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September 4, 2009

Cure for stress, high blood pressure, heart attack


 Hypertension another  leading personal cause of heart attacks, strokes and other major medical problems. For most North Americans even if you don’t have high blood pressure now, you need to make a serious lifestyle, food  adjustments now to avoid personal health problems, especially Cancer and Heart diseases next  in one’s future.   A person is considered hypertensive with a blood-pressure reading of 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mmHg) or higher. Healthy adults should have a blood pressure in the range of 120/80 mmHg, although that target varies with age and other health conditions. There are many DIFFERENT factors that contribute to high blood pressure, including first the type of one’s food consumption, too much read meat, not enough fruit and vegetables,  being overweight, a lack of physical activity, excessive sodium consumption and aging. Hypertension, while it has few obvious symptoms, is a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. To Help with many person’s medical symptoms of their diseases often we may still  have to deal with the root causes of their sicknesses too.. including their stress, anxieties, their wrong doings too.\\
We seem to know that heart problems are prevalent in all ages too. I have also seen many seniors die the last few months in Hospitals, old age homes, and many of them could have been helped a lot more too.
I too have found one of the free great cure, a help to relieve my high blood pressure *, stress, and instead of keeping it all boiled up inside, I express it, share it with everyone else all of  the things that rightfully have peeved me off, and it seems I keep on coming back to my favorite complaints until they actually get resolved including:
  • Double standarded Conservatives for one example Peter MacKay Conservative MP  or Stephen Harper MP
  • No good RCMP No one, No one could automatically believe the police, RCMP unless
  • Fed up with all Conservatives Conservatives, Expiry date- Expired   Harper Conservatives running scared   In spite of past promises Harper unleashes flood of patronage
  • Fed up with Bell, CRTC and the others Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services,  Federal Consumer protection? Ha ha ha   CRTC is clearly in Bell’s bad pocket again
  • Not enough is being done about the drunk drivers, alcoholics in the government too Drink Alcohol and Die
  • Too many politicians still lie to get elected Canada wide Pie in the sky – Pie in the Face   Interesting reading, comments too, Liberal & Conservative Politicians do lie too
  • Bad Spouse and lawyers who lie, perjure themselves in the courts Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian Church
  • Medicare short comings l care.. CANADIAN HEALTH CARE medical cartoons
  • Bad, unacceptable evangelical preachers
  • Bad governments It’s about time Ontario cleans house  Unacceptable A year after listeriosis, our food is no safer  
  • Really unacceptable lies still  Canada’s Unemployment figures lie   More hidden Cash grabs. higher taxes

    Two tier Justice.  Imagine that the Nova Scotia  MLAs are entitled to spend $45,000 a year,  tax free income too, in payments that require no receipts while the average Joe Blow is late on his phone bill payment,  tax payment, traffic ticket  is financially penalized immediately or even jailed quickly..
    Mr. Harper nneds to go… let us all rejoice. This is the worst PM this country has ever seen. This will be his last election win or lose. The CONS won’t even give him another chance. This is a great day, we can finally see the end of Harper… Little doves fly off… 😉   2/3 of the people do not like Harper still.
    Mulroney doubts Schreiber affair will tarnish his legacy .. there is nothing left worth tarnishing. The man’s arrogance is exceeded only by the size of his monumental ego, and by his general lack of regard for Canadians. Canadians will forever view with deep suspicion a former prime minister who met with a shady businessman in a hotel overseas for the sole purpose of being paid in cash.  It is hard to tarnish something that had no shine to begin with Brian. He needn’t worry…..his legacy as the worst prime minister in Canada’a history is secure. He’s right. You can’t tarnish crap. He is right, he left a legacy of deceit and dishonestly long before Schrieber came along. Schrieber just proved our suspicions.  But undeniably Schreiber affair already has tarnished his legacy, and Mulroney is still one of the most disliked Prime Minister of Canada, especially in his home province of Quebec. He is more disliked that PM Harper is in Quebec.
    Rich and Powerful  Michael Bryant has hired the best PR, Lawyers, Spin doctors to try to clean up his tarnished image, to falsely deny he killed someone too., As a person who has regularly followed the related Canadian news stores, issues in regard to drunk driving, speeding, accidents, driver error it is  VERY CLEAR TO ME THAT THE NEWS MEDIA SPIN for the major causes of the accidents, and also for the hidden tax, the need for more revenue generating traffic tickets, THEIR TRUTH  VARIES FROM DAY TODAY AND CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AS BEING ANYTHING CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. Not even in Alberta. Why? Poor Journalism for a start, lying, incompetent politicians, policemen’s views too. 

