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March 24, 2009

A toll-free number to help QUEBEC businesses



“And as of April 1, 2009, a new toll-free number is being introduced to help businesses. Quebec Employers will get special attention through what’s described as “regional intervention teams.” They will bring together several government departments which will work together to provide support for a business or a manufacturer.  “The idea here is to have a special team if a business requires some help,” Jean Charest said.  The Quebec premier also promised to invest more money in the program if the demand increases.  ”

I trust that this support services including sales, marketing consultants, helping to target new products, product, services diversifications, and help in finding new sales areas, opportunity  as well?  

 Quebec  Premier Jean Charest also says Ottawa is finally doing something to help workers and companies in Quebec weather the tough economic times.  Charest confirmed on Monday the federal government is providing 80 per cent of the funding for a $518-million provincial job-support program. The goal of the two-year plan, which was announced in last Thursday’s Quebec budget, is to retrain workers and help companies that may be running into problems staying afloat.  

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