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May 6, 2009

why Harper could not reach his hoped majority .the first time

Ignatieff again threatens election if EI reforms not in place by summer  TORONTO – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff sent his clearest signal yet that an election may be imminent if Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his minority government fail to reform Employment Insurance by the summer.
Canada’s very sad Prime Minister Harper, the dictator,  wrongfully already does not listen to the will of the people, firstly he does not have a majority government, or next majority parliament approval for his actions too.
 Stephen Harper’s personal  Dictatorship once again trumps real  democracy,  and the bad spin doctors try to justify it hoping the ends justify the means, and that the supporters and the voters wrongfully overlook this.
Conservative critics  are having concern for quite a time with the federal Conservatives for bypassing nomination meetings and their attempts at re-nominating all sitting Tory MPs as candidates even  in the next possible federal election. For a new government that was based on, and also  created a Democratic Reform cabinet portfolio, the irony is pretty stark mad, unacceptable.  
This is not the first time the Tories have done this as well; MP nominations were suspended before the 2006 election when the Tories were in opposition.  Some Tories do argue that with an election possible at any time they do not have the time to hold real, proper nomination meetings. So why not suspend democracy altogether now  then. Stop the Conservative farce, democracy pretence now.
The Proposed Tory no nomination strategy is even more suspect to be ludicrous because there are a handful of Tory MPs who, it was predicted, would face very serious nomination challenges. Personal gain  of a few is sacrificed by many of   the Tories on the altar of democracy.
” There is a slim possibility of a June election if the Liberals, emboldened by a new leader and their recent boost in support in Quebec, decide to throw caution to the wind and test the electorate’s appetite for another election. With a full legislative calendar to observe, having to go through a nomination process could put enormous stress on already stressed Tory MPs.” 
 The Tories are more stressed over any other MPs? that is funny one, rather it is the clear  incompetents who are always more visibly  stressed. There is no question about it or denial now as well that by bypassing nominations the Tories are contributing to an unacceptable,  worrisome trend that has seen democratic principle stripped from party politics  and also from the house of parliament already.. so let all now us stop electing these democratic liars, fools rather. 
There are supposedly always some good excuses for bypassing  many democratic traditions. But in reality  abandoning these principles, the parties are only further tarnishing the reputation of politicians, and further discouraging citizens from both participating in party politics and voting, a real trend we have seen lately and explains simply  why Harper cannot reach his hoped majority .

  The European ban on seal products is sparking a new battle between Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.   Harper, in Prague Wednesday for trade talks with European Union officials said he will defend the seal hunt but added he wouldn’t allow the controversy to “contaminate” trade talks and risk a multibillion-dollar free trade deal.  “If we were to make our trade relations with the European Union about only the sealing issue, we will never have any trading relations with the European Union because as we know this is a disagreement of long-standing,” Harper said at a news conference The news quickly made its way to Newfoundland and Labrador’s legislature, the Confederation Building, and the ears of Williams.  “I wonder if he would feel the same if it was an Alberta beef issue, if it was a softwood lumber issue or if it was a wheat issue,” Williams said.  The premier said he wants the seal hunt to be at the forefront of any talks with Europe, and fighting the ban in front of trade tribunals isn’t enough.  “You know he’s prepared to sacrifice Newfoundland and Labrador’s interest in the interests of other issues for Canadians. And I think that’s just dead wrong and it shows what this guy is all about,” he said.

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