    Buyer beware: No laws dictate inspection frequency There are no laws in Canada dictating how often gas pumps must be checked for accuracy, and the government agency that does the inspections is doing fewer every year.


    In its first year, 2007-08,  CCTS was still unable able to resolve about 40  per cent, of the complaints according to its own website. What a very high failure rate.  About one-third of the complaints were related to wireless services. 40  per cent, that is about the number of unhappy Customers with Bell’s Internet services too

    The governments promise consumer protection, they have a department for it as well,they  take tax dollars for this service too, but it still is mostly a pretentious, unenforced  department that cops out with “buyers beware” and we need more such liars, abusers now too?

    Women outnumber men in Canadian workforce for first time in history Sat Sep 5, 2009 TORONTO – Women labour leaders say there’s a “dark side” to Statistics Canada figures suggesting that for the first time in history there are more women than men in Canada’s workforce.  Women outnumber men cause women are wrongfully paid less then men, they are cheaper to hire, keep.  Women too should get their fair wages 


    The Jobless need more help, and the present federal Stimulus budget  in reality  is still unlikely to stem ALL OF THE MUCH TOO MANY job losses, or  help all of the presently unemployed. Instead of everyone chasing their own tail we need to get down to serious job creation programs, give real help to the unemployed.

    And the Number of EI recipients  does not include  all the people who gave up and went to social aid ? or holding many part time jobs, not making enough money being  self employed

    If you are a Control freak you are not only still an unrealistic, immature, immoral person  but you  may have a serious personality disorder. 

    I too do not have to accept any Church corruptions by any pastors now in Canada as well.
    (1 Cor 5:11 KJV)  But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. 12   For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? 13   But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.
    (Mat 24:48 KJV)  But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; 49  And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; 50  The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, 51  And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    I have to admit it came to me as a shock firstly when I started to attend evangelical, Baptist,  Pentecostal churches in Canada now as an adult that that same right to be respect, to  speak, and to be heard, not to be bullied, falsely oppressed, the Legal and Human rights that I had before, often now did not exist in the churches surprisingly now of all places. Never saw so many control freaks, human rights abusers in my whole life next to the too often bad cops now too. And perversely many a despotic, crooked elder, pastor had wrongfully tried to shut me up, and even next had resorted next to slander me, to try to discredit me and what I had said, or whatever, now even both in Quebec and in Alberta.
    The  Pastor had said that God does not let us to talk to anyone who drinks wine, but this is a rather distorted, extreme interpretation of the Bible. The Bible clearly says WE ARE NOT TO FELLOWSHIP WITH A CHRISTIAN PERSON  WHO GETS DRUNK.. now that is really different from not talking to any of the people who drink wine.. and why is this pastor so ready not to talk with others now too? so ready to smite them, to kick them out of church? If you have love for someone you are willing to talk with them, but if you do not have love for them, especially if, when you know they do not support you, do not agree with your presentation, do not agree  with your point of view, you as a pastor too no can personally can instead  refuse to love them, you refuse to talk to them, you find any excuse to reject, ostracize, divorce them basically to deny, to cover up the unacceptable reality that you yourself the pastor actually do not have any love for them. 
     TORONTO — The signatories of a new letter accusing the Toronto International Film Festival of becoming “complicit in the Israeli propaganda machine” run the gamut from an Oscar-winning actress to a rabble-rousing author to a Talking Head. More than 50 people have added their name to what’s being called The Toronto Declaration, including musician David Byrne, actors Danny Glover and Jane Fonda, and author Alice Walker. The declaration states that while the signatories are not protesting the individual filmmakers participating in the program and do not seek to exclude Israeli films from the festival, “in the wake of this year’s brutal assault on Gaza, we object to the use of such an important international festival in staging a propaganda campaign on behalf of what South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and UN General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann have all characterized as an apartheid regime.”

