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March 11, 2009


Alberta and BC should not renew their RCMP contract..
VANCOUVER, B.C. – Dziekanski would still be alive if not for RCMP confrontation: said a pathologist.  Robert Dziekanski would likely still be alive if he hadn’t been stunned multiple times with a Taser and restrained on the floor of Vancouver’s airport by four RCMP officers, said  an expert pathologist.   Dr. John Butt, who has served as chief medical examiner in Alberta and Nova Scotia, told a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death that the stress of the confrontation – including the use of the Taser – likely caused the Polish man’s heart to stop.  He said it was a death that could have been avoided.  “Is it fair to say that, in your opinion, had Mr. Dziekanski not been Tasered, not been restrained on the floor, that he would still be alive today?” asked Walter Kosteckyj, the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother.  “I suspect that, yes,” Butt replied during his testimony Wednesday. “Is that a strong opinion?” asked Kosteckyj.  “Yes,” replied Butt.  he said he could find no evidence that Dziekanski’s heart was damaged due to chronic alcoholism. That’s a contributing factor listed in the autopsy report.  Butt said  . “I don’t think there is alcoholic heart disease so I don’t think that it has any role (in Dziekanski’s death).” A lawyer for the federal government told the inquiry Dziekanski may have been on heart medication, however Butt said there was no indication of that in his medical records, including from a mandatory health exam required to immigrate to Canada. Butt, who worked on a report about Tasers for the B.C. Police Complaints Commission four years ago, said he was also concerned the autopsy report barely mentions the fact that Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser. Dr. Charles Lee, who conducted the autopsy, told the inquiry earlier in the week that the Taser may have contributed to Dziekanski’s death. But his report makes one mention of the weapon, only to explain marks on Dziekanski’s body. “I don’t see how one could possibly not mention the Taser in the commentary in this case,” said Butt. “Whether or not that’s going to say that it’s hugely relevant to the cause of death, it’s enormously relevant to the events in this case.”  Lee has told the inquiry that while he knew Dziekanski had been shocked by a Taser, he was not aware he was shocked multiple times.
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-The first is the  initial employee, managements hiring,  selection process. Police forces tend to have common criteria of personnel selections.
– The second clearly is  promotional mechanisms within  the force.. which seems too often to reward AND promote incompetency.. TO ME THIS EXPLAINS WHY POLICE CHIEFS, MANAGERS TEND OFTEN NOW  TO LACK MORALITY, CREDIBILITY, ETHICS TOO.
– The third is the internal self regulating aspects
So still now  what is needed  firstly is not more self regulations,   the supposed discipline of its members , or their ensuring the education, competency testing.  For it is a fact that anything that will put a self regulating body or a Ministry into a negative light will have a built in  tendency still to be denied,   suppressed, minimized in reality .  There in reality is the  one important step that all consumers can take to protect themselves from any unscrupulous persons  and that is enforced, exemplary public exposure and prosecution of the supposedly guilty persons by a recognized judicial public body,  and so now how many such bad persons now have really been exposed, prosecuted in the last few years in reality too by the responsible Ministers as well?  None? and why not?

Here I would note also  that one of the main instigators of the professional Doctors carrying out their duties more effectively was not only the threat of discipline by their self regulating body, but the threat of an external, public  lawsuit itself.. something that is generally drastically missing in the police forces now..

Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces  as well it seems too.

Robert Dziekanski’s death at Vancouver’s airport has eroded public confidence in the RCMP among Canadians who feel four officers used too much force when they shocked the Polish immigrant with a Taser, a new survey suggests in B.C., where 73 per cent said the officers used too much force, and 54 per cent said they now have less confidence in the RCMP.

Now   as if you all did not know that already that the Local and the national police cannot be respected to do a decent inquiry into the alleged wrong doings of any police officers, cause we can seem all to know that the accused police officers do not hesitate to lie, to cover-up the reality… now self regulation  of the police force, is just useless self masturbation always it seems, thus we need independent  reviews of all police complaints for all of the police forces too in Canada, with real negative consequences on the guilty persons now too and it is  as simple as that.. too often Self regulation is another bad word for masturbation and it is not the real thing..

