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September 5, 2009

another federal election

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These days  we are officially in another electoral pre-season because of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff expected, predictable decision to rightfully  yank the welcome carpet out from under Stephen Harper and his  minority Conservatives. Anyone, any ostriches,  who were, are surprised at this  are  unreal for that has always been a Liberal Goal. Canadians deserve better than the Conservative government
 Ignatieff accused the Harper government of being “irresponsible” and “disconnected from reality” for initially denying the country was vulnerable to a recession and a deficit and then later announcing an expected $50-billion deficit.
 Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that he hasn’t met a single Canadian who wants a fall election. OBVIOUSLY HE REFUSES TO READ MY EMAIL OR MY BLOG and he talks ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH HIM, HE SOUNDS LIKE MY EX RIGHT WINGED PASTOR NOW TOO. copy to 
I have lost any confidence rightfully too to believe anything a Conservative minister now says! and some new reporters as well..
Democracy, we live in exciting times in Canada  – another federal election.  It is an absolute lie that now that nobody wants an election over Employment Insurance (EI) at least not right now.  Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s threat to topple Stephen Harper’s Tories is  now welcome news to many Canadians, even to 2/3 OF PERSONS ON THE NET. Another minority government or not it  really does makes many people happy to see Stephen Harper go out of office next. Harper  this year alone is spending hundreds of millions of dollars of voters’ money during a recession to promote his government  and getting more jobs for his friends and this is totally irresponsible. Maybe PM Stephen Harper  is not  bothered by how he spends our tax payers money, but many Canadians  are bothered by this. Instead of looking after all of the voters, however, Harper has been mostly playing political games still too now and breaking many of his own past promises.  And that is the biggest reason for the Conservatives’ present political malaise in central Canada . During hard economic times such as these, WE ALL DO need,  want a leader who not only understands the wants and needs of all of the people, even the middle class, but also inspires confidence in others by visible his ability to lead this great  country with the right balance of compassion and fiscal responsibility. Harper  NOW CLEARLY DOES NOT have the ability to do this. HARPER  NOW IDENTIFIES WITH THE RICH AND seems the least likely to identify with Canada’s working class. Harper, one would think, would have had  have a better grasp of middle class issues however his religious and personal upbringing have clearly not led him to this. Also, Harper’s control freak tendencies makes it hard, impossible  for him to get along with any others, be they also the voters or those in his own party.  Who needs such a poor leader now? We all need to write to the news editors country wide and say how we really do  support a new federal election. I readily and rightfully do too.
Flahery and Peter MacKay also openly oppose the new elections for they rightfuly might get fired now too and why should  they not be also fired?
Flaherty   responding to the report by parliamentary budget officer Kevin  Page’s predictions too pessimistic Mr. Page is neither pessimistic nor optimistic in his economic forecasts, but honest and more accurate than any other government source. Honesty and accuracy are two qualities sorely lacking in Mr. Flaherty’s predictions.
Canada’s federal finance Minister Flaherty to unveil budget plan later this month. Given that the little weasel has been wrong on every point to date can we assume that he is right on this one? Not.  It sounds like we’re in for another installment of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but it will have a happy ending because there’s an election in the wind. The Conservatives in their current incarnation will NEVER get a majority. They’ve moved so far right in the political spectrum that a full 2/3’s of Canada exists on the “Anybody But Conservative”. All as Simple as ABC

10 Questions I think Canadians Should be asking themselves…

I’d really appreciate an honest assessment of Harper from all on this site. I am not asking if you like Harper, or don’t. I simply am curious to see what people think right now:

1) Are we better off now than 3-4 years ago when Harper took over?

2) Is our economy stronger?

3) Are we taking care of our elderly, disabled and sick properly?

4) Is our image abroad better now?

5) Does our government project a good image for Canada?

6) Does our government do all it can to assist Canadians in trouble abroad?

7) Are Human Rights in Canada being monitored and governed properly?

8) Is Canada more unified now than 3 years ago?

9) Are all regions of the country treated equally by our government?

10) Is government working more efficiently, more transparently and open, and in ways that benefit all Canadians equally? 

You took the words out of my mouth. Harper is such a hypocrite. Certainly demonstrates how stupid he thinks we are. Liberals or Conservatives …. what difference does it make ? Both are now controlled by Big Corporate interests, Big Oil and the banksters and by foreign interests. Both have become puppets of Big Corp. ( Even Bell wrongfully tells them what to do)

 The Liberals will never have a majority government without the full support also of many of the internet users. Which they do not have presently too. The undeniable fact is the internet customers  are still even now really upset that the Liberal Government really does nothing at the federal and provincial level about the lack of real, valid consumer protection for all ISP, internet users, and rather should be really stopping  the false ongoing clear abuse of the internet user customers by the big ISPs too.



 One of the worst things you can do is to think that such a person, spouse, relative, family member, pastor, politician is a nice guy, OR ANY INSTITUTION, CHURCH NOW AS WELL  and so it  is worth being worshipped, praised.. well cause very shortly God will show you really what even the person now is really like, a sinner like all the rest of us.. and the political party, organization, church you worshipped..  If you also do try to maintain you are a good person now as well, God will not let that false pride stand before him as well and he will show to you and many others what you really are still are like.. For God is a jealous God and will have no false  idols NOW before him.. God says without me you can do nothing, nothing good that will last permanently, that the canker worms will next not destroy as well.. I have seen so many good guys in my life, some have been my close good friends, but real life next showed to us all what they really were like next too.. sinners.  ROCK STARS, JUSTICE MINISTERS, ATTORNEY GENERALS, RCMP, PREMIERS, PRIME MINISTERS  INCLUDED NOW ..

If we all got the Karma of what we are due.. it would be Hell.

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