s Stephen Harper’s discrimination, false partiality for giving mainly the good jobs to his friends..   but I want all of you to know the EU own unacceptable hypocrisy..

EU could recommend retaliatory visas against Canada over Czech visa restrictions Mon Sep 21, 7:33 PM BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union’s top justice official warned Monday he will push for retaliatory measures against Canada if it does not take steps toward lifting travel restrictions on Czech citizens by the end of the year.

“Meanwhile in CALAIS, France — French authorities dismantled and bulldozed a camp for undocumented migrants outside this English Channel port on Tuesday, rounding up almost 300 Afghans, Pakistanis and others who had gathered there for years in the hope of making clandestine journeys across the 22 miles of water to Britain.

Starting at daybreak, hundreds of paramilitary officers scuffled with migrants and campaigners from a group called No Borders as the authorities closed down the camp, known as “the jungle” by migrants and Calais residents alike for its location among the thorn bushes and sand dunes of Calais.

Hours later, yellow earth movers began flattening the makeshift shelters used by hundreds of migrants seeking to sneak — or be smuggled by organized gangs of traffickers — across the channel to Britain, which is itself seeking to tighten border controls against unwanted migrants. Workers with chain saws moved in to cut down the brush that had hidden the area from view.

The camp, with huts and a mosque made of packing crates, blankets and tarpaulins, grew after the closing of a Red Cross shelter for migrants in nearby Sangatte in late 2002. The operation on Tuesday had been loudly signaled by the authorities, and many migrants — possibly 1,000, according to news reports — had slipped away before the raid.

With migrants outnumbered by 500 riot police officers, the half-hour operation began at 7:40 a.m.. Under the gaze of about 200 waiting journalists, police dragged or escorted away the mainly Afghan migrants who had gathered in silence under a banner written in Pashto and English declaring: “The jungle is our house, please don’t destroy it — if you do so then where is the place to go?”

Some were led away in tears.

The immigration minister, Eric Besson, defended the operation on RTL radio Tuesday. “This is not a humanitarian camp,” he said. “It’s a base for human traffickers.”

At a news conference in Calais, Mr. Besson said 276 people, including 135 teenagers, were arrested and their fate would be determined on a “case by case” basis.

French authorities say some migrants will return to their countries of origin, some will apply for asylum in France and some will be expelled to Greece, the country where most of them entered the European Union.

According to Pierre de Bousquet, the Pas de Calais prefect who directed Tuesday’s action, shelter has been made available for those migrants wishing to seek asylum, while minors will be taken to hostels for people under 18. Others will be held pending deportation.

Human rights bodies have urged Paris not to return migrants to Greece, but Mr. Besson declined to comment Tuesday on whether he had raised the issue with his Greek counterpart on a visit to the country on Friday.

Khaled Hadarhy, a 21-year-old Afghan, was rounded up along with two friends who were 16 and 17. “We are all young, but we look old because the jungle has made us old,” said Mr. Hadarhy, a former policeman from Helmand Province who has been in Calais for four months.

“The police will come and we will do what they tell us,” said Exel Palav, 20, from Afghanistan.

Pierre Henry, president of a campaign group called France Terre d’Asile, said Tuesday’s operation was an effort to make the migrants disappear “like a coin in a three-cup magic trick,” displacing them to neighboring Belgium or the Netherlands.

“The operation in Calais won’t stop departures from Kabul,” he said. “The smugglers will find other routes that are more complex and more dangerous.”

The move to eliminate the tents and ramshackle housing around the port is designed to halt migrants without papers from getting into Britain, and to crack down on the smuggling networks that assist them.

“Smugglers will not lay down the law,” the immigration minister, Mr. Besson, said last Wednesday. He first announced the plan to dismantle the camp in April, responding to complaints from local businesses.

The closure took place as European countries increasingly use force to crack down on unwanted migrants. On July 12, Greece eliminated a makeshift camp in the port city of Patras; in May, Italy struck a controversial accord with Libya allowing it to turn back migrants’ boats in the Mediterranean. The European Union estimates that 500,000 people cross its borders without papers each year.”

Unacceptable RCMP coverup of the killing of Robert Dziekanski




CP VANCOUVER – A woman concerned about Robert Dziekanski a few hours before he was shocked by an RCMP Taser and died says an immigration officer at Vancouver’s airport deflected her concerns about the man. Gracie Churchill-Browne, a Spanish interpreter, told a public inquiry into his death that Dziekanski looked “tired and frustrated” and clearly couldn’t speak English, but the officer she spoke to told her “he’s a big boy.” So much for the competent, professional  RCMP!


Dziekanski inquiry resumes after three-month break to focus on RCMP email VANCOUVER, B.C. – The public inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death resumes Tuesday to examine an internal RCMP email that put the hearings on hold three months ago.  