B.C. freezing death report calls for police to stop investigating themselves Thu Mar 12, 6:56 PM VANCOUVER, B.C. – A homeless alcoholic who died cold and alone in a Vancouver alley was a victim of indifference and callousness, compounded by a botched police investigation into his death, says a former judge who presided over an inquiry into the man’s death.  William Davies released a highly critical report  . Davies told a news conference the Vancouver Police Department’s investigation of the two officers involved in Paul’s death was flawed and the system needs a radical overhaul.  “These systemic flaws are grounded in conflict of interest – police investigating themselves,” he said.   Davies’s recommendation IS that a civilian body, not another police department, should investigate police-related deaths.
Believe other people’s lies, spins or
be  truly  informed or be ignorant and  it is still your choice too..
5 to 15 percent of all accidents and related deaths  are caused by speeding, so who deals with the remaining 85 percent in reality? No one! Even though most accidents are still caused by the other  revenue generating traffic offences such as drunk, impaired driving, bad drivers, distracted drivers, road rage, and unsafe vehicles.
Our RCMP members, sheriffs and other agencies, bottom line is they have a zero-tolerance policy in effect.”

 We also still do  need better police managers, better Justice Ministers Canada wide too.

In busy Toronto, police say  Drunk driving and careless turning are the main culprits for serious accidents in intersections and red light cameras are not used because of the fear of public backlash..  So why are Calgary drivers such chronic lead-foots? or is the question why is it the Calgary city fathers are so money hungry? The  police services are  implementing the   speed cameras as a way of adding to their coffers.. ‘Speed on green’ cameras linked to rear-end crashes.  Arizona cities, one of the first cities to bring in such technology says the cameras decrease speeding and dangerous collisions, but can increase the number of rear-end crashes. But of course the money hungry police of Calgary had denied this.
ANOTHER CASH GRAB.. The Calgary Parking Authority is expanding its hold on the inner city by starting to charge for parking on more than 20 blocks of the Beltline.
Anyone who thinks the cops here are being honest, serving the public is a fool..
  No  matter how that dirty RCMP weasel spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the RCMP was clearly wrong on many counts in the Taser death of a polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.. they were uncompassionate, inconsiderate, used more restraining force than was necessary, and they next also clearly lied to cover-up their own immoral acts, and many times as well, They slander a good man in the process as well.. and so none of this was, is acceptable or forgivable.. none  of it.
Now the RCMP is so ready to monitor others it firstly cannot monitor itself.. how absurd and hypocritical still too
Most reasonable and reasoning people have seen the folly of speed cameras for decades now too.    
Here is what I found amazing and worth while examining now  in much more detail.. insurance companies in Canada do not mind gouging Canadian consumers in their greed to make more profits..  and we all know that accumulating speeding , traffic infractions, will cause your car insurance costs to go up significantly…   and yet here is what I find surprising, neither the insurance companies, the provincial government, nor the federal government, the police have real, valid detailed statistics on the causes of traffic accidents: such as how many were caused my alcoholic drivers, how many were caused by speeding, how many were caused by poor road conditions, lousy snow clearing as well, etc not even in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, BC as well.. …. so what do the insurance companies do with all the extra money they collect, certainly they of all persons should have firstly the best statistics on traffic accidents now in the first place, or how do they determine their rates??? Even Canada’s police chiefs have to rely on accident statistics from other countries, such as Australia, Great Britain, the US..



“And the RCMP has changed, for the worse. At the headquarters level there hasn’t been a good report in years. Various inquiries have found incompetence, poor training, poor discipline, poor co-ordination and communication, and outright dishonesty. Those inquiries have used phrases like “horribly broken,” “often flawed,” “not justified” and so on.

News reports made it clear that RCMP investigations into embarrassing and fatal actions of their own members were inadequate to the point of being a coverup. At the field level there were many reports of highly dubious shootings by RCMP members, and criminal investigations into the conduct of members when off duty. Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli resigned in disgrace after giving conflicting statements to a Parliamentary committee. ” 

This is not a new revelation I myself now had detailed to you about 25 years ago my own experience in Canmore Alberta with the perverse RCMP where I got 2 speeding tickets on the same spot years apart and how the RCMP next also had covered up for it’s pervere buddies, and I had also entered my complaint about their perverse acts into the Canmore Queens court record as well now.
  One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a cop  is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..

You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,  police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers, bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, the bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad solicitor generals as well should be fired ASAP.
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Subject: And tell the RCMP to leave my web pages alone
Almost since my first job after graduating from university in Montreal I had next learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists Canada wide too in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well.
And hey I really rightfully do get upset with the bad people who cover up for the  bad pastors, bad civil and public servants, bad cops.. and those who try to obstruct justice by trying to get rid of my posts like the bad RCMP too.
And tell the RCMP to leave my web pages alone.. I have about 30 internet sites and the internet pages that are troubled are the ones solely about the bad  RCMP or have cartoons about the bad RCMP

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