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September 16, 2009

One of Harper’s boys in trouble


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Former Edmonton-Strathcona MP Rahim Jaffer responded now to allegations he was driving drunk and carrying cocaine when Ontario police arrested him last weekend. “I intend to fight the serious accusations that have been made against me”, “I am innocent and am confident of full exoneration… I strive to clear my name.” 

Tory MP who led anti-drug campaign charged with cocaine possession  OTTAWA – The former chairman of the Conservative caucus who was featured in anti-drug campaign ads is facing charges of cocaine possession and drunk driving. Prime Minister Stephen Harper named Jaffer chairman of the Conservative caucus shortly after the 2006 general election. Jaffer, 37, was MP for the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona from 1997 until a surprise defeat in last year’s election to the NDP’s Linda Duncan. Jaffer recently worked for Green Power Generation Corporation, which helps bring alternative energy technologies to market.“The Conservative party supports drug-free schools and getting tough on drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children. Don’t let our schools go up in smoke.” Perverse Rahim Jaffer, OTTAWA — Former Edmonton Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer is facing charges of drunk driving and cocaine possession. Jaffer, husband of Tory MP Helena Geurgis, was arrested just after midnight last Thursday night by Ontario Provincial Police in Palgrave, north of Toronto. He has been charged with driving while over the legal blood-alcohol limit, and with possession of cocaine. His licence has been suspended for 90 days and he is to appear in court in Orangeville, Ont., on Oct. 19.

A fine representative of the conservatives.. conservative = hypocrite, Rahim Jaffer = LOSER.. Good thing he no longer representing his riding anymore!   I’ve often believed that my fellow Albertans would vote for almost anyone, regardless of all factors, as long as they were running as a conservative. Tough on Crime…… except when we do it. The Conservative Party of Harper.. Now we know what type of people can be involved with certain parties…… When Conservatives say “Tough on Crime” they mean “For Other People. Par for the course: exemplary Conservative morals. It’s the hypocricy that grates on me. A former member and cabinet minister, now employee, of a government that wants to make criminals of many of us, and spend our money building jails — even as they break their own laws … Yeah, and you can gaurantee this behavior only occured AFTER his time on parliament hill…  What about mandatory random drug tests for MPs? Truckers are subjected to them. Or better yet, let the truckers run the country, at least we know they aren’t high… this event is yet another illustration of the moral hypocrisy of the Reformatories, of which Mr. Jaffer was once considered a leading light. In the morning he will be assigned to the senate! The Conservatives want to get tough on crime. I advocate mandatory drug testing for every so-called “public servant.” I am not surprised, there was someone on here the other day that posted a list of offences that members of Parliament had been convicted of, or had gone through (bankruptcies, wife beating, etc.),  Here’s there chance.  Drinking and drivng and speeding and found with cocaine by police sounds pretty solid to me. “Something is strange. He was pulled over last Thursday night/Friday morning. This incident has been made public today. What was happening in the meantime. His wife who is a conservative MP was negotiating with the police through Harper? And it didn’t work?  Harper’s favourite attack dog in previous parliaments accused of two serious crimes–are riveting. How will the Harper hypocrites slither out of this one? (Lotsa spin and a passive press corps, I’m guessing.) does he get a mandatory prison time as the cons like to talk about all the time. I think not.  Will Stephen Harper backtrack on his “tough on crime” policies now, then?He was one of Harper’s finest. No special privileges for Rahim. He broke the law, now he must take responsibility for his actions. Sort of brings a smile to my face to read about this pompous …. Is this not the same person that embellished his educational background a few years back? I hope that they throw the book at you! How dumb can you get? I hope they throw the book at this hypocrite!  typical conservative hypocrite crook…. no surprise…. So can we expect the “Law and Order” crowd who are always demanding to get tough on crime to be out front demanding a stiff sentance for Rahim IF he is convicted?   Conservatives are tough on crime. They demand criminals to do time! Please show us the justice by your example!
Hey I have already many times written that Alcohol is also a big part of many a Conservative politicians life, and I  wanted to know how many of them now were alcoholics too..
Meanwhile in  VANCOUVER — A $5 million legal bill for defending a religious order against charges of sexual abuse has landed a B.C. senator in hot water. Sen. Mobina Jaffer, a Liberal appointment to Canada’s upper chamber, must undergo a conduct review, the Law Society of B.C. announced Tuesday. The Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate sued Jaffer, her son Azool Jaffer-Jeraj and their firm, accusing them of overbilling the order for legal work done from 2000 to 2004. The lawsuit was settled before it went to trial.  Now the case will proceed to a conduct review. “Undergoing a conduct review is a serious matter for any lawyer,” said Stuart Cameron, the society’s director of discipline.  
Ms. Mobina Jaffer was appointed as a Senator to represent British Columbia in June of 2001.  Having been born in Uganda, and trained in law in Britain she had a  career as a lawyer and was active on many legal and charitable foundations, as well as being involved in local politics.  She was the first Muslim ever appointed to the Senate and the first African-born as well. Ms. Jaffer is the deputy chair of the Senate Committee for Human Rights and also sits on the Committees for Official Languages, Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration and the joint committee for the Library of Parliament.
Anyone checked her Senate expense accounts yet too? You all also already know I  have very little respect for the lawyers too…
Feds Under Stephen Harper’s conservatives had spent thousands on golf balls, candy, toys  OTTAWA – They spent thousands of dollars last year on golf balls, candy, flowers, tickets to gala events and coupons for Tim Hortons. And you paid for it. Documents tabled in the House of Commons this week reveal that while Canadians were tightening their belt and bracing for the recession, many civil servants were continuing to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers money on frills and small perks of the job. Moreover, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 
and I rightfully oppose the fact there are too many crooked public and civil servants still in Canada as well..
I can see why even the Liberal Iggy does not want to discuss it, it puts all the MPs, Senators  in a bad light.. but the citizens readily talk about it..
I too do  find it rightfully interesting that m any a bad civil and public servants, including cops , RCMP too, politicians, lawyers now too,  their  sins, or hypocritical acts are often  been revealed, exposed to all in Canada, and  Canada wide as well.. My dad calls them all parasites.
“When I raise the subject of politics with my grandfather, it usually comes down to the statement, “They’re all crooks!” I used to have faith in our politicians to put the interests of Canadians first, but I’ve become less idealistic. It seems to me the time for greatness in Canadian politics has come and gone.”

Abolish the Senate and get rid of the Conservatives, crooks.. 



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