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July 20, 2009

American news is much more interesting it seems

The political scene in Canada this summer is boring, stale in comparison. Even the  Opinion polls show the Liberals and the Conservatives stalled. The Liberals have been unable to gain a convincing lead despite the economic crisis that has been plaguing the Conservative government, and the Conservatives have never ever been  able to reach their coveted majority territory in the polls. Neither Michael Ignatieff nor Stephen Harper have surprisngly too resonated strongly with the cold, luke warm, unemotional Canadian public. 
Boxer Arturo Gatti, the pride of Montreal and Atlantic City, is gone. Apparently murdered in the US after a jealous, drunken argument with his Brazilian wife, 23-year-old Amanda Rodrigues, the mother of his 10-month-old son, Arturo Jr. Is our Prime Minister Stephen Harper going to say he too is not a true  Canadian now? especially since he died outside of Canada?
Then there is the South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who, after a complete disappearance where nobody knew his whereabouts, turned out to have been in Argentina with his mistress – something which, among other things, has seriously tarnished his credentials as a “family values” Republican, Conservative
The US Congress also has been occupied with the confirmation hearings of President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor. If confirmed (which seems likely) she would be the first Hispanic person to sit on the United States Supreme Court.
Sarah Palin still livens things up though. She is an assertive,  charismatic figure known as well as for her combative style, family, Conservative, Christian values, her “folksy” and “down to earth” charm. Her resignation as governor of Alaska, in advance of the July 4th weekend, was really now unexpected.  This resignation marks yet another chapter in the  turbulent political career. Palin has been a source of love, hate, fascination, interest  to supporters , detractors, liberals others alike. Cause firstly there are few women in politics never mind a professing Christian Pentecostal one. It is true that some of the media, personal attacks she has faced have been vicious, immoral, unfair, wrong and that in some cases they have included inappropriate jokes about her family too. Bill Clinton saw his personal life the subject of front page news and comedic punchlines over his sad Monica Lewinsky affair, and Barack Obama now also had faced much hardship over his association with controversial preacher Jeremiah Wright, others. This is part of the job? Even George Bush went downhill in support because of the attack he also faced.. But they all clearly went overboard in attacking Sarah Palin now and still do. 
Although she Sarah Palin seems not to be able to handle the pressure in Alaska how would she make it in  Washington DC? I have to admit while I supported her yet  I still could not support the many inconsistency between what she said she and her family said they had believed and next what they actually morally practiced. Adultery, sex outside of marriage included. Questionable expense accounts too.. No secret she resigned because of the  mounting costs of her legal bills and the law suits she was facing.
Obama also still is finding out too politics is not all fun and games. “Obama has made it his priority to overhaul the US healthcare system, and expand coverage to the 46 million Americans without health insurance.  “This isn’t about me,” Mr Obama insisted.  “This isn’t about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America’s families, breaking America’s businesses, and breaking America’s economy.”  All of the plans under consideration would require Americans to take out insurance, and would bar insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  The House committees’ joint bill and the Senate health committee bills would also create a new, publicly run health plan, which they hope would compete with private insurers and drive down prices.  The Senate Finance Committee bill is not expected to include a “public option”, but would instead set up non-profit medical co-operatives to compete with private insurers. ”


The great Rev Katherine Khulman has also had her share of crtics from without and within now too. Ironically it was her own negative experiences, her divorce actually from a man that was once married to someone else, that humbled her, broke  her and made her next a great vessel for God. The idea of celibacy may be hard for some of you, but even Kathryn Kuhlman realized she had to come out of the marriage she was in. The man divorced his wife and children to marry Kathryn. It must be done the way she did it. Note: I respect her for having done that. Maybe Sarah Palin will come back transformed too?

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