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March 11, 2009

Out of town


The RCMP like to eat well and who pays for it? taxpayers?

Calgary – Chef Rocco Terrigno has cooked for celebrities before, but not until yesterday did the Secret Service show up in advance of his most famous customer of all. When George W. Bush arrived with an entourage of RCMP and Secret Service agents last night to dine at Osteria de Medici, the popular Italian restaurant in Kensington, his arrival shut down the neighbourhood.  Terrigno didn’t know who his customer was until an hour and a half before the 43rd president, in town to give a talk in Calgary, arrived for dinner. “We knew it was going to be someone important,” said Terrigno this morning as he sat in the spot where Bush sat in the private dining room. “Sometimes you get RCMP come by and you know that person is very important, but this time, there was RCMP and the Secret Service.”

It is interesting that that famous historical painter Michaelangelo had painted the last supper painting  he supposedly had used the very same person for the portraits of Apostle John the youngest of the Jesus disciple, the one Jesus loved the most,  and next even for Apostle Judas, the next very bad person who had betrayed, sold out Jesus to death. The passage of time had changed the same model in appearance, character as well.  Better to look at the end of of something than solely looking at it’s mere beginnings.
As it is common in life I have often been separated in distance, contact, from some persons for decades and when I met someone of them they have not changed much, whereas others have changed drastically, some even very disturbingly too. I knew of one person when he was a sincere, energetic young man and decades later when I had met the same person when was become in behavior like a mafia godfather, cold, murderous, ruthless. This same person  did not change negatively now overnight, his negative changes had  started by his own choice now as well with something small even, first at stealing in work expense account firstly, and going on.. escalating to other bad matters.
Often I hear police  expressions like we have found no evidence of wrong doings, sadly too that often means they did not look hard enough, it does not mean the person was not guilty of any wrong doing in reality..
It is also   no more prudent for taxpayers to leave politicians or the RCMP now too  alone with buckets of cash than it’s wise for parents to leave children home alone with the full  cookie jar.
No one seems to thinks they have enough money. Many  are  even obsessed by the need for more it, the love the things money buys for them too and they do not care how they get it… 
Undeniably still too many cops, civil and public servants, employees of crown corporations, politicians and their aides, wives as well, do still  like to make unnecessary out of town trips, eat fine food, stay in nice hotels all wrongfully paid for at the taxpayer’s expense and none, none of it is acceptable. This is still a criminal act of theft.
The general public also sees much of the so called employee  incentive programs as a matter of theft, tax evasion, not just a flagrant waste on the part of mismanaged civil and public servants too. Many persons now also have paid  taxes toward a federal, provincial Pension Plan that might not be fully available when they  retire because much of the money has been abused by the federal, provincial, municipal governments.
“I’m sick and tired of picking up the newspaper and reading about another idiotic abuse of taxpayer money while our country is on the brink,” said the US Senator John Kerry. “It’s an embarrassment that this legislation is necessary, but some companies clearly need a reality check to get their priorities straight.”   
” TACOMA, Wash. — As a technician with the Federal Aviation Administration, Steven B. Smith was paid to work on equipment used to keep the flying public safe.  Federal prosecutors contend the Southern California resident also used his position to steal nearly $3 million in public property, including a 50-foot yacht, a Cessna airplane and a 44-foot yawl once used by Navy ROTC students at the University of Washington.  A federal grand jury in Tacoma indicted Smith and his half-brother, Bradley A.G. Garner, earlier this month on one count of wire fraud and theft of honest services.”
While the God given Jewish old testament Law of Moses is made up of over 600 rules that are mostly inapplicable today , the Ten Commandments were a succinct list of rules from which some of the main ones were developed. They are recorded in two chapters of the Hebrew Scriptures (specifically the Pentateuch): Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. When Jesus was asked, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”, he replied: “You know the Commandments, keep these and you will live.”  Jesus attests to the importance of the Ten Commandments. This is why Christians still accept them.

The Commandment

The Call



I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods before me.

Faith (Trust in God)

All faith in God, freedom from lesser gods: wealth, sex, power, popularity.


You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain.



Respect for God and the things of God: prayer, worship, religion.


Keep holy the Sabbath day.


Not just the day of rest, but setting aside time for prayer, good recreation, quiet reflection.


Honor your father and your mother.


Loving care and respect for all family members, elders and younger siblings, too. Respect for elders in general.


You shall not kill.

Respect For Life

Courtesy to all, speaking respectfully to all, seeking the best for all. Respecting others’ freedom while still defending all human life.


You shall not commit adultery.


Faithfulness (Fidelity)

Faithful actions beyond just abstaining from sexual contact outside of marriage. Respect for sex and marriage.


You shall not steal.

Justice (Honesty)

 Concern for the rights of others, especially when they get in the way of what we desire. A commitment to fairness and a willingness to suffer loss rather than depriving another.


You shall not bear false witness.


 A dedication to what is real and true, even if that reality is against our interests.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.


 A desire to want only what God wills. A single-hearted devotion to God’s way.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.


 A cooperation in God’s own generosity that sees all goods as belonging to God and freely given for the good of all.


When Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” he responded with two:

Love God and love your neighbor. (cf. Mark 12:28-31)

In accord with this, we see the first three commandments as directed toward the first of these (love of God),

 and the last seven as relating to the second: love of neighbor.

 It is interesting how many people tend to deviate from these basic commandments that they tend to  break many of God’s commandments not just one..


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