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August 31, 2009

Federal Consumer protection? Ha ha ha


Buyer beware: No laws dictate inspection frequency There are no laws in Canada dictating how often gas pumps must be checked for accuracy, and the government agency that does the inspections is doing fewer every year.

Canadian cellphone firms get failing grade –  Canada’s cellphone companies have racked up close to 2500 complaints in 36 months, earning them all a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau. “An F? You’re being too kind. How about probation and if you’re grades don’t improve you are out.”  The wireless providers are trying to maintain a 40% profit margin on their expenditures. this is not acceptable for a service that is an essential communication. They have the worst networks and the highest rates in the world, THE SAME GOES FOR INTERNET SERVICE! “The terms can change at any time if you’re on a contract as well! Bell and Rogers have both raised prices, added fees, and modified service while I was on a long-term contract. “

The governments promise consumer protection, they have a department for it as well,they  take tax dollars for this service too, but it still is mostly a pretentious, unenforced  department that cops out with “buyers beware” and we need more such liars, abusers now too?

Many many people who use computers heavily now are upset, not the politicians though and why is that? Many people are upset that there email has slowed down, their downloads have also slowed down, but not most of the politicians now and why is that still too? They mostly still don’t use the computer, all they care about wrongfully is their money, their income it seems. They the politicians tell you they care about you only at election time and in reality really act like they do not give a dam about you the rest of the time. That is why this post is so popular  cause it tells the whole truth to all.

Ottawa killed cellphone cost calculator. A well-known challenge faced by millions of Canadians as they sort through a myriad of cellphone pricing plans in a marketplace still lacking in robust competition.  Industry Canada officials identified the same problem and worked for years to develop an online tool to address it. After spending tens of thousands of dollars creating and testing an online calculator designed to help consumers select their ideal wireless plan, Industry Minister Tony Clement killed the project weeks before it was scheduled to launch.” 
“No surprise to Ontario readers……to hear that Tony Clement killed off a program meant to help consumers and that he kowtowed to big business (read: friends and contributors) to do it. His history as an MPP and now MP hardly suggest otherwise. Meanwhile, there is no ‘competition’ between wireless providers, only collusion, so any effort to make the labyrinth of Plans open and more understandable (especially in an industry that otherwise neither the government or CRTC say they wish to govern) would have seemed a noble effort by Industry Canada. ” ” Tony Clement is not for us… This fellow is definitely not a consumer advocate and to make it quite blunt – he is not for our welfare. We the people need a government which encourages completion and one which tries to hide the oligopolies which really don’t re-invest much into Canada, unlike the US. Perhaps a massive shakeup of our government infrastructure and the ministries is badly needed. We want a complete cleanup from top to bottom ”  ” I think we need a complete public audit of exactly where all of our tax money is actually be spent!”
” The duopoly of Bell-Solo-Telus and Rogers-Fido are hiding real costs behind marketing double-speak, and its the lack of competition that is to blame. You know the “Nutrition Facts” on every food item? We need one for cell phones that tells us the access fee, long distance rates, text charges, etc. ” “It’s not just cell phones. It’s cable, internet, phone and long distance plans, dishwashers and other appliances, cars, hydro, banks, investment opportunities. In short, it’s life in a capitalist society. It’s not so much that we have too much choice; it’s that we have too much ‘structured’ choice (Rogers calls them bundles) wherein you can never get what want, much less what you need:”
Conservative government bows to the wishes of large corporations and ignore consumer protection.” ” Tony Clement, He is protecting the providers of these services, their monopoly and their profits. Never mind the Consumer whom the Office of Consumer Affairs was set up to help. ” ”    government is pro-business. And no matter who we vote for, that will remain the same. How many of our government officials actually read our comments. One question, what does ‘lobbying’ actual entails?”
” Tony Clement ….no doubt the Minister’s seats at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and the Bell Centre in Montreal are assured.”
Check out       for a   comparison/information website.
LIBERAL government of Quebec to end automatic cell phone contract renewals, surprise fees  and what about the Internet service  providers, who are the same firms doing the same bad things there too to the customers, well?
and what about in the rest of Canada too?

