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August 15, 2009

No 1 Best Seller



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No 1 Best Seller? Sleeping Pills amongst many other things! 

As posted on the net the truth is that Canadians warming to minority rule: poll ???? HA HA HA 

and everyone in  Politics these days is sadly still a big liar it seems too.. at the federal and at the provincial levels,, they lie to get reelected  and THEY LIE WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE HERE TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO LOOK AFTER THE GOOD CITIZENS OF CANADA IS BASICALLY THE REASON WE PREFER MINORITY GOVERNMENTS CAUSE WE DO NOT TRUST ANY MAJORITY PARTY. We need to and want to stop electing all liars into any government job, political office, newspapers, news media as well.   There are yes too many  false sheep who worship those crooked leaders, shepherds, pastors dressed in nice suits. Not trying to impress anyone, or showing off I next went to a new church dressed in my clean, regular daily clothes. I next too was surprised when now one said hello to me nor did they great me, and a few services later this continued to happen. So I prayed about it and to my surprise God said they were harlots, prostitutes. Embarrassed at this revelation I decided I would fully proof for myself this was true. So next Sunday I put on a white shirt, tie, nice black pants, and a white sports jacket and most everyone said hello  to me. Incidentally the same thing happens to me on the bus as well.. Why?  Also the very same pastor of this professing Christian church dressed there in a nice suit who also did not talk to me as well was next charged with abuse, slander, lying, misappropriation of church funds, and was eventually fired. Now these days when I see these peacock members, deacons, ushers  strutting around church in their fancy suits trying to impress the others , it causes me to be sick to my stomach still. It would be better if they used the money rather to help the poor and needy in their own church.  Evangelical Prime Minister Stephen Harper now included. The Canadian new Conservative party -wolves in sheep clothing 

MY DAD USED TO TRY TO CONVINCE ME THAT THE CROOKS ARE STILL NOT REALLY BASICALLY BOTHERED BY PUBLIC APPROVAL, EXPOSURES, NEGATIVE REVELATIONS, GUILT, but I knew already that was not true by the number of sleeping pills they all seem to have to take to try to get some rest, sleep. My dad next finally admitted that most people would be bothered by a poor public image of them, for a good reputation is worth more than any amount of silver and gold in reality.. Canada’s ex Prime Minister Brian Mulroney admitted he was very was bothered that in his retirement years when he should have been glorying in his past positive accomplishments instead he now was being stressfully troubled, embarrassed by much of  the negative, unpleasant  public dredging of his past poor acts. SOMETHING HE RATHER WOULD HAVE NEVER FACED TOO. AND IN MOST CASES IT TENDED TO SOLIDIFY HIS GENERALLY ALREADY POOR PAST REPUTATION HELD BY MANY PERSONS.  Some people with a troubled conscience will next go to a very  drastic measures to get sleep.  We all even recently heard of the drastic steps that the rock star Michael Jackson himself used to take to try to get some decent sleep and in the process it seems killed himself?  Do see also
This is not the kind of leadership most Canadians would accept from a Prime Minister, particularly conflicts with the standard of an professing evangelical Christian. A total inability to get along with all of the others or to forgive any of them. Explains why Harper is so unpopular in the  Polls and why he fails  to reach the a majority government too.. people out of touch with reality tend to justify such a negative  approach as well.. The  way he treats the media is clearly seen by many also as how bad also he would treat now most anyone too.
Behind PM’s war with media 18, 2009 04:30 AM  Two years ago, Calgary television journalist Lynn Raineault completed a Master’s thesis that explored Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ongoing battles with the Parliamentary Press Gallery.  As part of her research, Raineault conducted interviews with seven prominent Conservatives, including Preston Manning and Geoff Norquay, a former director of communications for Harper when he was opposition leader. To her surprise, she found that most of those Conservatives believed Harper was his own worst enemy when it came to getting favourable media coverage.  They cited two main factors in the ongoing conflicts between the PMO and the press: Harper’s deep-seated belief that journalists in the press gallery are ideologically opposed to Conservative governments; and Harper’s character, which was described during various interviews as introverted, stubborn, impatient and controlling. Manning said Harper is “not the kind of person to forget slights.”  According to these insiders, Harper views the press gallery as a nest of liberals who are unwilling to give Conservatives a fair shake. But most of the Conservatives didn’t see it that way at all. They acknowledged that at its core the press gallery is a liberal-leaning institution, but five of the seven Conservatives also reported that journalists for the most part do provide balanced coverage, even if the Prime Minister doesn’t see it that way.  Tom Flanagan, former chief of staff in Harper’s office, said he doesn’t believe journalists in Ottawa are driven by ideology, as Harper does, but by career ambitions and a certain group-think that can take over the press gallery.  Flanagan also said that Harper’s “strong, silent-type approach,” is inadequate when it comes to explaining complicated policies such as the decision on income trusts in 2006.  Of all the Conservatives interviewed, only Ezra Levant, former communications director for Stockwell Day when he was opposition leader, seemed to delight in what he described as Harper’s “marginalization” of the press gallery. Levant believes there will be little or no political cost to the government for Harper’s attitude toward journalists because most Canadians hold to the same view.  Apparently, Harper’s stance toward the news media arose out of his experience as opposition leader, when he concluded he could not get his message to the public through the bubble of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. So the Conservative press office was instructed to find ways around the gallery and eventually turned to direct distribution of “news” to radio, smaller local newspapers, weeklies and free community papers. In essence, it set up a parallel news service.  The insiders also spoke of Harper’s “gamble” with the press gallery. They said he was engaged in a high-stakes game to eviscerate the press gallery because he perceives it as a potential obstacle to his winning a majority government. They said Harper had already decisively reined in the other possible impediments to achieving his goal: his cabinet and his caucus. Harper’s communication strategy doesn’t seem to be working very well. He has difficulty convincing almost anyone but himself that heavy-handed control is the way to go; two more key communications personnel left the PMO’s office earlier this summer and have yet to be replaced. The majority government he so badly wanted eluded him in 2008 and according to recent polls still looks to be out of reach. But perhaps his biggest mistake is underestimating Canadians’ distaste for a leader who looks more like a puppet master than a prime minister.  Gillian Steward is a Calgary writer and journalist. Her column appears every other week. 
 No matter what the much too many lying Conservative spin doctors now do try to say to us all I rightfully no longer believe anything automatically that any Canadian  Conservative Cabinet Minister or Conservative member of parliament says, especially when they now do  lie to us and say that they are looking equally, and fairly after all the citizens of Canada, the Canadian persons of all race, nationality, all ages, all sex now too.. We already have ample proof that the Conservative Job creation program has been guilty of false partiality towards Conservative ridings.
 I also do do not believe them rightfully and especially when they say the big recession is ending shortly when these same fools initially would not even firstly admit that Canada was facing a recession now too.. they the Conservatives clearly and simply  cannot be trusted at all based on their poor performances to date. And I would not believe them just as much as I would not believe the much too often lying RCMP, Police Commissions now as well.