    The US too regrets Israel’s reported settlement plans WASHINGTON —  “We regret the reports of Israel’s plans to approve additional settlement construction, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement. “Continued settlement activity is inconsistent with Israel’s   international commitments to the peace proces sunder the Roadmap,” he said, referring to the blueprint for a permanent two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  “As the president has said before, the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement expansion and we urge that it stop,”

    I too was really rightfully upset that President George Bush and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had wrongfully allowed Israel to kill wrongfully Lebanon Christians in Lebanon.. 

     Honest People speak out against Israel the Bully and Bell Canada the Bully, the bullies,  and   as  you can tell I really, really rightfully  do not like it when any crook, crooked pastor, or crooked cops, crooked politician  tries to shut me up, and I  just speak louder to all then..

    Hey I am the first one to admit that I am intolerant when I see prolonged injustices, abuses, perversity  I do tend to do something about it.. yes the lid flies of this boiling kettle now too,  and public exposure, prosecution of the guilty serves as a good example to all as well. 

     I do not write at all to have my own  name recognized, I write my complaints so something good can be done by others on the behalf of all Canadians. For the most part the self serving persons in politics in Canada is still really not acceptable. Politicians are paid by the tax payers to look after the good welfare of all citizens and sadly this has not been the case the last 20 years even in the federal cabinet. It should be still the case.

    If you read my articles you know I cannot stand unrepentant alcoholics, lying salesmen, lying and abusive lawyers, crooked pastors, crooked or bad cops, crooked accountants,  crooked or bad civil servants too, crooked or bad politicians and even bad prime Ministers. By the way some of the most perverse, pretentious persons, to me rightfully as well, are the past, present mostly pretentious federal and provincial Justice Ministers, Premiers, Prime Minister who tend not to deal  adequately with their bad colleagues, crooks  to start of with.
    I also do  know for a fact that both the internet and the non doctors, alternative approaches,  were unable to help me with my serious medical conditions many times  Rather it took real and competent doctors and real, valid  diagnostic equipment/testing  to deal with my  heart problems, diabetes, congestive heart failure, gland problems, vitamin deficiencies, cataracts, etc . Let’s insure we all can get that too now. Good, real medicare.
    * It is estimated that nearly one in three  adults have high blood pressure. People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who suffer a heart attack come to the emergency department more often, are less likely to be treated aggressively and have higher mortality rates a year after heart attack, says new University of Alberta research that has important implications for access to cardiac care. If blood pressure is not brought back to the normal range it can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure. Magnesium, Cayenne Pepper, Onions, Garlic, Bananas   have also been demonstrated to be effective in bringing down high blood pressure. Eat also a food diet high in fiber, fresh fruit, more vegeatables  and food always low in sugar, and low in salt.  Avoid the negative side effects of today’s medicines such as Diuretics, Beta Blockers, Alpha Blockers and the related abusive, extortionate, crushing financial costs. Get more physical excercise  and find postive ways of getting rid of your unbeneficial stress too.
     US States with the highest diabetes prevalence in the analysis also have the highest levels of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk, cancer risk, and none of this surprising since diabetes is   often related to the type of food they eat too.. and poorer people tend to eat junkier foods..   U.S. scientists also say they’ve found that in human breast cancer cell tumors in mice, a diabetes drug worked better than chemotherapy in prolonging remission. It is interesting that diabetes medicine already has also been found to help 30 percent of heart patients get better too. The drug, metformin, appears to selectively kill cancer stem cells in culture dishes and in mice.
    Health Ministers and Health Canada should seriously be looking into this too.
    and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too
    Isn’t it nice I can use my right of free speech now as well.
    Free speech too often is a right mainly for the rich, the bad guys, crooks, not the decent folks. I also do I know that bad guys and gals such as the crooked cops, crooked pastors, crooked politicians,  crooked anyone do not like me to use my right of free speech.. too bad for them.. Clearly just  because some thing someone writes offends someone else does not mean firstly that it is even “hate”, immediately prosecutable by law, the courts or the Human Rights Commission. There is still a separation between appropriate speech and inappropriate speech, a separation between freedom of speech, expressing one’s views, opinions and the delivered, deliberate conscious propagation of hatred towards a specific group or person.

    Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

    This reminds some really bad, manipulative persons too easily get angry when things do not go their way, when they cannot get others to do what they want, cops and bad spouses, in-laws, outlaws  especially. It is important that you find a safe and effective way to release anger to release the tension one is feeling of built up anger inside. Mediation on God and the Bible  is a good way.  You should also seek out professional help that can teach you how to understand why you feel that way, and give you steps to see and understand the causes of your anger.