Quebec to end automatic cellphone contract renewals, surprise fees –  The Quebec government has tabled legislation to better protect consumers in the province when they sign cellphone contracts. Justice Minister Kathleen Weil said laws aimed at protecting cellphone users were written in the early 1970s and don’t address current consumer habits. She said Bill 60, introduced Tuesday, would revise outdated rules. There can be “very onerous penalty fees” to pull out of a contract once a service provider automatically renews it — usually for a period lasting three years, Weil said. The bill would prohibit the renewal of cellphone contracts without a customer’s written approval, she said.  It would also force merchants to disclose the total cost of the goods and services offered, a move Weil said should prevent customers from being caught off guard by hefty fees for services they don’t want, such as text messaging. In addition, companies won’t be able to suddenly increase fees during the life of the contract. “Consumers often don’t understand everything that they have agreed to when they’ve signed that contract,” the minister said. “The contracts are a little vague, and there are services that are added over time without their knowledge and without their consent.” “The first thing that [merchants] do is offer you a free cellphone, and it’s sort of the lure that gets you into that relationship,” Weil told reporters. Merchants will have to explain existing warranty protection Weil said the new law would make it illegal for merchants to sell extended warranties before telling customers what the manufacturer already offers for warranty protection. It would also put an end to expiry dates on prepaid cellphone gift cards. The minister said the bill, amending the province’s Consumer Protection Act, would correct an imbalance in an evolving industry. “In consumer protection you often have an imbalance that happens over time and in the whole field of telecommunications. There is not a jurisdiction in North America that hasn’t noticed this imbalance.” Michel Arnold, head of the non-profit consumer rights group Option consommateurs, said Quebec is the first jurisdiction in the country to introduce this kind of consumer protection. Weil said officials in the province receive nearly 700 formal complaints about cellphone contracts each year — about 10 per cent of all consumer complaints — as well as thousands of inquiries. Bill 60 is expected to be adopted before the end of the year.


LIBERAL Quebec Government Proposes Regulation of Cell Phone Contracts;

Bill 60 makes it easier to break phone contracts The Gazette (Montreal) ; CJAD – CTV Montreal  

It’s about time Ontario cleans house


“Oh this is so ugly. The Liberals in Ontario have not only lost control of the various agencies they are supposed to police, they have all but ignored said agencies lack of ethics and the abuse which has ensued. Why can the top brass from eHealth Ontario not appear before a legislative committee? Do you suppose they might “spill the beans” to save their skins? Please tell me this waste of my money is going to end soon.” 


Provincial Liberals another word for Liars, thieves, pretenders, incompetents  too..

McGuinty says 23 Ont. agencies, boards can no longer approve their own expenses  TORONTO – Top brass at Ontario’s 600 arm’s-length agencies, boards and commissions had better lead by example when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money or they’ll be fired just like the CEO of the Lottery and Gaming Corp. was, Premier Dalton McGuinty warned Tuesday.

mcguinty says Ont. agencies, boards can no longer approve their …  own expenses  TORONTO – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says new accountability measures will help avoid more spending and expense abuse scandals in government-funded agencies and corporations. Agencies, boards and commissions will have to submit their expense claims to the province’s integrity commissioner for approval, the same practice currently in place for political staff. ( what about all of Ontario’s civil and public servants now too?)

• We’ll root out government abuse: Liberals Hamilton Spectator

 And why did it take so long to investigate and take action when this was brought out before in the past?  

