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May 19, 2009

Going overboard with the law

Now in reality the Police who are often lying and saying they are serving the public good by going overboard with their law enforcement are just merely being selfish, self centered, trying to promote themselves at the citizens expense and that is now true Canada wide, with the local police, RCMP, sheriffs now too.  The Montreal woman who was handcuffed and fined $420 for not holding a subway station escalator handrail is planning to fight the tickets, saying she was treated like a “criminal” for trying to avoid germs. “They are dirty!  

Dumb   male cop gives his first ticket to a women not respecting him and for not holding the handrail on the escalators in Laval, Quebec.

 A $100 ticket handed to a woman for failing to hold the handrail on an escalator in the Montreal metro system was a first for the young officer and the police in suburban Laval, where the 2007 subway extension is still sparklingly new. But the besieged police department just north of Montreal still wrongfully maintains the officer named Camacho – it wouldn’t confirm his full name – did the right thing as the force revealed new details to explain why the officer handed out the fine, along with another for $320 for obstructing police work. Mr. Camacho, a six-year officer who works the metro looking for fare-jumpers and other scofflaws, was walking past Bela Kosoian when he suggested in French that she hang on to the handrail. Ms. Kosoian says she didn’t understand the officer and, at first, didn’t recognize him as a police officer. When she did, she admits she refused to follow his order. She refused to give her ID for the ticket, saying she’d done nothing wrong.   Neither Ms. Kosoian nor Mr. Camacho are native French speakers. The police department has been besieged with angry calls from citizens . Ms. Kosoian,  has been overwhelmed by interview requests and calls of support, including from a lawyer offering to take her case. The criminologist Eric Beauregard said a wider public interest in rousting Ms. Kosoian is tough to see. “Just what other criminal behaviour are the police trying to prevent?” and how many people actually have been killed by not holding a handrail? 

Quebec woman gets ticket for refusing to hold handrail –  A Quebec woman fined $420 for not holding an escalator handrail in a subway station is traumatized by the experience but vows to fight police once she finishes her university exams, her husband said. Bela Kosoian, 38, was fined last Wednesday at

STM holding on to escalator policy

The Gazette (Montreal) –  Bela Kosoian at the Montmorency metro station in Laval after she received two Montreal Municipal Court tickets for refusing to use the handrail on the down escalator at the Montmorency metro station. The Société de transport de Montréal says it will

Laval police are the ones who should get a grip

The Gazette (Montreal) –  When a Laval police officer first suggested to Bela Kosoian – who was on an escalator headed down into Montmorency métro station – that she should hold onto the handrail for her own safety, it seemed to be done in a spirit of friendly concern.

Quebec woman fined for improperly riding escalator

Daily Gleaner –  One of the survey questions in the Globe and Mail this week was, “Do you always hold onto escalator handrails?” Seventy-one per cent said no. The story behind the poll is a woman, Bela Kosoian, who last week said she was cuffed and dragged into a small

Woman to fight $420 fine for not holding subway handrail

National Post – ‎May 19, 2009‎
MONTREAL – The Montreal woman who was handcuffed and fined $420 for not holding a subway station escalator handrail is planning to fight the tickets, saying she was treated like a “criminal” for trying to avoid germs. “They are dirty!

Laval police defend metro handcuffing, fine

The Gazette (Montreal) – ‎May 19, 2009‎ Laval police said yesterday they issued three separate warnings to Bela Kosoian that she was obliged to hold onto an escalator handrail in a métro station before they handcuffed her briefly and issued two tickets totalling $420 against her.

Police justify cuffing commuter

Globe and Mail – ‎May 19, 2009‎ MONTREAL — Police in Laval, Que., are denying allegations by a subway commuter that they went too far when they cuffed and ticketed her for refusing to hold onto an escalator handrail. “There is nothing here to indicate that the police officers didn’t

Look, Ma!

The Gazette (Montreal) –  I’m still laughing. So here is a picture of Bela Kosoian in the Laval métro station (Gazette, May 20) where she was given three warnings for not holding onto the handrail. She was handcuffed. She was given two tickets and fined a total of $420.

Woman cuffed for not holding escalator handrail

Globe and Mail – ‎May 16, 2009‎ MONTREAL — Anyone who has ridden an escalator and bothered to pay attention has seen – and likely ignored – little signs suggesting riders hold the grimy handrail. In Montreal’s subway system, the friendly advice seems to have taken on the force of

Police defend fining woman for not holding handrail – ‎May 16, 2009‎ Laval police say they handcuffed a woman for not holding an escalator handrail because she refused to heed their warnings. The incident — and the resulting fine — has sparked criticism of the officers for being too aggressive.