    “Be ye angry and sin Not”. “Let not the sun go down on your wrath” If you’re an evangelical  Christian you may have been falsely  told that you should never show personal emotions or  get angry, stay cool and you just need to have more faith. By burying our anger and not acknowledging it, we prevent ourselves from moving on. “We also often discover that anger is first and foremost a demand for change.” 

    Anger can also part of the fight/flight brain response to the perceived threat of  one’s personal pain or harm like when you know you are being lied to by someone..
    Yes, Anger is also often associated next with unresolved  personal stress and tensions, even personal betrayal, and anger is one of the natural emotions a person has. A well-known doctor in Switzerland, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, wrote a book that has changed perspective on how many people deal with grief for any kind of major personal loss. This book, called “On Death and Dying,” shows how she recognized a cycle of emotional stages that now is commonly referred to as the cycle of grief. Anger is the third stage of the cycle, following the stage of shock and denial. The last stage is acceptance of the grief. The stages of the grief process differ for each person and how much time is spent there.  I have often encountered elderly persons in hospitals who had experienced a major grief or some loss, had dealt with something that caused them to be really angry too. Too much  unresolved  anger is not so good to one’s health. 
    Anger Sickness is generally also associated with unforgiveness, revenge. There definitely have been studies that show that if a person is very hostile or angry for any extended periods of time it can cause various severe personal  health problems.  Chronic anger may weaken the immune system and can cause other health problems, by making a person start bad habits like smoking and drinking. If you keep your anger inside it causes your blood pressure to spike and can even cause long term health problems. Repressed anger might cause unconscious teeth grinding during the day or while the person is asleep. Grinding your teeth can wear down the enamel of your teeth and lead to more serious dental problems. Migraine headaches can occur with the increase of stress that constricts the blood vessels in the brain. Shortness of breath, Stomach pain or diarrhea can be caused by anger. There are other symptoms that anger can cause on the body, such as skin rashes, circulatory problems and even arthritis. It is best to manage your anger by relaxing, taking deep breathes, or even doing breathing exercisescan help calm you down. Anger is a normal emotion that happens in our daily lives.
    Anger can often be caused by a reaction to someone else’s wrongs,  anger and frustration. Yes, anger can be a bad  disease, and the remedy lies is controlling  the anger before  it overpowers you!  I  often encounter people who should firstly get good pastoral care, counseling over going first to the Doctor too.  If you are angry, acknowledge that these feelings exist. Then find out why you re angry and try to resolve it !
    – “For man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires” (James)
    see also
    A very elderly patient  arrived in the Hospital emergency, his first visit to a hospital as well, he now could not walk on one leg cause of the extremely severe pain and so he was hospitalized. While in the hospital he next was visited by 5 different doctors and he now was even given separately 5 different diagnostics as to  what he may have. This is common I have experienced  the same thing myself before too. Doctors tend to relate mainly to heir own experience,  expertise it seems mostly still and  so basically no doctor had told him what they would do next, they decided safely  they would let time and more reviews take it’s course. This all had seemed to have escalated the patient’s pains and concerns.  Next the same patient now developed severe constipation, headaches, even more pain ,dehydration, severe leg cramps  from now lying in a bed all of the week.  I next had listened and talked to the patient for a few days,  and I told him I could see he was also in  stress, personal anxiety.  The patient  next  had admitted that he was in stress when he had been first unable to walk, because at Christmas time unexpectedly his wife was sent to an convalescent home as she had developed the irreversible Alzheimer disease, and now he had next never been alone and  he never had cooked for himself before this. Now he also as a RESULT OF HIS LEG  PAIN he faced himself an uncertain future, possible operation, and transfer to an old age home or convalescent home. After much listening I told him he had now firstly had likely hurt, strained  his back, due to his wife’s unbeneficial stress, which in turn now now affected his leg.  I FIRST HAD SUGGESTED HE TALK WITH HIS DOCTOR AND GET A BACK PAIN MUSCLE RELAXANT TOO  but NEXT  naturally he refused to believe me. I ALSO NEXT HAD suggested he try out a chiropractor  but  he never had gone to one before. I told him the medical doctors approach would achieve the same results but IT would likely take much longer time using pills. But now even none of the hospital pain killers were now even  helping him at all including morphine because the root causes are not being addressed. Few doctors or nurses will tell a patient directly that t  his sickness is in his own  head, or his own doing now too.  The patient  next called his son  by phone, and his son next had agreed to take him in, after he was released from the hospital. His son next also had agreed with me,  that  the father should next go to a chiropractor doctor, that his problem was likely escalated by the unexpected stress he found himself in.
