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August 21, 2009

Canada’s Unemployment figures lie


“Some people say that the recession is over but try telling that to the unemployed and their families. Unemployment is going to get worse in the months ahead and the Harper government is leaving people to fend for themselves. ” Number of EI recipients rises in June OTTAWA – There were 816,600 Canadians receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits in June, 5.1 per cent – or 39,500 – more than in May.
and what about all the people who gave up and went to social aid,? funny how the figures tend to vary depends on who is talking too..
and what about those typical political false prophets who lie and tell you the Recession is over… and then the news tells you it is coming back, getting worse, etc.
 I always still find it amazing the unemployment, recessions hits the poor people the most , not the politicians, recession hits those most vulnerable, the poor, it hits them the most severely in their pocket book and in their health next too, and during a recession the food prices still go up, as the still greedy food chains still increase the prices too and governments cut back on social services..even increase the taxes
In an article published Wednesday, the international financing agency’s chief economist says the recession has drained government treasuries to such an extent that “in nearly all countries … higher taxation is inevitable.”
So higher taxation is inevitable. watch out especially for more cash crabs by the municipalities too, much much  higher prices for revenue generating speeding, parking tickets and by law violations too.
After all all THOSE PEOPLE, CIVIL AND PUBLIC SERVANTS,  LIVING HIGH ON THE HOG  especially EVEN AT THE GOVERNMENTS,  THE CITY HALLS, even  in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta THEY ALL ARE NOT ABOUT TO GIVE UP THEIR EMPIRE BUILDING, THIER LAVISH LIFESTYLES, EXOTIC BENEFITS, MOSTLY UNNECESSARY OUT OFF TOWN TRIPS.. and we have seen this already being carried out in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and now in Montreal.

 The unemployment rate in Canada, the most robust of all G8 economies during the current global crisis, has jumped again and again.. 


Welfare, jobless rates  shows EI reform needed.. a majority of unemployed Canadians are not eligible for Employment Insurance, often because they work on contract or part-time or in seasonal jobs that don’t last long enough for them to qualify. The problem is particularly acute in Ontario, where only three in 10 unemployed persons qualify for Employment Insurance. The alternative to fixing Employment Insurance is to drive the jobless onto the welfare rolls (the responsibility of provinces and municipalities) or to force them to plunder their assets such as homes and retirement savings. Neither option is desirable.

The given Canadian  government Unemployment figures always have been big lies cause they are adjusted figures of people receiving UIC cheques, they do not actually state all of the people unemployed who do not qualify for UIC, have been forced to go onto social welfare or have to get part time jobs with no fringe benefits or have become self employed which is a costly undertaking
For example “A new report on Toronto’s economic indicators paints what one councillor calls a “very gloomy” picture of the continuing impact of the global recession, including a 16 per cent hike in the welfare rolls. The July report from the city’s economic development department finds an unemployment rate, based on a three-month average, of 11.5 per cent, up from 8.5 per cent a year earlier. The number of welfare cases jumped to 87,450 in May of this year from 75,237 in June 2008, an increase of more than 12,000 – which translates to 16,556 more individuals receiving assistance”. 
 ” Home prices are predicted to stay steady in most of Canada for the next ten years, except in BC because of the new rich immigrants  from Asia, Home prices likely they will not rise in prices cause of the upcoming, on going recession? Recession is ongoing in most of the world too”

But housing starts declined to 1,395 from 2,567 in the same period, a 46 per cent drop, and new listings declined to 13,357 from 16,068, a 17 per cent fall-off. 


August 7 2009 – Statistics Canada reports that unemployment was unchanged at 8.6% in July as fewer people participated in the job market. However, the number of people employed fell by 45,000 across both part-time and full-time sectors. 414,000 jobs have been lost since the peak in the job market last October. Young workers (age 15-24) have been particularly hard hit with a reduction of 205,000 jobs. Quebec (-37,000) and Saskatchewan (-5000) were most affected in July.


Seasonally adjusted, unemployment rates vary from 17.1% (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 4.7% (Saskatchewan).