2 recently retired police officers testified that they had a quota to meet daily, 40 traffic tickets and at least 25 percent of them were undeserving.. and the corrupt policing system goes on nation wide.
Government Workers Earn More but do less work as well, police included, too many civil and public servants many use their government work to do their private, personal activities. I used to go out for lunch with a municipal lawyer 3 times per week, and I visited his office often too, most of his work he did at his job was unrelated to his job.
Now I was raised in Canada to respect law and order, and the ten commandments, I made mistake I thought everyone else did as well,  and I next also expected honesty, integrity justice from our peace officers but that dream was quickly shattered in real life, even in city hall,  in police stations and in the courts. The religious  fundamentals would have us all to believe that all Justice, police are ordained by God, but that clearly these days is a vile distortion, for some of the biggest liars, most immoral persons I have personally encounter are in our justice system not just in our medical systems,  including the mostly self serving  justice ministers, lawyers, police, as most of us easily find out too. Simple back and white, law and order issues take on hidden political , politically correct agendas rather too, to maintain the empire building justice establishments. Asking a cop firstly to do some real work tends to be a farce as well since they are know to be lazy, pretentious as well. My advice is stay away from them all. you cannot\ win playing with the crooks., the bad guys who change rules to suit their own purposes, agendas.

Double dipping. Police dip into victims’ cash   TORONTO STAR Sep 29, 2009 04:30 AM   41 victim cash award decisions by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in the last three months of 2008, but the incidents in question occurred from 1999 onwards. Taxpayers paid $1.5 million to officers hurt on job out of coffers meant for civilians  A police officer received $10,000 as compensation because he can no longer enjoy gardening, visiting flea markets and collecting carnival glass. Another officer was awarded $1,000 after a suspect bit his arm but not hard enough to break the skin. A third broke a finger while making an arrest and received $6,500 after he claimed the fracture led to arthritis and a lower quality of life. A provincial fund that compensates civilians victimized by violent crime is routinely and increasingly paying “pain and suffering” cash awards to police officers who suffer minor injuries on the job. Workplace insurance already compensates these injured officers. A Toronto Star investigation has found that since 2005, more than 400 officers and prison guards across Ontario received a total of $1.5 million from the taxpayer-funded Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB).  The board released 10 per cent of its decisions to the Star, and an analysis shows the officers who receive the cash often return to full duties, carrying a gun. A Star analysis shows the number of payouts and the average amount of each award have risen dramatically over the past four years. The amount of money given annually to officers has more than doubled since 2005, with $623,000 awarded in 2008. The number of payouts has also jumped, from 92 in 2005 to 137 last year. That’s a 49 per cent increase.  “I’m absolutely appalled,” said Dr. Leslie Balmer, a Peel Region psychologist who counsels families of murder victims. “I thought this is a fund … for victims of crime, not police officers … doing their job.”  Alan Young, law professor and author of a 2003 report on victim compensation systems across Canada, said: “I am somewhat shocked by the audacity that police forces feel they can tap into money that (is not) intended to assist them. It seems like this is double-dipping going on.” Toronto Police Service employees top the list with 133 cash awards since 2005. Ontario Provincial Police is second with 71. Peel Regional Police is next with 25. Ottawa Police ranked fourth with 20. The forerunner of the current law, the 1967 Law Enforcement Compensation Act, was meant to compensate civilians injured while assisting police, like the widow of Jack Blanc, a Toronto resident who was killed helping police try to stop a bank bandit. Over the years the law changed and has become widely known as a fund for civilian victims of violent crime who lose wages or suffer out-of-pocket expenses. It is now the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act. Ottawa Police Chief Vern White said   “I am surprised. I always thought it was for civilian victims.”

“The police force and prison guards have a very strong union. They have unbelievably strong benefits. They have additional resources that ordinary citizens do not have if they are injured by violent crime,” The Police have abused the system. By the shear results, percentages alone, the police have falsely taken advantages over the citizens, victims of crime.. “Police have the same right as any other citizen to apply for compensation if they have been the victim of a crime.” but the Police have unfair advantage they have an inside track, and free legal counsel as well.. paid by the taxpayers.. all clearly an abuse of what was definitely meant for all of the citizens.  The Ontario Liberal government undeniably allows the false abuse of the system again too..


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