Conservatives maintain slight poll lead Reuters Canada – David Ljunggren, Rob Wilson –  OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s governing Conservatives are still slightly ahead in public opinion polls over the main opposition Liberals, but would have no …  


Liberals lead Tories 36% to 33% Vancouverite –  A majority (55%) ‘disagrees’ (28% strongly/27% somewhat) that ‘the Liberal Party is ready again to govern Canada’. However, 45% ‘agree’ (12% strongly/33% … 


Another day and we have the news media again disagreeing with each other and who do we believe?


Liberals, Tories in dead heat: poll  Monday, Aug. 24, 2009  OTTAWA – A new poll suggests the Conservatives and Liberals remain locked in a dead heat amid rumblings of a possible fall election. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey put the parties in a statistical tie, with 32 per cent support for the Liberals and 31 per cent for the Tories. The NDP were at 16 per cent, the Greens at 11, and the Bloc Quebecois at nine. The numbers have barely budged throughout the summer, a period in which voters are typically disengaged.


Tories and Liberals mired in dead heat   Globe and Mail – Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 04:50 PM EDT Amid talk of fall election, Harris-Decima survey suggests parties remain in statistical tie. The Harris-Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press put the parties in a statistical tie, with 32 per cent support for the Liberals and 31 per cent for the Tories.


Conservatives jump to big lead in poll Reuters Canada   Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 The impression that the economy was recovering from a recession helped propel the Conservatives to 39 percent support and cut the Liberals to 28 percent, the Ipsos Reid poll said. Two months ago, it had the Liberals ahead 35 to 34 percent.”The Tories are now in the driver’s seat,” the polling firm said.Most recent polls had put the two main parties neck and neck, and a Nanos survey two weeks ago had the Liberals ahead by 2-1/2 percentage points.


Conservatives 39%, Liberals 28%, NDP 14%Net Newsledger – James Murray -Monday, 24 August 2009 06:46 pm  Conservatives 39%, Liberals 28%, NDP 14% Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s five-day visit to the north and official statistics showing the country is slowing moving out of recession are working in the prime minister’s favor. Evidence is the 11 percent hike in the Tories’ approval rating in a survey made by Ipsos Reid.The results of the study made by Ipsos Reid for Canwest News Service and released Monday, said the Conservatives led by Harper got a 39 percent support among decided voters. The party’s rating went up by 5 percent compared to two months ago.In contrast, the Liberals led by Michael Ignatieff, secured only 28 percent, which dipped by 7 percent from two months ago. The same poll said 45 percent of Canadians think Harper did a good job and deserves to be reelected, although a higher 50 percent had an opposite view. Nevertheless, Harper is seen by 48 percent as better in improving Canada’s economy and representing Ottawa’s interest in global affairs, while 49 percent view the prime minister as doing a good job in managing Canada’s finances. Ignatieff is perceived as the better leader by 45 percent in protecting the environment,


