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September 3, 2009

Peter MacKay Conservative MP


First  Peter  Mackay says election will delay vital projects Calgary CTV – Defence Minister Peter Mackay came out strong on Thursday saying Canadians don’t want another election and if the opposition forces one, the economy will suffer

Next what Canadians and what economy is he talking about ? his own? or that of his family?


Tory minister Peter MacKay non-compliant with ethics code …The Canadian Press – ‎ OTTAWA —   A spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the politician wasn’t in compliance with the federal ethics code when he served as an officer in two of his father’s companies.  Dan Dugas says MacKay was “non-compliant” with the Conflict of Interest Act, which forbids ministers from serving as a director or officer in a corporation.


MacKay’s business holdings could be conflict of interest: Critics Calgary Herald – OTTAWA — The federal ethics commissioner is examining whether Defence Minister Peter MacKay put himself in a conflict of interest by failing to declare his role in business operations of his family that stand to benefit from a multimillion dollar federal investment he announced last week. MacKay, who is also the minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, announced $7 million in federal subsidies for sustainable forestry sector development that could benefit woodlot owners such as Beaver Lumber Company Limited, which is owned by the minister’s father, Elmer MacKay. The minister was also a director and officer of the company and vice-president of a similar business called Lorne Resources Company Limited.  critics were skeptical about MacKay’s apparent memory trouble. “It smells bad,” said Megan Leslie, the NDP MP for Halifax. “Do you think he forgot that his dad owned thousands and thousands of acres of woodland in Nova Scotia? I think it would be tough to forget that. My mom’s a nurse, I tend not to forget that.” When there are funding announcements that will impact your family’s life, (or) potentially your assets, your life, we have a right to know that,” she said. “This is why we have these rules, so we know where Canadians’ money is going, where our tax dollars are going and who it’s going to benefit. We want it to benefit Canadians, not just a couple of families.” 


MacKay Accused of Ethics Violations 580 CFRA Radio – – A Halifax newspaper is accusing Canada’s defence minister of violating the code of ethics for federal cabinet ministers.  The Halifax Chronicle is reporting Peter MacKay never declared his role in two family companies. The paper says that until Wednesday, MacKay was the vice-president of Beaver Lumber, and one of the directors of Lorne Resources.  Both of the businesses were owned by his father, former federal cabinet minister Elmer MacKay. The Conflict of Interest Act for federal ministers forbids them from serving as a director or officer in a corporation or from managing or operating a business.


Duff Conacher, the co-ordinator of government watchdog group Democracy Watch, said that Dawson has reasonable grounds to launch a formal investigation.”He (MacKay) obviously knew throughout the whole time that his father had a forestry company and that his family did, and so he would then have been involved in decisions that could further private interests of himself, his family, his friends, which is breaking the fundamental good government law,” said Conacher.


What the  Federal Cabinet Ministers really now worried about losing their incomes? What incomes?


oh yeah I forgot that I  had two secret bank accounts too? and what else?


“MacKay non-compliant with ethics rules: ” ” I know a lot of people who forget they are either a director, or an officer, of a company. Then they forget if the company is still in business. This is the type of person who is running our military, he will probably forget he is in charge and then forget that the military is still active.” ” Why am I not surprised that a Conservative MP has violated ethical guidelines? We need to dump this crowd. ” “Maybe he’ll just forget he’s a politician and get lost.” The quicker the better too.
 Peter McKay now if you cannot manage properly your own simple personal portfolio how can you be considered for or manage any cabinet position then?

Tory cabinet minister Peter MacKay fined $200 for breaching ethics  The Canadian Press – HALIFAX, NS – Canada’s ethics commissioner has fined Defence Minister Peter MacKay $200 for breaching the federal code of ethics.

This was  an example of Conservative accountability? well then it is a big farce as well..

“I take him at his word that it slipped his mind.”  Dementia at that age?  what about if he next forgets to come to work altogther ..

 just a typical Conservative slip up too..

Conservative MP, Andrew MacKay, has been surrounded by controversy regarding his expense claims. MacKay is married to fellow Conservative MP, Julie Kirkbride and it appears that both of them were claiming second home expenses.
The Conservatives have fallen in Quebec and they can’t get up. The Conservatives have caused the BQ to benefit as a result too.
Canada’s Defence Minister denies knowledge of torture, of Canadian complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees who had been turned over to Afghan authorities, makes him NOW EITHER A LIAR OR CLEARLY A VERY POOR MINISTER. Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismissed the demand for a torture
and why does Peter  also object to any alcoholics on social welfare being made to attend mandatory AA counselling as well?

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