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April 1, 2009

Canadian conservative government is not democratic

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PM Stephen Harper’s Canadian conservative government is not democratic since he does not have a full majority, it is only a minority government that is subject to the approval of the opposition as well.. But Harper lies, acts  and pretends he is a majority government he is being a dictator instead

For the second time in a year, Stephen Harper has shut down the Canadian government in order to save his own ass. The first time, it was to stop the three opposition parties from uniting to form a coalition and overthrow his leadership – a highly controversial move, but completely legal.

Yesterday, in the midst of a scandal involving torture, Afghanistan and a major cover up, he decided to SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT until March 3.

Imagine if Obama tried to pull this shit.

Harper is a conservative hypocrite. The question is, are there any other kinds? I hope he pays for his lazy governance.

He behaves like a dictator and he doesn’t even have a majority …. But it seems like every time I hear about Harper he’s committing some horrendously undemocratic act,

I agree with all the arguments being made about how Harper is tucking tail and running, thumbing his nose at parliament, ignoring the democratic will of the people.  
Really, though, as much as it saddens me, it doesn’t really matter much. It’s no coincidence that this announcement came during the post-Christmas, pre-New Year week when people are paying even less attention to politics than usual. And it’s no coincidence it comes on the same day the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey roster is being unveiled.   they’re embarrassed and are trying to low-key this thing


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