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September 10, 2009

Spyder Harper is weaving his spins

Majority government in reach: Harper Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes a majority government “is in reach” for the Conservative party the next time Canadians go to the polls for a federal election. Majority government Steve? Only if you have Elections Afghanistan running your campaign… Consolation: this is the same guy who last time around didn’t see the recession coming, nor did he think a deficit was in the stars…   He needs another crystal ball!   AND WE NEED another PM!.. Harper, you have worn out your welcome, just please leave. A minority, government will be good for Canada, although, the optimum would be the NDP to rule, with a Liberal opposition. Then we would see the middle and lower class Canadians being put first, instead of Corporations and oil companies.
Conservative Prime Minister Harper  damages public perception with partisanship with his majority emphasis “it only exacerbates the concerns some Canadians have with the prime minister — the very concerns that have precluded Mr. Harper from getting the majority he so clearly desires.” ” it creates the impression that Mr. Harper does have a hidden agenda he isn’t ready to share with all voters, and for voters to give the Conservatives a majority just could unleash a lot of other policies the party has shelved from its Reform and Alliance incarnations. ” The StarPhoenix
“There have always been two Harpers,” Ignatieff told a news conference Thursday. “The real Harper always comes out when he thinks he can’t be heard.” He said the true Harper is contemptuous of other political parties, the justice system, and the social institutions Canadians hold dear. Ignatieff also scoffed at the closed-door rallying cry for a majority. He said he’s toured the country this summer and met jobless Canadians – who would “laugh in your face” if asked whether Harper deserves a majority. He said it’s no longer possible to work with a man so contemptuous of basic Canadian values, and reiterated his plan to bring down the Conservative government. “(Harper’s) already lost the confidence of the House once,” Ignatieff said, referring to the attempted coalition takedown of the Tories last year. “He’s about to lose it a second time.”
“It’s this kind of hyper-partisan description of every adversary as an enemy that makes it difficult to make Parliament work,” offered Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff,   indicative of the PM’s “spiteful attitude” toward the courts and the “institutions which guarantee our freedom.”
Prime Minister  Harper how you can get a majority government when Quebec clearly and rightfully  rejects you is beyond most of us… A disenchanted Tory adviser in Quebec is now in talks with the Bloc Quebecois about running for the separatist party.  The loss of Pierre Brien is yet another blow to declining Tory fortunes in the province, and a potential new weapon for the separatists in any coming election. Brien sat as a Bloc Quebecois MP until 2003, when he left the party to run for the Action Democratique du Quebec (ADQ). He was working on contract as an adviser to Public Works Minister Christian Paradis — Stephen Harper’s Quebec lieutenant — until last month. Brien confirmed Thursday that he is in preliminary talks with the Bloc.  His departure is another sign, say Conservative insiders, of a malaise they just can’t shake in the province. Many are concerned about holding on to the party’s 10 seats in Quebec amid flagging polling numbers “The situation in Quebec leaves much to be desired and is worse than last year,” one senior Tory conceded. Quebec’s Le Devoir newspaper reported Thursday that an internal analysis recently commissioned for the party in the province predicted the Conservatives might lose six of their seats in a federal election.
“It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be plausible.” said Tom Flanagan, Conservative Prime Minister Harper’s former adviser,  so more  lies, damned lies, and  , the lies include scare tactics,  as ” he’ll do anything that could get a majority  ” ,   Conservative Prime Minister Harper in desperation, to maintain power, tries  to consolidate his base outside of Quebec and to try to scare enough undecided voters in the rest of Canada to not vote Liberal.  The Gazette (Montreal) 
And speaking of personal delusions too sadly.. During last year’s election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada would not suffer an economic recession and the federal government would not run a budget deficit. In the budget, Flaherty had predicted that the government would begin running budget surpluses again in 2013-14 but he now says there will be an $11.2 billion defict that year, followed by another deficit of $5.2 billion the following year. He said the deficit this year will hit $55.9 billion, up from the $33.7 billion shortfall predicted in January. And next year’s deficit will hit $45.3 billion, up from the January prediction of $30 billion.
Meanwhile Police raid ends jetliner hijacking in Mexico. Five Canadians were among the passengers caught up in a bizarre hijacking in Mexico. Right winged ‘Religious fanatic preacher’ hijacked Mexican plane. Christ is coming soon,” he added, smiling. Jose Flores, a 44-year-old Bolivian preacher. ex self confessed drug addict,  who lives in Mexico, said he had gotten the word from God that he had to warn Mexicans of an impending disaster — an earthquake “like none there has ever been,” so he hijacked a plane to tell his message directly to the Mexican president. “He said he had tried to speak to the president for three months and since there hadn’t been an answer he decided to use these type of threats with an airline,”  The jet had been flying between the eastern city of Cancun and the capital Mexico City when it was seized. Jose Flores Pereira,  had threatened to blow up the plane unless he was able to speak to the Mexican president Felipe Calderon.  Mr Flores,  next said he had used a can of juice to look like a bomb when he attempted the hijacking.  He said he had acted on Wednesday, as the date, September 9th 2009, represented the number 9/9/9/ – the inverse of 6/6/6 the “number of the beast”.   Mr Flores had had a “revelation that Mexico was facing a great danger and was threatened by an earthquake”.  A total of 112 people were onboard the AeroMexico Flight 576 including Mexicans, Americans and French. They have been freed by police after the plane in which they were travelling was hijacked in Mexico landed safely.  Mexican officials claim no-one was hurt during the incident.  His wife, Elizabeth Melgar, said that Flores “always told me that he was looking for a way to attract the attention of the media … he always told me that he was waiting for a signal from God to do something.”  Good thing he wasn’t trying to hijack the federal government now too. Now this unfortunate guilty bully, abuser, liar, he can have real time to read and practise the Bible in jail.
Wrongful inactions, Cover ups, False denial of false christians, false  pastors, false priests are much too common. 