The “culture of entitlement” at the lottery corporation appears to be a deep-rooted problem that will not be solved by the new procedures put in place by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, said Kevin Gaudet, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Under the new Ontario Government rules revealed this month , employees with unacceptable expense claims such as alcohol for staff functions and personal items must repay the taxpayers. McGuinty’s move follows the revelations employees at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp expensed items such as a $3,713.77 dinner for 38 people that included more than 10 bottles of wine and other alcohol. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.’s 10 highest-paid employees expensed at least $2,533 on alcohol between January, 2007, and December, 2008. A sales and marketing meeting at the Keg resulted in a $260 liquor tab; 38 people at a pre- Sound of Music business dinner drank $885 worth of alcoholic beverages. Any hospitality event at which alcohol was served would have to receive prior approval. The same provincial public-service rules also require written approval before all out-of-province travel, rarely evident in the documents the province made public this week. It all now still reveals a culture of acceptability that is inappropriate in a recession and in any Crown environment. The past provincial directive, which has been in place since 2004, states that “reimbursement of meal costs must not include the reimbursement for any alcoholic beverages.” The Ontario Liberals have also ordered a review of the 600 provincial agencies, boards and commissions to root out spending abuses. New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said the added layer of scrutiny doesn’t assuage concerns about widespread illicit spending among government agencies. NOW WHAT ABOUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?

Ontario’s finance minister has fired the head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and accepted the resignations of the entire board of directors in an attempt to head off another scandal. Dwight Duncan told a news conference at Queen’s Park on Monday that he was “taking action to ensure protection of taxpayers money.” Duncan said there had been problems with expenses and they represented “symptoms of much larger problems” at the OLG. The corporation’s CEO, Kelly McDougald, was fired “for cause,” said the minister. The entire six-member board stepped down.

” Any   wonder why people are so cynical towards their government and don’t vote. The sense of entitlement must end.”  ”  Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.. after HST & OLG  I hereby accept your resignation effective immediately!! ”   ” Audit the entire government staff… I’m sure we cut some of the bloat out for the better of all of Canada!”  ”  Sadly, the degree of complacency in the current government borders on complete incompetence.  To rush around suddenly sounding the alarm that there has been mismanagement in another crown operation, and then to try to claim that only a good government could catch such behaviours, when it is this same government that has completely missed the issues in the first place, is shocking.  McGuinty and most of his team are just not showing much value ”

Ontario cleans house at lottery and gaming corp., firing CEO, replacing board   TORONTO – Ontario’s problem-plagued lottery and gaming corporation was overhauled Monday as the province’s finance minister fired its CEO and replaced the entire board of directors.  The auditor general was also brought in to review questionable spending at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., which included one executive charging taxpayers almost $500 for a nanny.  “This is the right (step) to take in terms of the public, and across government we need to make sure that we have rigorous accountability for all Crown agencies, boards and corporations,” said Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.  “We have been trying to create change in this place for some time. Frankly, I’m not satisfied with performance to date at OLG.”  CEO Kelly McDougald was “dismissed with cause” and, as a result, will not receive severance, Duncan said.  The move comes after the government found questionable expense claims filed by executives going back years.  It’s the second Ontario government agency to get a major overhaul in the last few months. eHealth Ontario CEO Sarah Kramer and board chairman Dr. Alan Hudson left the troubled agency following shocking spending excesses by consultants and executives.  Opposition parties say the government is trying to avoid another political embarrassment in the wake of eHealth and before voters head to the polls in a Sept. 17 byelection.  The OLG has been dogged by troubles over the last few years, from questionable insider wins to botched scratch-and-win tickets and malfunctioning slot machines.  Duncan’s announcement pre-empts a deadline set by the Ontario ombudsman for the OLG to crack down on insider wins.  Ombudsman Andre Marin had given the agency until early September to report back to him about cleaning up its act.  Unless the OLG could show him that “rampant fraud” was purged from the system, Marin said he was prepared to press the government to ban all retailers and lottery insiders from playing. He imposed the deadline after a sweeping forensic audit in February revealed lottery insiders in Ontario won prizes totalling $198 million over the past 13 years.  At the time, Marin said he was stunned by the “astronomical” sum revealed by the audit and that the OLG still had a problem with dishonest lottery insiders that must be addressed.  The agency has been trying to rebuild consumer confidence and enhance security since Marin’s 2007 report accused unscrupulous retailers of collecting tens of millions of dollars in “dishonest” winnings – and the lottery corporation of letting them get away with it.  All insider wins have been directly investigated by the police branch of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario since Jan. 1, 2008, and they have since laid several charges.  