 New Poll In Canada Shows Tories Widen Lead Over Liberals Gant Daily – Monday, Aug. 24, 2009  Ottawa, Ontario (AHN) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s five-day visit to the north and official statistics showing the country is slowing moving …

so what spin do we believe here too? 
Economic downturn affecting health of Canadians, says medical association poll Mon Aug 17, 6:01 AM  SASKATOON – Worries about the global economic downturn may be keeping Canadians awake at night and affecting their overall health, suggests a new poll done for the Canadian Medical Association. 
 and what about also the worries about more of the revelation of the inappropriate past unrepentant personal  bad acts now too?  



I can quickly sum up my political experiences in Canada.. for decades now most people in Canada  seem to elect liars and alcoholics for politicians, and we have had now much too many of them elected as well.. Of course  it seems natural for alcoholics to lie, they seen to often lie that it is is ok to drink alcohol in the first place, and it seems natural for many lawyers who run for political offices, and many want to be politicians to lie to get elected.. Yes most people elect liars who tell them the things they want to hear.. we all know that had Stephen Harper told the truth that Canada was going into a major depression next, he very likely would have never got elected. so he said there was going to be no election or recession, he clearly lied. After he was elected he admits Canada was facing a big recession of course, how could he deny otherwise. I openly express the truth that we should stop electing any liars and alcoholics, even in the police forces, civil and public services now too,  and when it is confirmed that they are thieves, cheats,  liars or alcoholics they should be immediately fired, recalled.. as simple as that too. Some professing ostrich evangelical totally deny that the professing Christians drink alcohol, they have a problem with the alcoholics rather and not me I merely reported the truth, facts, that many professing Christians drink alcohol and falsely try to justify it as well.. Alcohol does a lot of brain damages, negatively affects your ability to work, to live normal, alcohol is a major cause of car accidents, tends to destroy your family life, so of course I have no use for alcohol or alcoholics anywhere. Neither should any of us not just MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. and a  bad immoral Conservatives is not better than a bad immoral Liberal, especially firstly the alcoholic ones. 
Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that TOO MANY people are not to be trusted, they always do need to be supervised, and major corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, and amongst the professionals and politicians as well. Such is real life.
The ongoing lessons of life even in Canada will be and are these: One cannot abuse others and get away with it forever. Laws, government institutions now are made for the good of all persons  too. Even in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians and even in the churches now now as well..
Self regulation of all organizations, personnel tends to be mostly still just immoral masturbation.. lawyers, pastors, doctors and nurses included. Public exposure and real prosecutions of the really guilty persons does work now a lot better. 
 Also if all of the evil persons, politicians included, are not also punished, made to face negative personal consequences themselves they really will not next stop their wrong doings. (Eph 4:28 KJV)  Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth. (1 Cor 11:31 KJV)  For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.
Sadly too many of us are still like sheep, we do what we are told, because we are fearfull of negative consequences, the sheep are often afraid of their own shadows as well.. but unfortunately we do not have the luxury of continaully now being abused, whether it is verbally, physically, mentally, or what ever.. even cause the abusers tend not to stop their abuses upon us unless they themselves do feel some real, personal, negative consequences in reality. I too have found when I am being abused that screaming rape in a loud voice in public, full public exposure and calling the police, demanding the appropriate rightfully prosecution works the best still.. sadly the too often lazy, pretentious, inadequate, no good, usless  police themselves can be a real part of the problem and not the solution, so I next do also expose the bad cops readily as well.
(Prov 22:1 KJV)  A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
(Eccl 7:1 KJV)  A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.
Hey we all seem to know there are too many crooked politicians, cops, professionals,  civil and public servants, RCMP too  around these days, even in Canada well let me let you know  again about  a non loudly advertised fact, reality- that we do not have to accept any of it , or put up with it..  for we all can firstly expose them for what they are now, the alcoholics, drug abusers, cheaters, liars, crooks, tax evaders, imposters, pretenders, hypocrites … and secondly we must demand their rightful job dismissals and even their crimminal prosecutions too..  and now that is what I also do for the good of us all..  for my blog is full of pages of the media detailed personal inadequacies of the much too many bad persons in the police, governments, civil and public services, etc., all exposed bad acts now that we do not have to accept at all.



 The RCMP acts make for bad reading.. 