Unemployment will continue to rise and hit 9 per cent next year, up from the 7.7 per cent predicted in the January budget, the government said.
Ottawa’s finances are in much worse shape than previously forecast and the Conservatives no longer have any idea when they can balance the books. “Mr. Flaherty has a credibility problem. The Conservative federal government has a credibility problem,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff    Toronto Star  

Harper’s own hypocrisy is often visible. If others do it, it is wrong, but if he does it it is always justifiable. Doubled standard Harper still too.  Harper was ‘dishonest’: Democracy Watch  Prime Minister Harper is a dishonest lawbreaker because he gave false reasons for calling the snap federal election last September in violation of his own fixed-election-date law,” Democracy Watch co-ordinator Duff Conacher said Tuesday.He did so despite passing changes to the Canada Elections Act in 2007 that set the next vote for Oct. 19, 2009, unless the government fell on a confidence matter first. Federal votes were to be held every four years after that.  Federal justice department lawyers, acting for Prime Minister Harper, told the court that the prime minister doesn’t call an election; rather the Governor General does. And nothing in the fixed election date law restricts the Governor General’s actions nor does it say anything about the advice the prime minister is allowed to give to others. Democracy Watch says Harper’s opportunistic move broke the spirit if not the letter of the legislation – The prime minister’s diversion to the Governor General is merely a distortion, another of the prime minister’s many lies. Harper still lies too often.  It’s now up to a judge to decide whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s snap election call a year ago was not just politically self-serving but also illegal.  
Harper names former Tory minister to head appeals court  Canwest News Service September 10, 2009 11:13 AM OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed a former Conservative cabinet minister as chief justice of the Federal Court of Appeal. Justice Pierre Blais, who served in several portfolios in the cabinet of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, takes over from Justice John Richard, who retired in June. Blais, a 11-year-veteran of the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal, receives his promotion at a time when the two courts are under increasing scrutiny for their enhanced role of adjudicating high-profile cases involving national security and terrorism. The Conservatives have recently lost several cases in the two courts, including a high-profile defeat last month when the appeal court upheld an order for the Harper Conservatives to seek the repatriation of Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Harper also described how their party was keeping leftists from being appointed to public institutions – including the courts. The Bloc says it’s particularly bothered by that comment about the judiciary. Leader Gilles Duceppe says, behind closed doors, Harper sounds like a member of the radical fringe of the U.S. Republican party. The NDP calls the remarks low politics that undermine Canada’s justice system.
 Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister has appointed another chief justice of the B.C. Supreme Court.  Robert Bauman, who formerly sat on the B.C. Court of Appeal. Bauman’s appointment takes effect immediately, Perhaps the more important issue isn’t whether or not Bauman is soft on drunk drivers or excessively eager to uphold the interests of powerful institutions. It’s the fact that he was appointed by the prime minister and not elected by his peers on the bench of the B.C. Supreme Court.  As chief justice, Bauman has enormous power. He has sole authority over assigning cases to judges in his court.  Bauman can grant requests for early trial dates and ask for meetings with other judges. He can decide who will hear applications concerning the validity of search warrants or whether the information to obtain these search warrants should be sealed from public scrutiny. In a 1995 book called Judicial Conduct and Accountability, Ontario judge T. David Marshall claimed that the biggest threat to the independence of the judiciary in Canada is the chief justices themselves. They deal directly with provincial governments on securing financial resources to administer justice in their courts.  Marshall also criticized the practice of elevating judges from one level of court to another, suggesting that this created an incentive for some to tailor their rulings to enhance the likelihood of a promotion. Harper likes to talk a lot about accountability, but his insistence on retaining sole authority over the appointment of chief justices of the superior courts demonstrates that his actions don’t always match his words. 
Conservative Prime Minister Harper’s ” federal appointment of a new chief justice of the B.C. Supreme Court without any public debate has led to a call for revamping the process for deciding who heads the trial division and appeal courts in provinces across the country.” As” managerial skills are among the top requirements for the job. “Without demeaning the importance of a judge having a good basis in jurisprudence, what you want that person to do is manage the court as efficiently as possible,” “What I have been worried about is that, given the orientation of this government to introduce more right-wing ideology into courts, they might pick people who do not have those managerial skills and were viewed as more ideologically right wing… appointments should be made after a review by a committee of representatives from the law societies, bar associations, law schools and parliamentarians. The committee would evaluate judges on the basis of criteria that are publicly known,  ” federal NDP justice critic Joe Comartin   Globe and Mail
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