 VANCOUVER, B.C. – The lawyer for Robert Dziekanski’s mother says the B.C. government should replace the RCMP with a provincial police force.  Dziekanski died nearly two years ago at Vancouver’s airport after he was shocked with a Taser by four Mounties.  In his final submission at a public inquiry into the death, lawyer Walter Kosteckyj says the RCMP acts as the provincial police force in British Columbia, but doesn’t want to be held accountable to the provincial legislature.  The RCMP officers themselves have claimed the provincial inquiry has no jurisdiction over them.  And Kosteckyj says the government of Canada will make the same argument in its final submissions this week.  He says that’s undemocratic, and the only solution is to stop using the Mounties in B.C. and instead create a province-wide force.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – At best, the four RCMP officers who confronted Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport and stunned him several times with a Taser panicked, the lawyer for Robert Dziekanski’s mother told the public inquiry into his death Monday.  At worst, they arrived with a plan to use what amounted to excessive force, Walter Kosteckyj said in his final submission to the inquiry.  Either way, the Mounties failed to live up to their training and the law, he said.  “The Tasering of Mr. Dziekanski at its best would be characterized as a premature, hurried and panicked response, and at the worst was a premeditated and planned attack,” Kosteckyj said  Kosteckyj said the officers acted improperly from the moment they entered the airport, not taking time to assess the situation or communicate with Dziekanski, and resorting to the Taser within seconds of approaching the man.  Despite the officers’ claims to the contrary, Kosteckyj said the swiftness of their response suggests they approached Dziekanski already planning to use the stun gun. Kosteckyj spent more than 10 minutes listing discrepancies, including the Mounties’ repeated assertions that Dziekanski stood through the Taser jolts, had to be tackled to the ground, and was coming at the officers yelling with his hands above his head when the Taser was fired.  And he said airport officials made the “unconscionable” decisions not to call the facility’s own firefighters after Dziekanski was stunned and to not bring an automatic defibrillator to the scene despite a standing policy to do so.

Poland disappointed with lack of charges in taser case Globe and Mail   Poland remains disappointed that no criminal charges were laid against four Mounties who tasered Robert Dziekanski, suggesting video footage of the 2007 incident encourages an instinctive reaction that “wrong-doers be made accountable through criminal

Mr. Robert Dziekanski did not deserve to die but he died because incompetent, immoral RCMP police officers neglected  their training and obligation to the public, clearly acted excessively and in haste,  and wrongfully escalated  almost instantly to the conducted energy Taser weapon, had killed an innocent  man in the process.  The four RCMP officers on the scene had wrongfully overreacted to the situation before them. An innocent man died as a result of their misjudgment and excessive use of force. “

RCMP A(15)

Their after-incident reports at the time disagree with the video evidence and, more damagingly, with their sworn statements to the Braidwood commission. They each claimed Mr. Dziekanski refused to co-operate with them, although the video evidence seems to indicate he, being a non-speaker of English, was complying the best he could with commands they gave by gesture. And while they insisted he became “combative,” picked up a stapler to use as a weapon and lunged at them, none of that is supported in the video recordings. More damning for me was what the officers told paramedics on the scene. While the officers had jolted Mr. Dziekanski five times with their Taser, they informed paramedics they had stunned the blue-faced, convulsive, breathless victim only once, a possible sign that even then they knew they had done something wrong and were preparing a common cover story.”

  And ever since, their RCMP superiors also falsely have been attempting to cover up their blameworthiness.  They tried to block a comprehensive video taken at the scene from being made public. They resisted an inquiry, whitewashed their own findings and, as we learned this week, kept 18,000 documents — some highly damaging — from being seen by the formal inquiry and from the public. These great  unacceptable transgressions — the attempts also  by the brass to keep the truth from coming out — is the basic managerial  problem now plaguing the  once-proud national police force. It confirms the massive institutional rot and corrosive culture at all of the  echelons of the RCMP.  An RCMP formal  apologize for its role in all this is not enough. All  Mounties who helped perpetrate a cover-up should be sacked.

Retired judge Thomas Braidwood in the first half of his findings following the inquiry into the taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski in Vancouver, British Columbia July 23, 2009. Braidwood said the police should restrict the use of taser stun guns. The inquiry was called after Dziekanski died from use of a taser used by Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Vancouver Airport in 2007.

This hearing also has been a good undeniable example of the unacceptable RCMP false denials, lies, slander, distortions, RCMP managerial incompetence now as well..

