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August 22, 2009

Spin – Canadians warming to minority rule – MEDIA, POLITICAL Posturing



Election time is when the Biggest liars escalate what they have been doing all year now anyway

BUFFALO, N.Y., Aug. 25 (UPI) — Many people seek out information confirming what they believe, instead of searching for information that confirms or disconfirms a belief, U.S. researchers say. Study co-author Steven Hoffman, a visiting assistant professor of sociology at the University at Buffalo, and colleagues say for the most part people completely ignore contrary information.  For example, before the 2004 U.S. election there was strong resilience of the belief among many Americans that Saddam Hussein was linked to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, despite strong evidence otherwise.

” the same day two very dissimilar polls were published. One gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Conservative party an 11-point lead over the Liberals while the second showed the country’s two oldest parties in a dead heat.

Spin – Canadians warming to minority rule  Canadians warming to liars? 

Why is it so many of the liars still wrongfully, falsely think all of  the rest of us are still stupid?

The real fact of life is that there is an ongoing need of honest Journalism still,  of separating the fact, truth from the spins, lies, for the majority persons now even in Canada tend not to believe these polls cause we firstly do know they can bought, be manipulated to give the answer you want, to meet a hidden agenda still. Nor do we tend to believe automatically sadly  the too often lying news media, politicians and their associates as well, especially the lawyers. 
The spin doctors now say that Canadians want a Majority Government, Canadians want a majority Liberal Government, Canadians want a majority Conservative  Government or  “Canadians warming to minority rule: poll 53.9% Supportive; Election-ready Conservative MPs focused on majority Emily Senger, National Post  Published: Saturday, August 22, 2009 ” and well here is my version of this poll as posted on the net for all to see too. Canadians want a good  honest majority government, honest, honest, good leaders, honest and good politicians firstly still too, honest and good cops, RCMP firstly still too
Firstly my own real past personal undeniable dealing with Nik Nanos, as I had previously detailed to him and on the net,   was that he was an unfair, unethical person, and he did not deny this to me before  too,   who likely would sell himself to the highest bidder and so how can anyone trust anything he writes now too about Stephen Harper or Canadian Politics ?
”  With Conservative MPs beginning to ramp up rhetoric about the need for a majority in the next election, the poll suggests they may not have a high degree of support for that view, said Nanos president and CEO Nik Nanos. ( I do not support the conservatives but clearly neither does Nik Nanos based on his other recent polls of his that I have read too but we all could know that before the poll result too)
 “The Conservatives have said that they want a majority government for stability, but the polling suggests that only about 31.5% of Canadians would even like them to see them get re-elected,” Mr. Nanos said.  ( We do not need a poll to know that 30 persons of these supporters are Conservatives, mostly in Alberta, prairies , or also the fact that 60 percent of Alberta voters had stopped voting in the provincial elections now too but we knew that before the poll )

