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September 15, 2009

PM Harper forced into a COALITION with Separatists and Socialists!


Political irony -While running TV ads accusing the Liberals of plotting a coalition with the NDP and Bloc Québécois, the Conservatives hypocrtically joined forces with those two parties to avoid defeat in Parliament. “I’ve taken my responsibility, which is I’ve said I can’t support this government any longer. It’s up to the other parties to decide what they’re going to do – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatief


Commons passes confidence motion –  The House of Commons has passed a crucial ways-and-means motion that has temporarily saved Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government from potentially facing an election campaign.


And a Prime Minister who has railed about the dangers of the Liberals forming a coalition with “socialists and the separatists” now really does the same thing basically… and he lives on to talk about it.. and the Liberals have become the Official oppostion party now in reality. A constant theme of Stephen Harpers common attack  ads focuses on Liberal’s Ignatieff’s apparent willingness to govern in a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP when the House appeared ready to fall last December. Ironically, it is those same “socialists and separatists” who are saving Prime Minister Stephen Harper from facing the electorate . While running TV ads accusing the Liberals of plotting a coalition with the NDP and Bloc Québécois, the Conservatives joined forces with those two parties to avoid defeat in Parliament. To trigger an election, all three opposition parties would have to vote to defeat the government.
Refuse the leftist, socialist, seperatist Bloc Support? Harper cannot? Harper now staying in power clearly outdoes even his own past  “socialist” and “separatist” labels, Conservatives humbled, they would still need opposition party support to govern.
 Bloc support for Tories to avert election call.. The Bloc Québécois will support the Conservative government’s budget motion on Friday, averting a federal election call this week. The government is bringing forward a financial ways-and-means motion, which includes the popular tax credits for home renovation. It is considered a confidence issue and its defeat could trigger an election. Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe said his party had gone over the motion and supports it, in particular the tax credit. His party asked for the tax credit last November, and Duceppe said it would be idiotic to vote against it. The Bloc’s support means the minority Conservative government will survive at least until the first week of October, when the Liberals plan to introduce a no-confidence motion. But Duceppe said the government can’t count on his support for that one.  “On each issue we’re considering it at its own value. All in all, if we’re asked if we have confidence in [this] government, the answer is no.”   Separatists in bed with Conservative party that said they would never work with ‘the separatists’. SHAME Harper, your time is ticking. This country deserves so much better.  First the Tories say that the Liberals are evil if they support the socialists and the seperatists. Currently, the minority Conservatives are kept alive by being supported by the separtists and the socialists.  Then the socialists say the will support a right wing approach to unemployment. Then the Bloc says they will support the federalists. The Conservatives are being propped up by the socialists and the separatists. Who would have thought? NOW…. Does anyone believe that when they are voting they are actually voting for someone who really believes something?
 Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper GOVERNMENT Harper to Survive  THIS WEEK WITH With Bloc Quebecois, Separatist Help. Imagine that the Conservatives going now to bed with their dreaded  devil.. Divide and conquer is now the BQ strategy, and it could just mean for now a Conservative majority. The Bloc Quebecois, Conservative  play comes at an opportune time, with Canada’s political parties  splintered mainly in four..  In elections past, the Conservative focus was on Ontario as the primary battleground and now it too is even on Quebec. Now in the past during the current election campaign Stephen Harper was calculatedly portraying the Conservatives as the only ‘real’ federalist choice is now rather seen as one that relies now on the BQ separatist to stay in Power. Clearly Ironic. If Harper pulls it off and gets the thumbs-up also  from his disenfranchised Westerners, with Bloc Quebecois voters, without eroding too much of his base in the West, he will be lucky for now only still…  There has been  clearly  in the past, present animosity between the two provinces, of Alberta and Quebec, and each time the Harper team had made a Quebec-friendly move the blogosphere buzzed with clearly offended, angry  Westerners.  For Traditionally, the clearly also self centered Albertans have believed that Ottawa has given Quebec far too much power,  While the Liberals and the NDP presented and ‘attack against Alberta and its evil oil-based economy to win the hearts and minds of the East’ and by detailing that the  western Harper as a person who has a scary hidden agenda’ strategies. So how will they react now in Alberta? How all ironic, and rather pathetic too.  Politics often now does even make strange bed fellows, and even my enemy, the enemies of my big enemy can be next  my friend.. NDP joins Bloc in propping up Tories
Harper’s own past “separatist VETO” message worked very well only outside of Quebec. By blaming the past federal parties coalition for their willingness to break up the country by working with the separatists, he Harper was able to portray them, the  coalition as an un-Canadian coalition  at least in the eyes of western English Canadians , How does Harper look in their eyes now? an un-Canadian even  with his own mud on his face?
 Sadly now Harper will accept any help, do anything to stay in power again? and so next now in Alberta they will say nice thing about the separatist, Bloc Quebecois?
For many still Harper is hypocrite,  through his demonstrated  approach using any means for his twisted desires for maintain his rather uncontested and unrestricted power.

