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March 18, 2009

Harper and Tory disclose how much party funding was used to

Attention News/Assignment/Education/Parliament Hill/Queen’s Park Editors:
Students call on Harper and Tory to disclose how much party funding was used to undermine students’ unions      TORONTO, March 18 /CNW/ – Recordings leaked from a workshop hosted by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association and the Manning Centre for Building Democracy reveal a plan to undermine democratic decision-making on Canadian campuses.     At the February 7, 2009 Conservative training session for students in Waterloo, a workshop called “Campaign Strategies and Tactics for Keeping the CFS off Campus” was presented by Aaron Lee-Wudrick, Campaign Manager for Member of Parliament Peter Braid, and Ryan O’Connor, Ninth Vice-President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Braid and other Conservative politicians participated training workshops in Waterloo and elsewhere in the country.
    “Students’ unions provide an independent democratic voice for students and it is alarming that the Conservative Party of Canada is devoting resources to undermine that voice,” said Shelley Melanson, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. “Students have a right to hear directly from Stephen Harper and John Tory about whether it is official party policy to interfere with democratic student unions.”     The Canadian Federation of Students represents over 300,000 college and university students in Ontario, and more than 500,000 across Canada. The mandate of the Federation is to advocate for accessible and high-quality post-secondary education. Other student groups, such as campus Public Interest Research Groups, that advocate for environmental sustainability, human rights, and social justice were targeted by Conservative Party presenters.     The leaked materials, available at, include session agendas and audio recordings that feature instructions on how to run Conservative Party candidates in student elections to promote the partisan agenda of the Conservative Party. Presenters are heard advising Conservative students to set up “front organisations” to receive student clubs funding under false pretenses in order to funnel money to the Conservative Party.
    “Students deserve to know how much the Conservative Party has spent and who has received funding and training,” said Melanson. “I certainly hope that the federal and provincial Conservative parties aren’t using taxpayer dollars for these purposes.”

For further information: Shelley Melanson, Chairperson, (416) 882-9927 (cell); Joel Duff, Organiser, (416) 707-0349 (cell)

I may not agree with them but they have the same rights that we all do have, the right of free speech, the right to be heard, the right not to be abused, bullied as well even by that bad wolf stephen haper

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