    – “Wise men turn away anger” (Proverbs)
    – “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control” (Proverbs 29:11).
    The pretentious hospital chaplains.. While visiting my father in the hospital In one week I next  saw three fly by church Priests come to visits the sick patients in the hospitals, and they  spend a minute or two with them,  and they really, basically did not much good to any of the patients they had visited. One of these clearly visibly useless  priests visiting a sick patient did not even recognize another member of his own congregation in the same room, and of course he did not even know his name. How the church has become an impersonalized show, merely a financial business it seems today.    Now the Doctors are still often asked to cure sick person  patients symptoms  whose original cause they are basically unaware off. A decent, good, chaplain can maybe help in this matter by first even  taking the time to know, listen, hear the patient’s original concerns. 
    On the surface, at least, Canadians  appear to be among the healthiest in the country when it comes to cardiovascular disease.  But the realties  are deceiving and paint a much different picture once you look into them. Twenty-two per cent of them smoke, 60 percent of them drink alcohol, 50 per cent are overweight or obese and 67 per cent do not eat a healthy diet. Many persons have often, continually unresolved negative personal stress   All of these factors contribute to high blood pressure — and they are entirely preventable, or deal able with.  A lot of what we perceive to be healthy eating and doing actually isn’t.  For starters, all persons people should shake their addiction to salty, packaged meals. reduce their red meat consumptions, reduce their meal sizes, eat more regularly too, One of the biggest problems is the high amount of sodium in our food,” This salt encourages water in the blood to remain, and gives more work for the heart to pump. Everyone does have  responsibilities, parents, spouses, food distributors as do governments and food manufacturers. Now  it’s about all of us doing a better job to increase public awareness and promoting more lifestyle changes around being healthy. According to the World Health Association, high blood pressure is the leading risk for death in the world.  Hypertension is the leading cause of heart and stroke disease, but there are no obvious symptoms.  Now  regular Doctor checkups,  with a competent and not too often a pretentious doctor too, to screen for hypertension, Diabetes as well  are required since studies suggest will affect half of all Canadians by the time they turn 60.  Over time, high blood pressure can damage blood vessel walls causing scarring that promotes the buildup of plaque deposits, which narrow and eventually block blood flow. Increased blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and other diseases that many persons next do die from. One in five Canadians has high blood pressure — and many  Canadians are among the least likely in the country to take measures to lower it. Only  80 per cent of the 4.6 million Canadians with hypertension take medication to control it, according to new findings from Statistics Canada. Doing things like having a  healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fat is very effective, as is regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight.  The prevalence of high blood pressure was about the same in men as in women, but men were less likely to be aware of their condition. The numbers should give all cause for concern.   
     Blood Pressure Risk Factors
    – – Smoking
    – – Lack of exercise
    – – Poor diet and excess sodium
    – – Excessive alcohol consumption
    – – Being overweight or obese
    It seems now also very funny to me that valid recent statistic on the number of people dying in Canada annually with cancer, heart attack, alcoholism, drug abuse, hospital acquired infections, etc are not available readily indicating that the governments don’t really care about the citizens good welfare.
     It is very interesting that when most of the news reporters, governments tend to write about heart attacks, or car accidents they seem to downplay, omit alcohol’s effect and drug abuse and why is that? Notice the spin doctors do not deal truthfully or specially with how many people who have been diagnosed with serious heart problems got treated within 6 months to 2 years at the most and why was that? Reality heart treatment is done at major hospitals only who do not get paid on a per patient basis, but only get an annual budget to work with, a budget which varies with each city,  province now too, so they firstly do not treat all the serious heart patients. 
    I saw an elderly person ranting and raving out load, ranting, clearly  emotionally disturbed, on the Metro, subway, and funny he reminded me of myself.. he made sense in many things he said, and I immediately thought  he did not have an appropriate forum to relieve it and I thought he sure needed a blog like mine.

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