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May 6, 2009

in contrast the customers are

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All pharmacists do note –  Why do we pay so much for drugs? Those price gouging, pretentious pharmacies crying wolf, crying that they are not getting enough profit.. and what a ridiculous approach. When you are a senior like me who has learned that if you take your medicine you will next live longer, and who has also learned that in real life we cannot hope to live adequately without medicine and doctors, I also have had plenty of time to shop in too many drug stores too. I thus  have undeniably have noticed the serious, big price differences for the same items in tpp many stores. And I know that my local pharmacy has often a 700 percent price mark up on many of  their goods .. yes kinda of  greedy..  I heard the owner recently  of a pharmacy bragging that he was buying medical accessories for 7 dollars and selling them from 70 dollars in his store.

say no to drugs, say no RCMP, and no cell phones while driving

 The Canadian Generation that has gone to pot.. Recently my motorcycle required some mechanical serving and  so I took it to an advertised bike repair shop where I was now next  shocked to discover that everyone there I had next met   there, the owners wife included now, their friends and neighbors, associates too,  were often there taking regular breaks  to smoke pot… meaning marijuana.. and I unavoidably clearly observed that too many friends and neighbors were coming around to get their free pot to smoke as well.  What also should have been a one day repair on my bike escalated next to one week. Because it was clear that smoking pot made one lazier, had dulled ones senses, discouraged anyone from doing the serious work, seriously negatively reduced their work productivity and output. Pot smoking now had made these people now really crazy, dull minded, impaired. Some thing that pot smoking advocates do not tell you in truth. Talking to others I had learned next that smoking pot is a very serious past time of many, many young Canadians.. so where are they headed next? of course into the dumps, into poverty, and into prison of course.  It was clear also to me also that this bike serving enterprise itself likley was next might be going to be a major pot selling distribution business and will task our health care system next too all based now on the amount of persons I had seen in just one visit, one day smoking pot.

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