and it does not stop there it is clear that Lotto 649 is also too often crooked, the draw results clearly rigged using consecutive numbers and other means  to try to build up a larger  jackpot where more people tend to buy tickets. This too has to be dealt  with now. 

Now do also deal with the bad cops too. 
“It is a weird feeling when those employed to protect us are in fact found to be a part of the problem. I understand that these people are only a small percentage of the thousands of first class men and women who make up the force however it does shake the foundation of our beliefs. ”  “Wasn’t Julian Fantino AKA Mr Accountability supposed to weed out the crooked cops with this special task force?”  ”  It is becoming more and more apparent that police officers are ” Above the Law”  RCMP officers getting away with murder, Local police getting away with theft, etc… Police cars speeding down public roads, without emergency lights on. If you or I were to crack 70 in a 50 zone, you can be sure we would get a ticket, but police are free to drive at that speed. How are we supposed to, in good faith, teach our children to trust police officers? ”  ” The real irony is that any Police force in Quebec finds the Toronto cops crooked! Wow… and then nothing is done about it. ” ” The propensity of police to cover-up and deny when their own are involved does not feel me with a great deal of confidence in the police. Apart from the mentioned corruption above, I have met too many bullies in uniform as well as a bad “us vs them” attitude. Locally, we have at 2 officers that I am aware of who were charged with domestic violence and threatening. The selection process needs to be reviews – especially for mental health. It is ironic someone should mention this drug quad issue happened while Julian Fantino was Toronto chief (Metro Toronto at the time). Under Fantino an OPP officer was caught trumping up charges against drivers to convictions under the new stunt-driving law. The bottom line is – I just do not trust the honesty of the police. The older I get and the more I see, the stronger my mistrust becomes.”  ” It seems power again, corrupts even if you are one of the ‘sacred policemen’.  I guess it’s not just the RCMP who’ve had the rot and festering infection of greed and power infiltrate their ranks. ”
“Ex-Ontario attorney general in custody after fatal crash Ottawa Citizen TORONTO — Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant was in police custody Tuesday morning following a fatal crash between a car and a cyclist that left a 33-year-old man dead. Bryant was detained after the crash Monday evening and was under investigation in connection with the incident, a police source confirmed. The cyclist, a downtown Toronto man, died in hospital late Monday night from injuries sustained after hanging on to the side of a convertible for about 100 metres before falling to the street. Police said the car and the cyclist had initially collided. Traffic Services Const. Hugh Smith said the altercation began at about 9:45 p.m., near the corner of Church and Bloor streets and carried on west to Avenue Road. “There was some verbal altercation and there was some minor contact,” said Smith. “At some point the cyclist became attached to the vehicle without his bicycle.”  Police say they have reviewed a number of independent videos shot, as well as footage from at least two security cameras that place the victim and suspect together. “Apparently it was viewed by many witnesses,” said Smith. Traffic Services Sgt.  Charges have not been laid. Bryant, 43, resigned from his Toronto MPP seat in June while serving as minister for economic development and joined Invest Toronto — an arms-length agency aimed at marketing the city as an attractive place for business and industry to set up shop or expand. “
Police source tells The Globe and Mail’s Timothy Appleby that Mr. Bryant will face charges of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Those charges will keep the file in the hands of Traffic Services.  • 9:36 a.m.: Mayor David Miller, whose city-run Invest Toronto is led by Mr. Bryant, releases a brief statement but doesn’t name names.
“when will mayor get seroius with aggressive drivers and cyclists? ” Toronto mayor refuses comment on Bryant 
 Toronto police said Tuesday that a “magnitude” of charges were being considered following an apparent altercation that left a cyclist dead and a former high-profile Ontario cabinet minister reportedly in custody…. some witnesses also said the driver appeared to try to remove the cyclist by brushing up against trees and poles.  
A combination of scant bike lanes and the high adrenalin of bike riders as they brave heavy traffic makes cities such as Toronto prime for confrontations between motorists and cyclists.
was alcohol now involved as well?  was a police breath analyzer used, after all he  Mr. Bryant just came from a night club?
and what about  Mr. Bryant too?  An illustration of what can happen when tempers escalate beyond the point of reason? Some say Take a brief moment to consider these events to determine what you will do if faced with a similar circumstance. Yes but what about a supposedly mature persons who has even been  a justice Minister. who clearly should have known much better and lead a more exemplary life now too.. or did alcohol have a devious negative effect here too? Drug impaired driving, drunk driving, road age, driving incompetence, and car racing are still the main cause of the majority of all vehicle.. we already do know alcohol and road age is associated with over 40 percent of vehicular accidents..
Police say Sheppard, 33, grabbed onto a car following an altercation with the driver. They say the driver drove way with Sheppard hanging on. He then fell and suffered fatal injuries. Sheppard’s girlfriend says he was drinking the night he died.  Misty Bailey said Sheppard was drunk when he visited her and he rested and slept, then insisted on going home. Bailey said she didn’t ask him to leave and would have loved for him to stay where she knew he’d be safe.  Sheppard, at one point, was in the back of a police cruiser and she asked police to drive him home, but instead they let Sheppard go, she said.  Police have said they responded to a call about Sheppard barely an hour before his death, but added there were no allegations of criminal activity. 

