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August 30, 2009

In spite of past promises Harper unleashes flood of patronage


PM Stephen Harper’s province…
Booze, gambling revenues now worth more than gas royalties to Stelmach government  


Harper has been invoking a long term war, campaign, and he has systematically hired, placed in the government key Conservative party supporters, organizers paid for by the Canadian taxpayers and RIGHTFULLY they must be all fired, removed, or at least take away all work from them and give them an empty desk, and you can ALSO  rightfully start with Preston Manning now as well. Pigging out, living high on the hog, or patronistic hiring practices, getting drunk  are clearly an unacceptable abuse. 

Top Tory donor gets director’s post  OTTAWA – The federal government has named a top Conservative fundraiser to the Toronto Port Authority’s board of directors – the latest in a series of what critics call blatant patronage appointments.

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper was labelled Canada’s political “patronage king” and a “hypocrite” yesterday after tossing aside for the second time his promise not to name unelected Canadians to the Senate. Liberal Iggy had nothing to do with this as well. Stephen Harper once said he had no plans to stack the Senate with unelected representatives, suggesting it was “a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the prime minister.” Next when he’s actually a prime minister, he’s done exactly what he said he wouldn’t do. And falsely Harper still blames the Liberals for his lies, poor acts, or whatever but clearly he Harper lacks integrity too and thus patronage and croneyism continues to rule the day in Canadian politics and taxpayers are still the big losers. Conservative supporters  go along with Harper’s lies again too. He has declared to the Canadian public that he would not name unelected people to the Senate. … His word means less and less every day he’s in office, and he’s behaving more and more like the Liberals,” NDP Leader Jack Layton said of Harper.   


God’s verdit clearly is that Harper is a liar, immoral person  “If Harper and his followers were true to The Book, they would not discount these words of the Christ. Or they would have a pretty darn good reason to ignore them when it suits them… The words of Jesus mean nothing to this so-called religion-based government under Harper.”



The Harper cabinet unleashes flood of patronage The rush of appointments followed a little-noticed series of judicial appointments to superior courts across the country in July.That round brought the total number of superior court judges appointed by the Harper government to 201 since 2006. It also further fuelled opposition claims that the prime minister has abandoned election promises of transparency and merit-based public-service and judicial appointments. Conservative appointments to courts, boards, quasi-judicial tribunals and Crown corporations now total an estimated 3,000 since Harper became prime minister. The Tories are also closing in on the Liberals in the Senate after Harper’s appointment of nine senators Thursday, including at least two close advisers. Several of the earlier judicial posts went to lawyers with Tory connections.


”  The lying spins can change the facts, truths even as to why Harper will never have a majority government .  Like I have often said the truth and the news media confirms it, the new Conservatives clearly had lied when they had said elects us and we will show ourselves to be a better government, better than the others before us, but now instead they show us daily how big liars they are , mere spin doctors, rather cut throat pirates…. and now why do they have to resort to spins.. their  reality, truth is embarrassing to all.. Sowing false preferences, discrimination , partiality,  patronage hiring’s, dictatorial approach, lying, a common conservative trait as we all have seen done by even Stephen Harper in the last 2 years, are  also something most Canadians will also not accept of any new Conservative Canadian government, leader too.  The New Conservative Government under Stephen Harper has also wrongfully been guilty much wrong doing now as well. Most understandably Canadians also now for along time had a complaint, resentment against the Canadian Foreign affairs department, civil servants that while they were helping the others they were not doing enough to protects immediately Canadian Citizens now abroad as well. The real  results undeniably show it. The New Conservative Government under Stephen Harper has also wrongfully been guilty of this  poor inactions now well in the Mexico Pat Martin affair as well. And on top of all the “Hidden agenda”, these two words have dogged Stephen Harper’s political ambitions for years. The suspicions of a “hidden agenda”, and being a right wing George Bush clone, does hurt  Stephen Harper’s chances of becoming a majority government in Canada, plus Harpers still too often lying, dictatorial, contradictory, immoral behaviors too, and  his clear neglect to look after the good welfare of all the citizens of Canada, equally of all the males and females, all persons of all ages, rich or poor, and irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds now too,  and not rather the selected few. The subsequent new Conservative  lying spins can change the facts, truths even as to why Harper will never have a majority government.  Reality: New Conservative Ottawa losing credibility  over and over again.. as posted on the net too..”‘
 do see also
I have often heard it said that most Canadians Canada wide now are still like fearful sheep they are too ready to be fleeced, sadly it also seems they must have ostrich genes in them for when you present negative truths they tend to often rather bury their heads in the sand as well it  seems.. especially in in too many of the evangelical churches.. or  the ostrich sheep in Alberta who also now too often seem to think no Conservative politician can ever do any wrong rather it has to be the other bad guys, you know the liberals. Or the BQ separatists, the communist NDP… Ironically the wolves in sheep clothing exist Canada wide, in evangelical churches, political circles too now, and I guess for me telling the truth that is why so many of them hate me, do not hesitate to ban me or kick me out of their often also  bad churches now too..

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