In the poll, 58.5% of respondents said the statement “Stephen Harper has had his chance and it’s time for a change” matched their beliefs. ( what the same polarized majority that did not elect him into office in the first place too and  we knew that before the poll, and why would have it changed even?)
The appetite for minority governments is partially driven by the fact that Canadians don’t see a single leader as particularly strong or desirable, so electing a leader into a minority situation provides a check ( block, stalemate) on power, Mr. Nanos said. ( and that is still  Nik’s political spin, it has nothing to do with a real poll results ehh?)
“It’s a bit of a reflection on the state of affairs in regards to the leadership of the federal political parties,” Mr. Nanos said. (but we knew that before the poll)
The poll indicated that those in Quebec are most in favour of a minority government, with 29.7% of respondents saying the idea of a minority government was positive. ( We all know or should know that no one can win a federal majority government without a leader from Quebec, and I said that openly too, and that is why IGGY too now from Ontario  is not popular, and that is a fact, no poll is needed,   we knew that before Nik poll.)
On the Prairies, only 11% of respondents said the idea of a minority government was positive. ( Cause the biased, self centered  prairies support a majority Conservative government and the rest of Canada do not.. but we knew that before the poll)
This isn’t surprising given the number of Bloc voters in Quebec, who ( rightfully)  benefit greatly when there is a minority in the House, Mr. Nanos said. (but we knew that before the poll, BQ too is a legitimate, elected party and has a full right to exists and no poll can change that fact, truth now too)
“Any situation where the BQ could potentially place leverage on the government of Canada, would probably be welcome for those voters,” Mr. Nanos said.
When asked why they viewed a minority as favourable, 54.8% of respondents said: “It’s good because it forces parties to co-operate.” But when asked if minority governments actually do co-operate, Mr. Nanos replied simply. “No,” he said, laughing. Co-operation between minorities happened when Lester B. Pearson’s Liberals created the Canada Health Act in 1984, but today’s minority governments seem to spend more time fighting than forging alliances.
“There is a natural default position in the Canadian psyche to want everybody to work together and be nice,” Mr. Nanos said. “It doesn’t necessarily translate into political reality.” ( To be honest and fair firstly now   Harper does not have a majority government, and as an minority leader he firstly has to cooperate with the other parties, as we all can know   he Harper himself clearly has refused to do, he and his party now firstly obstructs all parties cooperation to insure his  government failure to hopefully in futility  force a futile majority government election for the Conservatives, the reality is that Harper firstly had set the bad tone in the house himself and he now lying blames it on the others, but we knew that before the poll, there is not denial of that truth and no need to spin it as well)
Nanos Research ( actually a spin doctoring, political posturing  report, do take a poll to see if it isn’t ehh) conducted a random telephone survey of 1,002 Canadians between July 30 and Aug. 2. The survey is considered accurate to within plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.” ( accurate? more like full of distortions  and spins and  I myself thus would never hire rightfully Nanos for any Poll..)
No wonder so many people rightfully do believe that Politicians, polls and news media often lie these days.. I got no good meat out of this report, it was a waste of money.. Citizens clearly do not care for leaders, political parties who still are mainly locking after their own interests and lie and say they are not, that they are looking after the citizens, and that is an undeniable truth, fact, that no poll will change too
PS: One obvious liar, or crook?  objected in writing to me for sending this to him or others… too bad for him.. I still do have my right of free speech now too.
“After five years of constant election speculation, Canadians may be warming to the idea of minority governments, according to a new poll. The poll, conducted by Nanos Research, suggests that more than half of Canadians, 53.9%, say their impression of minority governments is positive or somewhat positive.” ( maybe is not a poll fact, but a spin)
Canadians don’t want election, Stephen Harper says, while Harper and his associates  are clearly   in reelection campaign mode
 Ignatieff does not want  an election  he says and Ignatieff insists he’s not in campaign mode, but his Liberal Party is
 As posted on the net the truth is that Canadians warming to minority rule: poll and everyone in  Politics these days is sadly still a big liar it seems too.. at the federal and at the provincial levels,  they mostly lie to get reelected  and THEY LIE WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE HERE TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO LOOK AFTER THE GOOD CITIZENS OF CANADA IS BASICALLY THE REASON WE PREFER MINORITY GOVERNMENTS CAUSE WE DO NOT TRUST ANY MAJORITY PARTY. We need to and want to stop electing all liars into any government job, political office, newspapers, news media as well.
Another day and we have the news media again disagreeing with each other and who do we believe?

Liberals, Tories in dead heat: poll  Monday, Aug. 24, 2009  OTTAWA – A new poll suggests the Conservatives and Liberals remain locked in a dead heat amid rumblings of a possible fall election. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey put the parties in a statistical tie, with 32 per cent support for the Liberals and 31 per cent for the Tories. The NDP were at 16 per cent, the Greens at 11, and the Bloc Quebecois at nine. The numbers have barely budged throughout the summer, a period in which voters are typically disengaged.

Tories and Liberals mired in dead heat   Globe and Mail – Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 04:50 PM EDT Amid talk of fall election, Harris-Decima survey suggests parties remain in statistical tie. The Harris-Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press put the parties in a statistical tie, with 32 per cent support for the Liberals and 31 per cent for the Tories.


Conservatives jump to big lead in poll Reuters Canada   Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 The impression that the economy was recovering from a recession helped propel the Conservatives to 39 percent support and cut the Liberals to 28 percent, the Ipsos Reid poll said. Two months ago, it had the Liberals ahead 35 to 34 percent.”The Tories are now in the driver’s seat,” the polling firm said.Most recent polls had put the two main parties neck and neck, and a Nanos survey two weeks ago had the Liberals ahead by 2-1/2 percentage points.

