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September 7, 2009

Stephen Harper’and his Conservatives challenged


Given the clearly pretentious state of Conservative public discourse, and the tendency of many elected Conservative officials to not want to upset the powerful corporate, personal, religious  interests that pay for their political campaigns, I too would be surprised if anything significant happens from the Conservatives except cheap words, false promises and more spin doctoring. We now see more and more news media spins and lies too from the Conservatives. In reality the Conservatives have not done much, have not done much good now too, only unacceptably  put more of their friends into good paying jobs. 




The final mathematics of a Conservative campaign based on FEAR MONGERING, SCARE TACTICS,  false speculations of of a FEDERAL post-election unholy alliance between separatists, socialists and the federal Liberals does not easily add up to a majority next still for them . A Conservative party analysis obtained by Le Devoir reveals that if an election had been held last month, the government could have expected to lose at least six of its 10 Quebec seats. THE BQ BOGEYMAN TACTIC WILL HAVE EVEN A MORE NEGATIVE EFFECT IN QUEBEC NEXT TOO. ” If he does take the road of a demonizing fear campaign to a majority, the Prime Minister will in essence be asking voters in the rest of Canada to reward him for taking a wrecking ball to his party’s bridges to the province of Quebec.” Chantal Hébert


 MONTREAL – Quebec doesn’t need anti-sovereigntist rhetoric from the federal government while it copes with the global economic crisis, Premier Jean Charest said late Wednesday after hearing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s televised address to the nation. Charest’s reaction followed an earlier warning to federal politicians against attacking the Bloc Quebecois and engaging in Quebec bashing as they verbally slug it out in the political clash on Parliament Hill “We must respect the choice that was made democratically by all citizens and all Quebecers,” Charest said as he left a rally in Ste-Marie. “And there are, economically, things to settle. We should focus on that. It is the No. 1 priority. Quebec does not need political instability and rhetoric that divides people.”  .””I live in a society where people can be federalist or sovereigntist but they respect each other,” Charest said in Quebec City. “The same should be true in the federal Parliament.”Charest pointed out that 1.4 million Quebec voters had cast ballots for the Bloc in the Oct. 14 federal election and it has the political legitimacy to allow it to sit in Parliament.Charest said he found it regrettable that the opponents of the coalition had engaged in an argument tainted by “Quebec bashing.”  “There have been people who have fallen into this trap,” he said  noting the priority now should be the economy.”

Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois turned her fire on Harper Wednesday evening after the prime minister addressed Canadians on television. She accused him of embracing “unacceptable” Quebec bashing instead of reaching out to break the deadlock that grips the government. She said it was the end of so-called open federalism. “Tonight, the masks have fallen,” she said. “I believe that Quebecers are deeply disappointed by the attitude of Mr. Harper.”

Harper’s 2008 election call to be challenged. The Federal Court of Canada is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday against the election call last fall by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Democracy Watch, a citizens’ group that monitors ethics in government, is to argue before the court in Ottawa that Harper violated his own legislation by calling the election before he’d served four years in office. This motion was filed last year immediately after the election was called, the court ruled it did not have sufficient time to circumvent the election process and therefore the arguments should be heard afterwards. This is not suddenly a random event trying to put a particular spin on things at the right time. Get your facts straight before you start using propaganda to bash on the left side of the aisle… And for the record, there is significant evidence that Harper did break his own election law through calling the election. Can’t blame the Liberals for this one!!!!


Canada’s Big Banks can’t easily be held accountable!  For details, click here

Prime Minister Harper has claimed that it would be “dangerous” for the ruling party to initiate inquiries into past prime minister’s actions, but when they were in opposition Conservative MPs called for an inquiry into the Liberal government’s investigation into and settlement payment with Mr. Mulroney, and more recently the Conservatives did not find it at all dangerous: 

  • to appoint an Independent Advisor last April to review the federal Liberal government’s public opinion research practices between 1990 and March 31, 2003, and to promise in their election platform to follow-up with a judicial inquiry “if required”, and;
  • to promise in their election platform to create a more independent public prosecutions office and to “Give the Director of Public Prosecutions the mandate to review recent decisions on prosecutions in the sponsorship scandal and other matters which have been the subject of investigation by the Auditor General and the Ethics Counsellor or Commissioner.”