It TRULY has even a sad, debauching  spectacle in our Canadian public life watching the RCMP continually gouge themselves at the Braidwood inquiry into the Tasering death of Robert Dziekanski two years ago at Vancouver International airport? The RCMP a once, now past  proud institution, in the past one of the best known icons of Canada, Canada wide and  in the rest of the world now rightfully has taken it’s place in the waste, trash bins. The RCMP though  it still seems hell-bent on destroying its last shreds of any competence, truthfulness, integrity, professionalism and credibility. Why? The clear evidence already has shown us all, shows   that the RCMP knew days before video of Mr. Dziekanski’s killing became public that it had a serious, time bomb ticking in its hands. Instead of  dealing  with it in a professional, competent manner,  by even still now rightfully suspending the officers involved, and themselves instead conducting a thorough internal investigation, the incompetent RCMP Managers top brass  had  instead devised a false cover-up to mute or at least minimize the negative consequences. But that is what they have been doing all the long anyway. This was, is unacceptable. THEY ALL STILL NOW SHOULD BE DISMISSED FROM THE FORCE TOO. Even just as shameful is the way the force has continued to justify its officers’ behaviour and its own actions in papering over their offences. Instead of sweeping clean, even the new Commissioner William Elliott has quickly become the false RCMP’s apologist-in-chief. The Mounties can begin to restore their reputation only if they punish all those involved here and make them take their rightful dues. May this Force not be with you any longer. Now why it took anyone such a long time to expose, deal with all this police corruption in the first place is still a good question too.

Poland’s top civil-rights watchdog says a crucial e-mail dissected at the Braidwood inquiry this week suggests the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was “deliberate, intentional and planned in advance.”  The comment by Janusz Kochanowski, Poland’s commissioner for civil-rights protection, is included in a letter to be sent next week to Canada’s director of public prosecutions. Mr. Kochanowski is an independent officer appointed by the Polish government to monitor and uphold the civil rights of Polish citizens at home and abroad.

Chief Supt. Dick Bent told Assistant Commissioner Al McIntyre that Supt. Wayne Rideout told him the officers who used a Taser on Dziekanski discussed using the weapon on their way to the scene. That contradicted testimony the Mounties themselves gave earlier in the Braidwood inquiry looking into Dziekanski’s death two years ago.   “The three RCMP officials cited in the email will be called during the three days of hearings and are expected to tell the inquiry that the email was the result of a misunderstanding.” This is such garbage. Those idiot cops have done more to hurt the image of the RCMP with this incident than any group of corrupt police has done in the last decade. Looking the public RIGHT IN THE EYE and bald-faced LYING! As if we’re supposed to forgive them for this or something. What a farce. The reputation of the RCMP is falling fast if they ‘stand up for their own’ on this one. And now they will try to make everyone believe that the email was a “misunderstanding” of some sort? They’re not fooling anyone and won’t be anytime soon.  The only reason they’re not in jail is because they have badge. It’s ridiculous.If these four men aren’t charged with contempt of court at the very least, I will withdraw all support and pride in the RCMP I ever had. At this point, it’s next to nothing anyway. This whole thing, start to finish is disgusting, and a disgrace to Canada.
RCMP tests Tasers that record video. I wonder how many chips containing video data will get lost, or mislaid after these things are used? Sorry, but I am no longer willing to trust the RCMP.

Taser testimony gaps ‘beyond belief’: B.C. inquiry lawyer Vancouver Province September 24,  VANCOUVER — The four RCMP officers who Tasered and restrained Robert Dziekanski kept working together for weeks after the Polish immigrant died in their custody at the Vancouver International Airport. Yet the four officers previously told the inquiry probing his October 2007 death that they never had the opportunity to discuss the case, either at work, at a debriefing session or in phone calls or e-mails. But on its 61st and final day of hearings, the Braidwood inquiry into Dziekanski’s death heard Wednesday from RCMP Sgt. Doug Wright — the immediate supervisor of the four Mounties involved in the Tasering — that the four kept working together “for two or three weeks.” Then, Wright admitted, three of the four were sent on a training course together in Chilliwack, B.C. Outside the courtroom, Polish government lawyer Don Rosenbloom called Wright’s evidence “just beyond belief.” Walter Kosteckyj, lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski, agreed. “You’ve got four people that work together, they go through what is obviously a traumatic experience, and then they continue to work together for three weeks — and then three of them get sent to do a training course together. “What would common sense dictate? Of course they would discuss this incident.”