Conservatives 39%, Liberals 28%, NDP 14%Net Newsledger – James Murray -Monday, 24 August 2009 06:46 pm  Conservatives 39%, Liberals 28%, NDP 14% Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s five-day visit to the north and official statistics showing the country is slowing moving out of recession are working in the prime minister’s favor. Evidence is the 11 percent hike in the Tories’ approval rating in a survey made by Ipsos Reid.The results of the study made by Ipsos Reid for Canwest News Service and released Monday, said the Conservatives led by Harper got a 39 percent support among decided voters. The party’s rating went up by 5 percent compared to two months ago.In contrast, the Liberals led by Michael Ignatieff, secured only 28 percent, which dipped by 7 percent from two months ago. The same poll said 45 percent of Canadians think Harper did a good job and deserves to be reelected, although a higher 50 percent had an opposite view. Nevertheless, Harper is seen by 48 percent as better in improving Canada’s economy and representing Ottawa’s interest in global affairs, while 49 percent view the prime minister as doing a good job in managing Canada’s finances. Ignatieff is perceived as the better leader by 45 percent in protecting the environment,


 New Poll In Canada Shows Tories Widen Lead Over Liberals Gant Daily – Monday, Aug. 24, 2009  Ottawa, Ontario (AHN) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s five-day visit to the north and official statistics showing the country is slowing moving …

Yeah I know everyone lies, some more than others.. such as news editors, pastors, politicians, lawyers, doctors too?..


There are yes too many  false sheep who worship those crooked leaders, shepherds, pastors, preachers dressed in nice suits. Not trying to impress anyone, or showing off I next went to a new church dressed in my clean, regular daily clothes. I next too was surprised when now one said hello to me nor did they great me, and a few services later this continued to happen. So I prayed about it and to my surprise God said they were harlots, prostitutes. Embarrassed at this revelation I decided I would fully proof for myself this was true. So next Sunday I put on a white shirt, tie, nice black pants, and a white sports jacket and most everyone said hello  to me. Incidentally the same thing happens to me on the bus as well.. Why?  Also the very same pastor of this professing Christian church dressed there in a nice suit who also did not talk to me as well was next charged with abuse, slander, lying, misappropriation of church funds, and was eventually fired. Now these days when I see these peacock members, deacons, ushers  strutting around church in their fancy suits trying to impress the others , it causes me to be sick to my stomach still. It would be better if they used the money rather to help the poor and needy in their own church.

Evangelical Prime Minister Stephen Harper now included. The Canadian new Conservative party -wolves in sheep clothing 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was labelled Canada’s political “patronage king” and a “hypocrite” yesterday after tossing aside for the second time his promise not to name unelected Canadians to the Senate. Liberal Iggy had nothing to do with this as well. Stephen Harper once said he had no plans to stack the Senate with unelected representatives, suggesting it was “a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the prime minister.” Next when he’s actually a prime minister, he’s done exactly what he said he wouldn’t do. And falsely Harper still blames the Liberals for his lies, poor acts, or whatever but clearly he Harper lacks integrity too and thus patronage and croneyism continues to rule the day in Canadian politics and taxpayers are still the big losers. Conservative supporters  go along with Harper’s lies again too. He has declared to the Canadian public that he would not name unelected people to the Senate. … His word means less and less every day he’s in office, and he’s behaving more and more like the Liberals,” NDP Leader Jack Layton said of Harper.
Word that Michael Ignatieff is backing down again from his demands for Employment Insurance reform is terrible news for the 1.6 million Canadians who are out-of-work and struggling to make ends meet, says New Democrat Leader Jack Layton.“All summer I’ve met with unemployed families who can barely pay their bills and put food on the table,” said Layton. “They need help now, but Michael Ignatieff insists on ignoring them.”

The Liberal Party — first under Dion and now under Ignatieff — have a disgraceful track record of propping up Stephen Harper. They’ve rubberstamped his Conservative agenda 79 times and counting. Employment Insurance reform is just the latest example of Liberals standing up for Harper, instead of standing up for Canadians.

While personal revenge and anger tends to amplify our worst  tendencies but we all do need a  stark reminder that all persons now are still  responsible, accountable  for what they do, say, in governments, police stations, churches, in the open, online or  otherwise. Civil and public servants, Pastors, elders, individuals included.


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