Apparently alcohol was involved otherwise why would the girlfriend want the police to drive him home?  likely confirms what I have said.. we already do know alcohol and road age is associated with over 40 percent of vehicular accidents..

Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 11:27 AM
Subject: Re:Ex-Ontario attorney general in custody after fatal crash
police say alcohol wasn’t involved in the Bryant case.


 Meanwhile in BC

Officer suspected of driving drunk Globe and Mail -A Vancouver police officer was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of drinking and driving. He has been placed on administrative duties pending an investigation.

Vancouver police officer arrested for impaired driving Vancouver Sun

A long serving constable in the Vancouver Police Department has been arrested for impaired driving in Burnaby. The VPD aren’t releasing many details about the officer at this point, including his age or identity. .The off-duty officer was stopped at a roadblock on the Trans Canada Highway early Sunday morning by the RCMP’s Port Mann highway patrol..  What they are still rewarding, covering  him too for his  drunk driving?
Our Federal Conservative Politicians also seem to  like to preach about law and order, conserving the good  family values, but do they practice what they preach now to others in reality? Do they themselves support alcoholic beverages now as well? The liberal  Christian & Missionary Alliance Church itself, PM Stephen Harper’s  own church now, contrary to the  fundamental evangelical  Baptists and Pentecostals  churches it does not openly prohibit the drinking of wine or smoking, or divorce.   
Drinking alcohol cause permanent brain damage, it also causes a significant deterioration of one’s mental capabilities, deterioration of one’s inter personal relationship skills, it also causes more car accidents than speeding or not having adequate winter tires, it also reduces significantly one’s work productivity as well undeniably too. It has ruined many families as well.  So do pelase  tell us all now:
– How much money did the Prime Minister, the Premiers themselves now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year,
– How Much money did the federal, provincial cabinet ministers now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year
– How much money did the civil and public servants now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year
Many EVANGELICAL Fundamentalist believe that all true professing evangelical Christians are or are to be total abstainers from alcohol, and IN A FALSE DENIAL, A FALSE UNBELIEF they refuse to admit the reality that some professing Christians, Christian leaders still do get drunk, drink alcohol. Why? the shock they have been lied too is too much for a start.. 

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