“This is no time for backroom deals with the separatists,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper  had once said too… but now Sleeping with the leftist, socialist , separatist Bloc for Harper  now is better than fighting them.. The past results of Harper’s own  attacks on the Bloc show that Harper’s this supposed battle to keep the country together resulted that  in Quebec that the Bloc gained more support while all other parties remained or lost ground. The same Conservative Stephen Harper who has in the past criticized now the Liberals and NDP for associating with the Bloc Québécois has now to thank them, the Bloc Québécois,  for rescuing him from a defeat in the House of Parliament  this week now.

The Conservatives, who hold 143 of the Commons’ 308 seats, need only one of the other three parties to vote with the government to avoid being toppled in a confidence vote. The Liberals have 77 seats, the NDP, 36, and the Bloc Québécois, 48. Forget  all of the spins, the values, principles openly proclaimed now, for every one of the federal politicians is merely figfhting to keep their pay and perks coming, or to get more?

The word “socialist” was, is too often misconstrued by the Tories and  for them takes on a new negative meaning… a meaning equivalent to being a communist.. But irrationally and hypocritical the Conservatives, Tories seem Cleary not to mind themselves now providing social welfare to big business still, such as the Banks, the Corporations, telecommunication firms, and automotive makers….. 

The Liberals and the others have now always  supposedly become in the West  the very bad socialists, the known nation-wreckers for even getting into bed with the separatists,  in spite in the past federal Conservatives doing even  much the same thing.. 
Now we all were often also    told that  we all had an elected  Conservative government, didn’t we? But really that was Not true at all.  The fact that the Conservatives only  got a second-in-a-row Minority win, not a Majority win, for  more than 60 per cent of the Canadians actually had voted against them has somehow become next a lying spin the convincing Majority Conservative win. Now Harper and we all do sees what a minority government really is like.. it has to sleep with the others, get their approvals..
We were also being told we were going to have a coalition government of socialists and separatists, which we all had specifically voted against? And who is now coalitioning firstly with the separatists but Harper himself.. Such big Harper  lies still had shown to us all what the Conservatives wrongfully  are really like still too. Big  Liars.
“a recent speech Harper gave to his supporters, in which the prime minister warned that if the Conservatives don’t get a majority, the Liberals will govern in a coalition, “propped up by the socialists and the separatists.” “I find it curious that after weeks of berating the idea of a coalition, the prime minister seems to be hard at work forming one himself and with people that he referred to until this morning as socialists,” Ignatieff said.
“When I raise the subject of politics with my grandfather, it usually comes down to the statement, “They’re all crooks!” I used to have faith in our politicians to put the interests of Canadians first, but I’ve become less idealistic. It seems to me the time for greatness in Canadian politics has come and gone.”
Reality Canada’s prime Minister Stephen Harper Harper had engaged in double talk again. for in 2008  Stephen Harper and his supporters were denouncing the Liberal Party under then-leader Stephen Dion for entering into a coalition with the “separatist” Bloc Quebecois and the “socialist” NDP. It is Harper himself who will be propped up by these very “socialists” and “separatists” he has so denounced. Previously also  the NDP party too had engaged in  double talk , the NDP leader Jack Layton had denounced the Liberals for failing to providing a “real” opposition because the latter were continually voting to prop up the Conservatives on budgets and non-confidence issues. Layton accused the Liberals of failing to stand up for the working class and the unemployed and thus he also had stated that the NDP was the true opposition to Stephen Harper. At one press conference, Layton stated with respect to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff that “you can’t do that (support the government) and pretend to be the alternate to Mr. Harper.” But  now? Jack Layton hypocritically was  voting to support the same bad government and cannot be still trying to retain the mantle of being “the alternate to Mr. Harper.” Layton has gone down in the popularity polls as a direct result now too.

For the Liberals and Ignatieff, all this was the best possible outcome. The Conservatives and the NDP came out looking bad, as liars, The Liberal leader Ignatieff strengthened his stature as a clear leader by clearly opposing the Harper government and he finally broke the curse of the Liberals being seen as mere Harper’s enablers. At the same time, because of the Bloc and NDP supporting the government, Ignatieff was able to avoid immediately  an election and was given more time to properly prepare for it now.

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