Judge disbelieves RCMP acquits defendant.  A B.C. judge has acquitted a man on a charge of aggravated assault, saying she did not believe testimony from the Mounties involved in his arrest. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Marvyn Koenigsberg says officers in Burns Lake, B.C., used excessive force in subduing Andrew Fidler following his arrest in October 2006 for assault, and breached his charter rights. In the written ruling earlier this month, Koenigsberg said disclosure of records from the RCMP was a “continuing problem” throughout the trial and she finally ordered the entire police file handed over to the court. “Throughout the trial … difficulties were encountered with disclosure of documentation from the Burns Lake detachment,” Koenigsberg noted in the Sept. 14 ruling. “Not only was there late disclosure, the disclosure was piecemeal and necessitated the court, in exasperation the last few days of the trial, to order the entire file of Mr. Fidler’s encounters with (RCMP)… to be brought to court.” Among the documents then discovered was an RCMP internal report that directly conflicted with what the arresting officers had told the court under oath regarding whether or not Fidler was ordered out of his home by the arresting Mounties. Koenigsberg noted that a security camera at the detachment was operating the night Fidler was brought in, but the surveillance video of the detachment and the cells was inexplicably erased. It’s not the first time Mounties have come under fire for their record-keeping and disclosure of information following controversial arrests. The public inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski will resume Tuesday to deal with the disclosure of internal emails that surfaced just as the inquiry was to wrap up. The correspondence raised questions about the testimony of the four officers involved in the incident about whether they discussed using a Taser as they headed to the airport to respond to the call. Critics have said questions about the Mounties’ testimony, and documents from before and after Dziekanski’s death, raise questions about whether the RCMP were truthful about what happened in Dziekanski’s death.  It is so sad and disappointing the degree to which the RCMP as an organization has squandered their inspirational heritage and squandered the public trust. Over 100 years brave, stellar professionals have morphed into a lying, deceitful, self-serving bureaucracy. The rot simply has to be removed from the force if Canadians are to have any form of faith in them again.  hahaha, the RCMP has got to be good fodder for comedy!  if we cannot trust the people paid to protect us to carry out their duties within the law, honestly, and with integrity (who can we trust )..

EDMONTON – A veteran Mountie serving in Edmonton’s major crime unit has been charged with seven criminal offences following a investigation into a family fight.  Cpl. Kelly Gulaga faces five counts of assault, one of forcible confinement and one firearms offence.  RCMP spokesman Cpl. Wayne Oakes says Gulaga, a 19-year Mountie veteran, has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the case.  The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team says it began conducting the investigation in July.  ASIRT says Gulaga appeared in St. Albert provincial court on Monday and was released with conditions.  Gulaga is to appear in court again on Oct. 5 for election and plea.

OUR Civil society can not afford to discount any kind of bad police behavior.. time to convict the RCMP of all of their crimes, thus  make a good example of them rightfully too

VANCOUVER — Just a week before the two-year anniversary of her son’s death at Vancouver International Airport, Zofia Cisowski has filed a lawsuit for damages .  The lawsuit against the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Vancouver Airport Authority seeks damages for psychological injury, the loss of her son, Robert Dziekanski, and her inability to work since the incident. The suit, filed in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Wednesday, also seeks punitive damages. Dziekanski, 40, died on Oct. 14, 2007, after being Tasered five times by four RCMP officers responding to a 911 call at the airport. Dziekanski, who was immigrating to Canada to live with his mother, had become frustrated after a 20-hour flight from Poland, then spending about 11 hours in the international arrivals area of the airport. He was unable to contact his mother, who was waiting for him in another area. Cisowski’s lawsuit, filed a week before the statute of limitations would go into effect, said the conduct of the RCMP and four officers breached the Charter of Rights and was “an abuse of power, reprehensible, malicious, oppressive and high-handed.” The suit claims negligence, assault and battery, malfeasance and charter violations by the RCMP.


RCMP shouldn’t investigate RCMP, says officer in charge of Dziekanski case Tue Sep 22, 7:47 PM  VANCOUVER, B.C. – The senior Mountie who was in charge of the investigation into Robert Dziekanski’s death says the national police force shouldn’t investigate itself…Supt. Wayne Rideout was in charge of criminal operations in the region and headed the investigation into Dziekanski’s death in October 2007, after four RCMP officers stunned him with a Taser at Vancouver’s airport.  he says bringing in an outside body would avoid the sort of public perception problems that have plagued the Dziekanski case.  Just last month, the RCMP’s federal watchdog also said the force shouldn’t investigate itself, although the RCMP has resisted turning over such cases to outside bodies.
On December 12, 2008, the Criminal Justice Branch of British Columbia issued a statement, finding that although the RCMP officers’ efforts to restrain Dziekański were a contributing cause of his death, the force they used to subdue and restrain him was reasonable and necessary in all the circumstances; thus there would not be a substantial likelihood of conviction of the officers in connection with the incident and accordingly criminal charges were not approved.[28] Three of the officers remain on duty elsewhere in Canada, while the supervisor, Corporal Benjamin “Monty” Robinson, resigned from the force on July 20, 2012 in anticipation of a sentencing hearing after being found guilty of obstruction of justice[29] stemming from the death of a 21-year old Vancouver man.[30][31][32]

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