Rates for all the provinces were (previous month in brackets):

  • Newfoundland and Labrador 17.1% (15.6%)
  • Prince Edward Island 12.3% (12.2%)
  • Nova Scotia 9.2% (9.3%)
  • New Brunswick 9.4% (9.2%)
  • Quebec 9.0% (8.8%)
  • Ontario 9.3% (9.6%)
  • Manitoba 5.2% (5.2%)
  • Saskatchewan 4.7% (4.6%)
  • Alberta 7.2% (6.8%)
  • British Columbia 7.8% (8.1%)

According to Georgetti, in March 2009 only 46.8% of those who were unemployed were actually receiving EI benefits. “This is a scandal,” he said. “These workers contributed to Employment Insurance in good faith and now they are being left to fend for themselves. They will not be able to take their kids on a holiday this year or send them to summer camps, and when families don’t have money to spend the entire community feels the pinch.”

Canadian Labour Congress Chief Economist, Andrew Jackson analyzed the situation:

  • “Today’s job numbers are a clear sign that, far from entering a recovery, the Canadian economy is still in free-fall.
  • “While the national unemployment rate remained unchanged in July at 8.6%, this was only because 53,000 workers gave up the fruitless search for jobs and dropped out of the labour force. The participation rate fell sharply, from 67.5% to 67.2%, the largest monthly decline we have seen since the recession began.
  • “We lost another 45,000 jobs in July, but the picture is much worse on closer examination. There were 79,000 fewer workers in paid jobs compared to June, while self-employment rose by 35,000. This was on top of another big jump in self-employment of 37,000 last month.
  • “Put it all together and the picture is of large losses in paid jobs, with the impact on the headline unemployment rate cushioned by workers giving up the search for jobs or turning to self-employment.
  • “Today’s numbers show that the impact of the recession has spread decisively to women. There were 22,000 fewer adult women (aged 25 and over) working in July compared to June, and another 31,000 adult women dropped out of the labour force.
  • “The figures suggest little impact to date from the federal government’s stimulus package. We lost 18,000 construction jobs in July, bringing the total loss in this sector since October to 120,000 or 9.6%. The unemployment rate for students in July was 20.9%.”



I wrote before and said that  I once was naïve and believed that the news was honest, professional , objective but now almost daily I encounter contradictory spin doctors lies under the heading of news.. The Conservative and Liberals news media both spin..
 for example- Posted for all to know the reality .. the news lies often too..

Conservatives maintain slight poll lead Reuters Canada – David Ljunggren, Rob Wilson –  OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s governing Conservatives are still slightly ahead in public opinion polls over the main opposition Liberals, but would have no


One hour later..

Liberals lead Tories 36% to 33% Vancouverite –  A majority (55%) ‘disagrees’ (28% strongly/27% somewhat) that ‘the Liberal Party is ready again to govern Canada’. However, 45% ‘agree’ (12% strongly/33% …


so what spin do we believe here too?

I can quickly sum up my political experiences in Canada.. for decades now most people in Canada  seem to elect liars and alcoholics for politicians, and we have had now much too many of them elected as well.. Of course  it seems natural for alcoholics to lie, they seen to often lie that it is is ok to drink alcohol in the first place, and it seems natural for many lawyers who run for political offices, and many want to be politicians to lie to get elected.. Yes most people elect liars who tell them the things they want to hear.. we all know that had Stephen Harper told the truth that Canada was going into a major depression next, he very likely would have never got elected. so he said there was going to be no election or recession, he clearly lied. After he was elected he admits Canada was facing a big recession of course, how could he deny otherwise. I openly express the truth that we should stop electing any liars and alcoholics, even in the police forces, civil and public services now too,  and when it is confirmed that they are thieves, cheats,  liars or alcoholics they should be immediately fired, recalled.. as simple as that too. Some professing ostrich evangelical totally deny that the professing Christians drink alcohol, they have a problem with the alcoholics rather and not me I merely reported the truth, facts, that many professing Christians drink alcohol and falsely try to justify it as well.. Alcohol does a lot of brain damages, negatively affects your ability to work, to live normal, alcohol is a major cause of car accidents, tends to destroy your family life, so of course I have no use for alcohol or alcoholics anywhere. Neither should any of us not just MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. and a  bad immoral Conservatives is not better than a bad immoral Liberal, especially firstly the alcoholic ones.

 “Aug. 25 (UPI) — Crude oil prices fell from 10-year highs in morning trading Tuesday, trading at $73.95 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. That was down from Monday’s close of $74.37 and follows lower prices on foreign exchanges overnight. Analysts say oil prices are following declines in stock prices, which also dropped on foreign exchanges.”   Boy that is going to hurt realy bad in Alberta again…

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