“Judicial inquiries into questionable past actions by politicians and government officials are not dangerous, they are very much needed to determine whether wrongdoing occurred and whether wrongdoers were effectively penalized,” said Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch.  “Any politician with integrity will continue to push for inquiries to be held into many questionable situations in federal politics in the past 15 years.”

Inquiries are needed into 16 questionable situations in federal Canadian politics from the past 15 years!  For details, click here

Report Card Reveals No Matter Which Party Wins, Ontario Government and Large Corporations Will Remain Largely Unaccountable for Dishonest, Unethical, Secretive, Unrepresentative and Wasteful Activities Because of Key Gaps in Main Provincial Parties’ “Good Government” Platforms. None of Ontario’s parties promised key democratic reforms in the 2007 provincial election!  For details, click here

“I, for one, will be THRILLED to vote for the Liberals come next election! :)”

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were re-elected with a minority government too, not a majority one, on the strength of his Conservative campaign that mostly denied the prospect, the existence of a any Recession itself. “They did much more than that –they totally misled the public — and were re-elected on that basis!” Since we all next have seen the reality of this lie of no recession lie even by the number of people who have lost their jobs, at least 500,000 and more, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives minority government now is also being challenged on their failure to even adequately deal with the needs of these unemployed persons. Why do some still in the news media always seem to be biased, want to favor the Con losers even though they know deep inside the Harper Cons are Incompetent, Inept and Wrong for the country? Cause some of the news do also media want to get more news reporting breaks with the PM and PMO. Spin doctors, liars with hidden agenda, the world is full of them. And so are some in the news media, who AS A REWARD next do hope to GET A SEAT IN SENATE, OR AN NICE CUSHY GOVERNMENT JOB. even as an ambassador, government general or what ever. That is why many rightfully do not believe every thing the news reporters or news editors write now too.

Canada’s economic  recovery is supposedly depended mostly on the economic recovery of Alberta which depends on the price of crude oil. World oil demand will fall by over 2m barrels-a-day this year, the sharpest fall since 1980, according to Shell.  This time last year, firms were riding high on the back of oil prices that peaked at $147 a barrel. But the global recession pushed prices almost down to $30 a barrel early in 2009. So in reality  Oil giant Shell now prepares to cut more jobs.  The report on company protest site  said about 15% of jobs in the exploration and production unit will be lost and employees will be told early this week. ‘We simply don’t know when the global economy will recover, and we have to plan on the basis that this downturn could last quite some time,’ The drop off in demand, while predicted to happen, has come much sooner and is sharper than most economists expected.
“Someone should inform Duceppe that a Leader of the Federal Government in Canada has to look out for the interests of ALL Canadians and not just those of Quebec. Then again, what use does a separatist have for the rest of Canada?” He only selfishly cares about himself like many Albertans now too.   “I noticed that the Conservative attack ads started up again this morning.  I guess everybody is in election mode now.”
Unoriginal, unimaginative, rather incompetent Conservatives also do like to copy other people’s ideas so they use attack adds, cause they have been successfully used against them to keep them as a minority government.


“We can do better” – a very good slogan choice   “I, for one, will be THRILLED to vote for the Liberals come next election! :)” It’s about time we had some class in Canadian politics.  


Hypocritical conservative Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan warned Wednesday that a federal election would jeopardize efforts by the Conservative government to get tough on crime. He does not need another unenforced Bill to start to get tough on Crime, for what has he done to start off now  in reality first about the much too many abusive, no good , immoral RCMP? Nothing again? Unacceptable.
Harper was ‘dishonest’: Democracy Watch  Prime Minister Harper is a dishonest lawbreaker because he gave false reasons for calling the snap federal election last September in violation of his own fixed-election-date law,” Democracy Watch co-ordinator Duff Conacher said Tuesday.He did so despite passing changes to the Canada Elections Act in 2007 that set the next vote for Oct. 19, 2009, unless the government fell on a confidence matter first. Federal votes were to be held every four years after that.  Federal justice department lawyers, acting for Prime Minister Harper, told the court that the prime minister doesn’t call an election; rather the Governor General does. And nothing in the fixed election date law restricts the Governor General’s actions nor does it say anything about the advice the prime minister is allowed to give to others. Democracy Watch says Harper’s opportunistic move broke the spirit if not the letter of the legislation – The prime minister’s diversion to the Governor General is merely a distortion, another of the prime minister’s many lies. Harper still lies too often.  It’s now up to a judge to decide whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s snap election call a year ago was not just politically self-serving but also illegal.

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