 Prime Minister Mr. Harper let him now first get back at trying to govern Canada instead of being a hypocrite to all that he had one preached to others..Also the Federal funds to battle pine beetle have disappeared, Hundreds of millions earmarked to clear deadwood used elsewhere. The federal government has been busy backing away from providing millions of dollars to reduce the threat of pine-beetle-killed wood.  The federal money could have been used to help clear the dead wood, providing firebreaks that could have prevented fires from coming within hundreds of metres of communities, B.C. First Nations Forestry Council vice- president Bill Williams said. But hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for the pine-beetle program disappeared from this year’s federal budget, replaced by an economic stimulus plan that barely mentions the beetle crisis. In 2005, as opposition leader, Stephen Harper promised that a Conservative government would provide $1 billion over 10 years to control the mountain pine beetle.  But the 2009-10 federal budget merely mentioned pine-beetle infestation as part of the economic stimulus plan and did not specify a dollar figure.  Asked how much of the federal funding has been spent and whether the $1-billion program had been cut,  “That’s a question that would be more appropriately asked of a federal representative.” Harper’s office did not return calls Thursday. 

Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper instead of governing properly now has spent the summer travelling across Canada trying to buy taxpayers’ money left and right ,in his case, mostly right, doing hypocritically something that while he was an opposition leader he condemned the governing Liberals for doing and said he would not do it, but now he is doing it as well.  Harper counting  that for all the money he’s liberally spending – about $23 billion in 63 days — voters will support him on election day.  Harper calls it “stimulating the economy.” Pierre Trudeau used to call it “passing out the candies.” Same thing. Often it has been the very same thing. The $90 million Pitt Meadows Bridge in B.C. was first announced in 2005 as part of the Liberal government’s Pacific Gateway Strategy.  Harper went there this month to re-announce it. He jumped up and down on the bridge to announce the same construction over again. 
Let’s face it: The stronger the Dippers and the more they eat into the Liberal vote, the greater the chances that Stephen Harper and his family will continue to enjoy their chef’s fine food and that great view overlooking the Ottawa River after the next election, notwithstanding the Conservatives being supported by a mere 36 per cent or so of Canadians. Plus he’ll have the power to name senators and judges and fly around the world in his own jet meeting interesting folks like Barack Obama,  Sure, Mr. Harper will not achieve a majority Conservative government; as long as the Bloc remains strong in Québec, no party will. Still, being in power atop three successive minority governments has its rewards:  unless he comes up with a new game plan, it’s looking less and likely that Michael Ignatieff will ever get the chance to show whether he can measure up to that standard
Thank God for the BQ, they serve a useful purpose after all, they do keep the really bad leaders from getting full power. 
US President Obama had one of the highest pre-election support of any past American presidents, and  next very high expectations of him doing good  for all of the American people were also associated with him.. but the reality has after the election has turned sour, many of his supporters are not going along with him, and he is finding out that he alone cannot help, run the country.. nor improve the Medicare systems  too.
Sadly our Canadian President, excuse me Prime Minister Mr. Harper who thinks, acts like a president, he too has tried to mostly do things all alone.. and as we have seen his popularity, perception  rating is not that great. Yeah I know Harper says he does not care what the poll say, or it seems what the people think of him and his  GOVERNMENT, AND THAT IS WHY HE IS ALREADY A 3 TIMES LOSER, A MINORITY LEADER
by the way I support more refugees being allowed to come to Canada..
James Bissett: Why our refugee system stays broken –  Canada’s refugee policy has been driven and monopolized by special interest groups. All of the parties know the refugee system is dysfunctional. All of them know reform is essential. But none of them have been willing to do anything about the problem. Our flawed refugee policy has caused our southern border to become effectively militarized. It has damaged bilateral relations with friendly nations, and has hurt our international trade and tourist industry. It has thrown our ability to secure our borders and function as a sovereign nation into question. We are one of the few countries in the world that allows anyone from any country to enter simply because they claim to be persecuted… full-time refugee-industry advocates…  immigration lawyers and consultants — who make thousands of dollars defending asylum seekers… .. supported by a multitude of NGOs, which receive millions of dollars in government funding to care for and help asylum seekers… have a stake in making sure the system remains bloated and dysfunctional.. The determination of whether a claimant is a real refugee is decided by an impartial Refugee Board. During the adjudication process (which can take years), however, those who arrive receive generous welfare payments, housing, free medical care and free legal representation. The Immigration Department estimates that one asylum seeker costs the Canadian taxpayer roughly $30,000 dollars per year; and by far the majority of asylum seekers remain in Canada for several years. Should their claim be refused, there is little likelihood they will be sent home. They can seek leave to appeal to the Federal Court; and if refused, there are a number of further reviews and delays that can be exercised. The result is that the HIGH number of rejected asylum seekers end up settling in Canada… Yet any attempt to reform the system,   is met with a storm of protest..
see also 


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